Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Uber Celestial

What an end to January the new round of Uber brings us!
This 'celestial' round has really had designers reaching out of this world to keep all of us sl fashionistas happy! 

Loving the new jumpsuits by Foxes. Lots of colours to choose from and each includes silver or gold belt option. I couldn't resist this sexy low cut version, but there is also a second jumpsuit style there to tease you too!

Truth has this pretty new hair style which can be found at the event. Swept around to one side, this style is partially braided and falls over one shoulder - great when you want long hair without it covering your back! Along with the hair you'll find 2 detachable star clips - silver and gold. As always you can pick this up at the special event price of 200L per standard colour pack whilst it is at Uber.

Away from events, Zibska has new releases in mainstore too! The Isa heels are made for SLink high feet and come with a colour HUD that lets you change all the different sections (upper, bow, platform and spikes) separately to match your chic, rocker or cute look!

Jumpsuit - Foxes - V-Neck Jumpsuit - Ice *Uber*
Necklace - =Zenith = - Earth Stone and Wood Necklace *Uber*
Shoes - Zibska - Isa *NEW*

Hair - Truth - Esther *Uber*
Skin - Glam Affair - Elvi - Fairy
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom - Snow
SLink hands and high feet used

Pose by Bauhaus Movement - "Skater Girl 1"
Stones - +Half-Deer+ - Celestial Glass Stones - Blue *Uber*
Flower by Rebeca Bashly - Ice Lillies (from Marketplace)

I'd totally forgotten about these beautiful sculptures by Rebeca Bashly until I saw the extremely talented Kynne Llewellyn using in one of her beautiful pics recently and I couldn't resist!

The glass stones by Half-Deer can be found in 4 different colours and the pack contains various shapes, all of which can be resized to suit your purpose!

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Royal Interception

Less then a week left of We Love Role-play and dolly couldn't resist some noble elegance for the look of the day. This beautiful gown by May's Soul includes a beautiful and decorative metal section. It makes me think of an armoured kinda look, but this dress could be used for so many different fantasy and rp looks!
The 'Annabelle' dress comes in 5 different colour options - black, brown, aqua, lila & red - each of which includes a colour HUD with 5 different metals. 
I adore this stunning soft flowing long hair style by Entwined, which can also be found at We Love Role-play. Even better, it fit perfectly under dolly's regent crown by DRD!
Remember the items at We<3RP are discounted for the duration of the event, so hurry to snap them up at the special price!

Dress - May's Soul - Annabelle - Black *We<3RP*
Hair - Entwined - Electra *We<3RP*
Crown - DRD - Regency - Cast iron
Collar - The Forge - Eldar Collar - Black
Butterfly - Azoury - Pure Butterfly - Red *The Secret Affair*

Pose by *PosESioN* - Morena 10 (adjusted using Animare)

Wild Grass by Studio Skye
Roses by [ keke ] - Bottled Roses Red (Edited)
Flying Leaves by Kalopsia 

The Landmarks:
We Love Roleplay
The Forge
[ keke ]

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Taming Eve

hello ladies! 
I couldn't resist doing a pic with the new 'Eve' outfit (can I call this an outfit?) by deviousMind at The Secret Affair. The set consists of several different parts which can be worn together or separately. Many are fitted mesh, whilst some are also unrigged. Different pasties options are included for your own preference (these are unrigged so you can get them on your ta ta's just right). There is also a tattoo included for body and face on normal texture layer and with Belleza Venus appliers included too! (was soo happy about the appliers lol)
The snakes are available in several colours and all come with colour changeable apples via a drop down menu. 
Azoury has this fabulous horned mask available in two colours options - black and white - at The Secret Affair in addition to the wearable 'pure butterflies' shown also in my last post!
I also discovered these new tropical plants by Studio Skye this week. The pack contains a few different variants and all have amazing details. The best part? They are only 1 prim each (and thats at quite a reasonable size too!). 

Snakes/Apple Pasties/Tattoos etc - !dM deviousMind - Eve - Couture du Paradis - Onyx *The Secret Affair*
Mask - Azoury - Ingenu - Black *The Secret Affair*

Hair - Tableau Vivant - Barbarian Dreads
Body - Belleza Venus
Skin - Glam Affair - Magenta Jamaica (using Belleza applier)
Lips - DeeTalez - Black Glitter 

Butterflies (wearable) by Azoury - Pure Butterfly/Papillion (Red) *The Secret Affair*
Plantlife by Studio Skye - Tropical Plants Pack 2 & Wild Grass
Pose by Del May - "Habitual"

The Landmarks:
The Secret Affair
Tableau Vivant
Studio Skye

Monday, 19 January 2015

Into The Woods

hey peeps! Some more goodies from The Secret Affair to show you courtesy of May's Soul and .::Pure Poison::. today. The fur vest by May's Soul comes in 10 different colours, which can be purchased individually or part of the two fatpacks on offer - furs and pastels. The fatpacks basically give you 5 colours for the price of 4. All come with a HUD to change the colour of the belt and this top could be used for various fantasy looks, as well as even mixed with more urban stylings.
The skin I'm wearing today is by [PXL] and this special 'winter' tone version of 'Mia' can be found at the January round of We Love Roleplay. It's super pretty and comes with 4 different make up options, various eyebrow options and even optional lip colours too!

