Thursday, 31 October 2013


I recently read The Hunger Games trilogy and decided to put together a Katniss-inspired look in her role as the Mockingjay. I've been waiting to put this look together and a new release from Death Row Designs today added the perfect finishing touch!

New female armour comes in 3 styles - Blue Metal, Grunge and Natural (There is also a fatpack available). The armour is for both arms and has 4 separate parts to it for each arm so they can be mixed and matched! I'm wearing the natural, with 3 of the elements (there is also shoulder piece not shown in my pics). It is non rigged mesh and it's awesome, beautifully detailed and when I seen it, there was one of those 'must have' moments.

It's last chance saloon for grabbing pieces from the October round of FaMESHed and Collarbor88. The mesh mask again is DRD and is available at FaMESHed, with 3 options included.

Top - .Shi - Daleth Wrap Top - 188L *Collabor88*
Skirt - Razor - 1 Percenter Biker Outfit (part of a complete outfit)
Boots - DRD - Worn Combats - Black
Armour - DRD - Female Armour - Natural/Fatpack - 150L/350L **NEW**
Mask - DRD - Tube Mask - Metallic - 150L *FaMESHed* (Unisex)

Hair - Truth - Parisa - Raven (B&W's)
Hands - SLink AvEnhance Elegant
Necklace - Kosh - Helian Necklace - White
Earpieces - Remarkable Oblivion - Elysium - Black
Bow - PFC - Dark Whisper (Sheathed & Unsheathed versions)

The little (or not so little!) corner of second life that I am visiting today is the Forgotten City and this place is really quite unbelievable. Abandoned and left to the rusting machines to keep it going - the windmill and hands of the clock are still turning! It has a real steampunkish feel to it.

I liked this set as it made me think of our Mockingjay when she had to enter the once bustling districts to see what was left behind.
And I know this look isn't the exact way the character was portrayed - but like I said it was inspired by her! :p

Death Row Designs >>

Collabor88 >>

Truth >>

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

No Happy Ending

With all the halloween, ghostly and ghoulish goings on in Second Life at the moment I have another 'spooky' themed look of the day (inspired by Tim Burton once again!)
This is my rendition of a corpse bride with a gorgeous creepy mesh gown from Death Row Designs and this absolutely stunning new skin from Miss Lara Darkbyrd over at Mystic Canvass who has been hard at work this weekend and has really helped me create the look I wanted! TY Lara <3
DRD (as well as other creators) also have some great accessories available at the gacha fair on Death Row Island so be sure to check it out!
Dress - DRD - Ghost Bride *Recent Release*
Skin - [MC] Mystic Canvass - Deadly I Do *New*
Collar - DRD - Spiked Collar - Sarkness - *Death Row Island Gacha*
Headband - DRD - Karma Headbands - Death - *Death Row Island Gacha*
Hair - Truth - Faye *New*
Throat Wound - Repulse - Slit Throat Vital Wound - Bloody
Gloves - :AE: - Opera Gloves (with slink hands appliers)
Boots - DRD - Worn Combats - Black
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom eyes - Snow

"How will I know who's left alive,
How will I know if I'm alive?"

The shape I'm wearing in the pics is my own but Lara has included a bonus shape based on the original corpse bride with the skin! The skin comes in both A & D cup and there are lolas appliers included!

 What corner of Second Life am I haunting today?
Hanalei - Cherry Hill Haunted Mines
Beautiful and creepy sim with quest fun included ;)

[MC] Mystic Canvass >> 
Death Row Designs Main Store >> 
DRD Gacha event >>
 Truth Hair >>

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Don't say his name three times ...

