Saturday, 29 October 2016


LAQ have released a new mesh head! Please meet Maxine 1.0
Maxine comes with LAQ's brand new skin applier in 7 skin tones and, like LAQ's first mesh head Trinity, it is completely Omega compatible without the need for a relay hud for skins, makeups, eyebrows etc. 


Maxine also has the same HUD as Trinity 1.5, so that means you get blink animation, plus 12 other animated expressions. Each expression can be paused at various intervals which helps to create even more expressions and is ideal for photographers. 
There are 4 teeth options (including vampire teeth) and 3 eyelash styles, with the length of the lashes being adjustable. 
The HUD allows shine control, ears on/off, choice of small or large scalps (to help fit with various hair), and choice of neck size. There is also the option to save your 'looks' so its easy to revert back to any fave saved makeup combination.

Mesh Head: LAQ - Maxine 1.0 *NEW*
Hair: Stealthic - High Life
Eyes: IKON - Triumph
Ears: Bentbox - Sylvan

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