Today I'm also using the SLink Physique body. Now I said I wouldn't be getting this, as I absolutely adore my Belleza Venus and as a personal choice was never as fond of the SLink Physique shape anyway. I stand by what I said previously, I still prefer Bellza. 
So what changed my mind on buying the SLink you ask? Well a few things really. One thing is availability of appliers and clothing designs made for SLink, another is alpha layer options. By having both I've found I can use a mesh body with mesh clothing far more, as the alpha layer huds are a little different on each and this gives more options - what will work with one might not work with the other. Hopefully that makes sense. Also, this pretty skin tone had SLink appliers and I so much prefer to show it off with the mesh body ;)
Plus... at 1250L, the SLink body wasn't breaking the bank.
I may do more of a comparison at another time, but many have been done already so we'll see.
Anyway, hope you like the LOTD!

Top - May's Soul - Maochi Vest - White *The Secret Affair*
Skirt - May's Soul - Harvest Moon Fur Skirt - White 
Horns - May's Soul - Maochi Horns *The Secret Affair*
Necklace - .::Pure Poison::. - Gabrielle Warrior Necklace *The Secret Affair*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Harukaze
Skin - [PXL] MIA Winter *We<3RP*

Body - SLink Physique (with [PXL] applier)
SLink hands used 

Pose by Grafica - ionawr v *Pose Me Amazing*
Arctic Foxes by ISPACHI

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Show Me Your Real Face

I absolutely love stand-out high fashion that makes a statement - one of the reasons I adore Zibska. There is a new Event @ 1st and Zibska has revamped a classic, one that definitely makes an impact. The dress comes as a bodysuit (not shown) with skirt and orbit attachments, and a headpiece is included in the ensemble too!
The Secret Affair is back, with this round being themed on 'Untamed Purity' - And here Zibska also has some bold new jewellery offerings for you! The 'Alfsigr' necklace is available in both male and female versions. It contains a HUD with 16 different options and allows you to change the stones and chains separately.
AND... New hair, the second of the new releases by Truth (check my previous post for the other release!) This hair, called 'Echo', is long and wavy, but swept back at one side. It comes with a detachable bow accessory (not shown).

Dress/Hat - Zibska - Clemenza Deux *Event@1st*
Necklace - Zibska -  Alfsigr *The Secret Affair*
Hair - Truth - Echo *NEW*

Pose by Grafica - ionwar *NEW@Pose Me Amazing*

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Untamed Purity - The Secret is Out!

Today marks the beginning of a new Secret Affair, with "Untamed Purity" being the theme this time around. As soon as I heard what the theme was, I knew this was going to be a good round filled with pretties!
Azoury has released these delicate wearable butterfly accessories in 4 different colours for the event.
Make sure you grab the brand new event LM below!
Truth has more new hair out and this style can be found in the mainstore location. Loose curls with a carefree kinda feel to them - there are actually two versions included to give different options on the bangs, both of which come in rigged and non-rigged mesh.

Butterflies - Azoury - Pure Butterfly - Blue & White *The Secret Affair*
Headpiece - LODE - Lavander *The Secret Affair*
Bracelets - Wimey - Branching Out - Silver *The Secret Affair*
Hair - Truth - Topaz - B&W's *NEW*

Pose by Bauhaus Movement
Pics taken at home feat. Apple Fall English Folly Rare (from Dec Arcade) and grass by *alirium* (puffy grass) and Studio Skye (wild grass)

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Monday, 12 January 2015

The Hunt

hey peeps... so I'm so totally diggin' the January round of We Love Roleplay - if you haven't been over there yet you should totally check it out!
Loving this hairdo by Tableau Vivant, as also featured in my last post. Plus I think it goes super-well with this mystical looking headband by Pekka, which you can pick up in different metal options.
Eudora 3D has this supersexy corset/skirt armor outfit available in several different colour options and the detail in the  texturing of this thing is exquisite...I mean really, great work here. It could be put together with all kinds of looks, but I really got the hunter vibe from the new waist bag by Zenith and these lace-up suede boots by lassitude & ennui. The Zenith waist bags are available in 4 different colours and there are 6 colours for the boots. The boots are fitted mesh and there are versions included for both standard avatar and SLink Physique. 
The props I used for the background of today's pics are also available at the event - both of these are by Sweet Revolutions as part of their 'Into Dark Woods' series. There are 7 different items that can be purchased separately or you can go for the All Inclusive pack to create your very own full dark swampy forest! These items are copy/mod.
Remember everything at We Love Roleplay is discounted by 25-50% for the duration for the event!
Hope you like the LOTD! =)