I still have Tim Burton fever and have put together a little 'Tim Burton & Beetlejuice' themed ensemble for today's look! I acquired a few more bits and pieces from this months Horror Haute offerings, this time from Goth1co and The Little Bat.
Remember Horror Haute only lasts until the end of the month so don't miss out! 
Teaming up this gorgeous high waist skirt from Death Row Designs and sexy studded top from Pure Poison, I think this Halloween ensemble has quite a chic edge to it ;)

Top - .::Pure Poison::. - Black Candy Studded Bra
Skirt - DRD - Highwaist Skirt - Victorian - 80L
Hat - Goth1co - Burtons Top Hat - 200L *Horror Haute*
Shoes - Goth1co - Burtons Mesh Pumps - 100L *Horror Haute*
Skin & Shape - [MC] Mystic Canvass - Evian - D-cup/natural makeup
Hair - Exile - Desperately Wanting
Necklace - The Little Bat - Chained Cobochan - Don't say his name - Gacha  20L per play *Horror Haute*
Collar - Scrub - White Rabbit Collar
Bracelets.::Pure Poison::. - Pety - Silver&Black
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom eyes - Snow

Although it's not that new - this is one of my fave hairs from Exile. I love their new HUDs with the streaks and this particular one I find myself going back to time and time again.

The set for today's pics in Silvermyst - Veil of Darkness.
It's an awesome spooky & mysterious sim with plenty of pic opportunities - Just watch out for the dead!!

.::Pure Poison::. >>
Goth1co >>
[MC] Mystic Canvass >>
Exile >>
Death Row Designs >>

TC, Ali x

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Halloween Couture with Pure Poison!

Happy Friday! So this time next week it will all be over, but plenty of time to still enjoy all the tricks and treats of Halloween yet and to make sure we are doing it in style .::Pure Poison::. have some sexy Halloween couture dresses and fancy witch hats exclusive to the upcoming SL Fashion Week!

There is also a new release at Sugar! As a joint venture we now have a new range of footwear called Lost Soles, starting with these cute ankle biker boots - I'm wearing the black leather but they come in an array of colours as usual with Sugar!

And as if this day couldn't get better? Its Fifty Linden Friday on over at the Plastik with a gorgeous pale skin on offer. Included is an array of makeup tattoo options and appliers for SLink and tangos! All for 50L! So hurry and grab yours!

Dress - .::Pure Poison::. - Horroria Dress in 3 styles 
Pumpkin, Bats & Nighty
 Fancy Witch Hat - .::Pure Poison::. - in 3 colours - Gold, Blue & Silver
Both exclusive to *SL Fashion Week*

Skin - Plastik - Sira Goth Skin *FLF*
Bracelets - .::Pure Poison::. - Pety - Silver&Black
Boots - Sugar/Lost Soles - Biker Bitch Boots - Black Leather - 350L *New*
Tattoo - Endless Pain - Beautiful Death - Lower
Hair - Magika - Calm - Pack [01]
Eyelashes/Jewels - Finesmith - Noir Lashes gem colourset - 250L *Fashion Stars*
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom Eyes - Snow - 89L *New*
SLink AvEnhance - Elegant


Today's Location is Havenhollow at Purgatory!
Perfect for some pics or a little trick or treating!

SL Fashion Week >>

Fashion Stars >>
Sugar Mesh >>
The Plastik >>
{Dead Apples} >>

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

This is Halloween....

Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween

This is Halloween, This is Halloween!

And everyone is going crazy for Tim Burton - me included! Especially for this months Horror Haute.
{Love&Blood} has this awesome set out complete with 2 broom animations for just 100L! They also have gacha machines at store for only 5L, 10L and 15 to grab the tongues and hats so hurry on over before Halloween!

Ploom also has a sexy skin out as a group gift for Halloween and I love it!

Corset, Socks, Skirt, Hat, Tongue & Broom 
Tim Burton Halloween Collection
Only 100L! *New*

Shoes - DRBC - Creepers - Noir
Skin - Ploom - Harlowe - Nightshade *Group Gift*
(includes SLink, Lola, Lush, Phat Azz & Loud Mouth appliers, as well as eyelashes - Thank you Ploom!)
Tattoo - Letis - Hannya *Perfect Wardrobe*
Hair - Truth - Marleen *New*
Necklace - Pure Poison - Black Arachnide Jewelry Set *New*
Bracelets - *BLITZED* - Legacy Cuffs
Hands - SLink AvEnhance - Elegant

Pics taken at Overto Omonto

{Love&Blood} >>

New Perfect Wardrobe Location >>

Monday, 21 October 2013

Weapons of Choice - New XDollz & Scrub

Hope you like today's look! I'm proudly introducing XDollz to you with this sexy and elegant black latex skirt, which I've paired with a top from .Shi from Collabor88 and these absolutely to die for shoes from Scrub. The shoes are a serious must have and come in 4 animal print patterns, available at the Bitacora Travel Fair.

Top - .Shi - TSADE Body Cuff - Black (Unrigged) *Collabor88*
Skirt - XDollz - Domina Latex Skirt - *New Release*
Shoes - Scrub - Push Me Down - Python *Bitacora Travel Fair*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Beaumont
Bracelets - .::Pure Poison::. - July Bracelets *Group Gift*
Tattoo - Letis - Inermis

"I'm not asking you to give
I want you to take
A moment of truth
Fountain of youth
Princess of elegance
I'm not asking you to give
I want you to take
Your grace and your voice
Weapons of choice
Mistress of innocence"

Where am I?
Overto Omonto by Romy Nayar
I was actually given the LM to this sim by a fellow blogger in passing and couldn't wait to check it out - I was not disappointed! It's creepy, mysterious and strangely beautiful. It's very minimalist but has some great features and little scenes dotted about. Will definitely be back here!

XDollz >>

Travel Fair >>

Collarbor88 >>

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Day of the Dead - with New DRBC & Pure Poison

Check out this new dress release by DRBC! As soon as I seen it I knew I needed it and I thought it fit perfectly with my little Día de Muertos - Day of the Dead - look for today when I paired it up with Pure Poison's new necklace for SL Fashion week and this great makeup from Dead Dollz at the Bitacora Travel Fair. 
The mesh skeleton hand necklace from .::Pure Poison::. is available only at SL Fashion Week and comes in Black, Silver and Gold at just 99L each, so hurry and grab yours as it's perfect for halloween! 

Dress - DRBC - Vixen Dress - Matte Mort - 300L 
(includes tango appliers) **New**
Necklace - .::Pure Poison::. - Skeleton Hand Necklace - Black 
99L *SL Fashion Week*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Campbell 
Makeup - Dead Dollz - Sugar Skull Blue - 50L *Travel Fair - America*
Hair Flower - /Artilleri/ - Hibi Hair Flower

Spats&Shoes - *{ SeVered GarDeN }* - Saxa - Dull
Gloves - [77] - Leather gloves w/SLink appliers
Hands - SLink AvEnhance - Elegant I
Leg Tattoo - Endless Pain - Beautiful Death

I love these boots (or shoes&spats) and the spats can even be worn on their own! There is a hud to choose between 3 different colour options and 6 options for the straps, plus they can be worn with shine on or off! 


SL Fashion Week >>

Bitacora Travel Fair >>

The little corner of Second Life that I've arrived at for these pics today is the graveyard at Pravda Dark Couture >>
Its a really quirky take on a graveyard and ruins so check it out if you get the chance!

Friday, 18 October 2013

The Last Dance

Happy Friday Everyone!
I'm heading into the weekend with my last bit of Glitz & Glamour - for now - in this lil mini-series of posts for formal wear.
Today's absolutely gorgeous gown is from .::Pure Poison::. and is part of their collection at Avenue F/W which will be there till Oct 29th. Its called Angeline and is stunningly shimmering gold textured (try saying that ten times over lol). Its 299L and comes in 5 sizes.
The earrings are .::Pure Poison::. too and come as part of a set with a necklace that is available at the store today for Fifty Linden Friday! This creepy set is perfect for halloween as well as adding a bit of spook to any outfit so head on over there quick!

Dress - .::Pure Poison::. - Golden Angelina Dress *Avenue F/W*
Hair - Truth - Renata
Makeup - Izzies - Lace Masquerade

Earrings - .::Pure Poison::. - Black Arachnide Jewellery *Fifty Linden Friday*
Bracelets - *BLITZED* - Legacy Cuffs
Hands - SLink - AvEnhance - Elegant I

I'm at HuMaNoiD @ Gilmore for today's pics
I hope you like the look!

.::Pure Poison::. >>

Pure Poison@Avenue F/W >> 

Thank you.::Pure Poison::.!! <3

Thursday, 17 October 2013

An Eye To The East

Glitz & Glamour part III is taking me on a Journey East .. well sort of. My thoughts were to mix Western glamour with a touch of the orient will a lil help from DRBC and blackLiquid@cosmetics fair.
This stunning gown from DRBC emphasizes every curve and I've had a ton of compliments wearing it! It also comes with Tango appliers if you really want the ultra curvy look. Hope you like =)

Dress - DRBC - Minnie Mab Gown - 350L
Hair - Boudoir - Daphne Updo
Shoes - [Gos] Boutique - Isabella sandels - 388L *Collarbor88*

Face Makeup - black Liquid - Chen Geisha - 200L*Cosmetics Fair*
(The face makeup includes a lip tattoo aswell, but i preferred the colour of the separate glaze!)
Lips - black Liquid - Liquid Glaze - Samba - 100L *Cosmetics Fair*
Necklace & Earrings - [Mandala] - Tefutefu - Black - 597L *New*
Gloves - :AE: - Opera Gloves w/appliers for SLink hands (HUD operated)
SLink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant

The beautiful set for my pics today is Worlds End Garden


Cosmetics Fair >>

[Mandala] >>

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Quell My Fears...

So here's my second 'Glitz & Glamour' post...

The dress I'm wearing today is the Eliza gown by Sugar in silky noir. This is elegant and sexy, with cute laced up ribbon detailing at the back. There are several colours to choose from and also different fabrics.
Finishing touches again are from the Cosmetics fair and L'accessoires.
 Here is what I've come up with - hope you like!

Dress - Sugar - Eliza - Silky Noir - 250L
Hair - Magika - Now - Colour pack [02]
Gloves - Sakide - Lace up Gloves - Black

Flower Hat - Elysium - Noir (3 colours in pack) - 250L *L'accessoires*
Collar - Zibska - Minori Collar - Noir - 150L *L'accessoires*
Eye Makeup - Glam Affair - Prezioso Eyes 04 - 79L *Cosmetics Fair*
Lips - Glam Affair - Prezioso Lipstick 22 - 99L *Cosmetics Fair*

I'm at Hazardous again today .. yes I do like it here.. it's my escape *smiles* and I genuinely feel it is one of the best sims of its type in Second Life.
Sugar Mesh >>
Cosmetics fair >>
L'accessoires >>

Glamour with *New* Plastik & Pure Poison

So for today's look.. and for my next few posts.. I'm focusing on a little more glitz and glamour as the season of formal wear is about on us and there are so many goodies to dress up with available at the moment throughout secondlife! Not to mention some beautiful gowns.

The dress I'm wearing today is from The Plastik and as with so many of there items, you are spoiled for choice on colours & patterns. I've chosen the 'Sheer' which is black with an intricate lace pattern. Also been checking out the Cosmetics fair and L'accessoires for the finishing touches. This divine headdress from Pure Poison gave a spooky twist to the glamour and is absolutely stunning.
Hope you like!

Dress - The Plastik - Morgana Gown - Sheer -299L **New**
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Campbell
Headdress - Pure Poison - Arachne Headdress - 299L*L'accessoires*

Makeup - black Liquid - Marker - 100L *Cosmetics Fair*
Eye Makeup - Glam Affair - Elit eyes 14 *Cosmetics Fair*
Eyelashes - Amacci - Donna
Gloves - LouLou&Co

I'm at a nice little arts & music sim called Project Pigeon today.. 3 rooms.. 3 music styles and decor to match! Nice place to chill ;)

The Plastik >>

L'accessoires >>

Cosmetics fair >>

And in theme with today's main accessory >>

Tick Tock ... get to those events while you can!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Devil Wears Sugar

Hope you peeps are having a devilishly good weekend *grins*
Some goodies to show you from Body Mod Expo for the look of the day! And once a girl has got a delicious skin and body mods, what is she to do but drape that skin in a material that is tantalizing to the senses? Perfect time to wear Sugars sexy new dress release 'Bound' in black rubber. This dress comes in 5 prints, including the black rubber I'm wearing and 2 luscious latex colours, along with 2 patterned blacks.

This hawt hair from Tableau Vivant includes the horns and can be worn in several different styles. 

I love this tattoo from Endless Pain - and not just because I adore dragons! Its on tattoo layer and comes with both a b&w version as shown and also a colour version too. There are lola, phat azz and slink hand appliers available seperately.

All exclusives for Body Mod Expo are new and half price just for the event, which runs till Nov 3rd!

Dress - Sugar - Bound Dress - Black Rubber - 250L **New**
Skin & Hair - Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant - Neva Skin & Dreamscape hair - 400L *Body Mod Expo* (skin & hair also available seperately)
Boots - r2 A/D/E - Kagaya Boots - Black - 88L *Collabor88*
Tattoo - Endless Pain - Shogun - 298L*Body Mod Expo*

Collar - :{F.A.D}: - Pandora Ruffled Collar - 150L *Body Mod Expo*
Eyebrows - Glam Affair - Deco brows - Black *FaMESHed*
Lip Piercing - A:S:S deLuxe - Pull Me - 75L *Body Mod Expo*
Eyelashes - *GA* - Mesh Lashes - Mysteria

Today i'm at the cemetery of No Salvation. This is a great sim to check out - nice & creepy for this time of year! There is also a great club here too for those of you who like to walk on the dark side ;)

Body Mod Expo >>

Sugar >>


Friday, 11 October 2013

Autumn in Monochrome

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you likes today's look - I'm doing monochrome all the way!
These are some more of the fantastic pickings from this months Collarbor88 and don't forget the awesome 50% off sale @Pure Poison until the 13th!

Top/Jacket - ISON - Leather assymetrical jacket - snow *Collabor88*
Skirt - Pure Poison - Medina Skirt - Black
Hair - Truth - Candy - Black & Whites - Fade01
Boots - Razor - Lovesick Boots (Colour-changing HUD)

Hat - Glam Affair - My Little Studded Hat *Collabor88*
Rings - Scrub - Raus *Body Mod Expo*
Eyebrows - Glam Affair - Deco Eyebrows - Black *FaMESHed*
Eyelashes - *GA* Mesh Lashes - Mysteria
Eyes - [MC] - Catliner Shadows - Pinup#1
Lips - Izzies - Dark Vibrant - Dark Red
Hands - SLink - Elegance I

The Jacket is available is several colours and has a colour-changing HUD for the under layer. The texture is just gorgeous.
Loving these mesh lashes - so easy to change size & adjust fit plus the colour hud is great - I can even wear two-tone!

Collabor88 >>

Pure Poison >>

Razor >>

Body Mod Expo >>

Where am I today? Tempura Island

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

October Magic

 October brings us another round of Collarbor88 and this month is Black Magic!! Beware - you will spend lindens as there is so much fabulous stuff there this month!

The gorgeous gown and shoes I'm wearing are ISONs offering and they are exquisite with absolutely beautiful detailing.

October also brings us something else fabulous - A 50% off sale at Pure Poison! It runs till the 13th and its everything throughout the store. I picked up this very elegant top hat among other things.

Dress - ISON - Amelia Lace Gown - Black 88L *Collarbor88*
Shoes - ISON -Lace up Gladiation Sandals - Black 188L (SLink add-on) *Collarbor88*
Hair - Clawtooth - Windswept - Special C88 Dip Pack 188L *Collarbor88*
Skin - Belleza - Leila Pale

Hands - SLink - Elegant I
Rings - Scrub - Raus Rings **New - Body Mod Expo**
Nails - ~*By Snow*~ - Fashionable Black - Just 1L! (SLink add-on)
Hat - Pure Poison - Sophie Black Hat
Bracelets - Mischa Fine Jewellery - Bangle Bracelet - Diamond
Collar - Scrub - White Rabbit Collar
Eye Makeup - [MC] - Catliner shadows - Death
Necklace - Yummy - Waxing Moon Enchantment - Silver *Collarbor88*

Where am I? Suffering Amnesia at this dark and forgotton town ;)

Collarbor88 >> 

Pure Poison >>

Body Mod Expo opens Oct 9th!

Ali x

The whole setting for these pics made me think of the Emily Browning version of sweet dreams (song not the vid) - so sweet dreams to you as the black magic of October takes hold!