Corset/Skirt - Eudora 3D - Arica Armor - Black *We<3RP*
Top - May's Soul - Derire Leather Top (gacha rare)
Belt - =Zenith= - Hunter Waist Bag - Black *We<3RP*
Boots - lassitude & ennui - Thylacine boots *We<3RP*
Headband - .Pekka. - Moon Circlet - Gold *We<3RP*
EarpieceCerberusXing [CX] - Ethereal Wings - Black *We<3RP*

Hair - Tableau Vivant - Keiran *We<3RP*
Skin - DeeTaleZ - Meghan - Mixed Type
Ears - [Mandala] - Steking Ears Season 5 
Eyes - IKON - Spectral Eyes - Chocolate

First pic pose (includes bow and arrow) by !Musa!
2nd and 3rd pic poses by Grafica - frwydro i & ii *NEW*

Props by Sweet Revolutions ~*SR*~ - Into Dark Woods - Ruin & Forest Way (sold separately)  *We<3RP*

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Former Self

Ohmygosh it's been 5 days since I posted! :o 
It's been one of those weeks... Anyway, I couldn't keep myself from taking some pics with this totally wow new release by Zibska. It's an update in mesh of an older outfit and consists of a sexy (and very minimal!) mesh bodysuit and some amazing orbits for the skirt, chest and collar to give it a really futuristic and/or high fashion look!
There is a HUD included to change the bodysuit, main orbit and accent sections separately. There are 4 monochrome bodysuit textures, 4 main section textures and 8 options for the accent (4 monochrome plus 4 colours).
I fell in love with the new masks by GizzA at this round of The Chapter Four as soon as I saw them. These are gacha items with 3 rares and 6 commons - all are awesome! It's mod for resizing too which is great.
Today's hair is by Tableau Vivant and is new for We Love Roleplay. This long sleeked back style with a few loose strands is idea for fashion or roleplay looks!

Bodysuit/Orbits - Zibska - Plaisance Deux *NEW@Mainstore*
Mask - GizzA -  Sparkle Mask - Jester Silver RARE *Chapter4*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Keiran *We<3RP*
Skin - Glam Affair - Rose Pearl
Eyes - IKON - Deadshine - Denim
SLink hands and feet used

Pose by !bang - Fae

The Landmarks:

"Filled by desire, I'm calm as a storm
Like a state of mind, it's someone you know
Too soon, too cold, this invitation
Now lend me your soul, I fall to damnation"

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Vas Neema (New round of We Love Roleplay around the corner!)

Today I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Duchess Flux of threadsandtuneage.com to show off the new 'Vas Neema' gown by Enchantment! at the new round of We Love Roleplay, which opens tomorrow 4th Jan. 
I am so loving this gown! Its a little different than most you see and I really liked the Sci-Fi vibe I got from it, prompting the inspiration for these pics and a trip to Insilico. There are 6 different colours available, which come in the usual standard sizes.
The pose is new by bang! and can also be found at the January round of We Love Roleplay and remember, as always, all items at this event are discounted!

This week brought new hairstyles by Truth. I'm wearing 'Harmony', which includes both the ponytail and bun version in the pack, and this can be found at the mainstore. The little head jewel is also a Truth item and comes with the second of Truths new hairdo's this week - that one is at Uber and is called 'Minerva' - to be featured in full soon ;)

Me (on the left):
Dress - Enchantment [E!] - Vas Neema - Red *New@We<3RP*
Bracers - .random.Matter. - Baratheon Bracers - Black
Head Jewel - Truth (comes with Minerva Hair @Uber)

Skin - DeeTaleZ - Megan Brows 2 - Mixed Type
Ears - [Mandala] - Steking Ears Season 5
SLink hands used

Duchess (on the right):
Dress - Enchantment [E!] - Vas Neema - White *New@We<3RP*
Headdress -  Collaborative design by Eudora 3D and Enfant Terrible - Isabella Headpiece *New@Uber*

Hair - KoKoLoReS - Anouk *New@We<3RP* 
Ears - [Mandala] - Steking Ears Season 5
Tattoo - La Malvada Mujer - Nao 2
Lips - Glam Affair - Leah Lipstick 21

Pose above by !bang - "Watchers" *New@We<3RP*
Pose below by Del May - "Double Take You"

Raw Pic
The Landmarks:
We Love Roleplay (Jan 4 to Jan 30)

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Poison, Roses, Black Cats & Books

It's the penultimate day of Gothmas by Gaslight... and for some reason I'm going into the first post of the new year in a creepy fashion with black cats and a poisoned girl lol. But anyway, had to show some more of the goodies you can pick up at this marvellous event!
DRBC can be found on the events 'Cursed' sim and there are some gorgeous dresses awaiting you, from long gowns perfect for gothic styles or roleplaying needs, to short and sassy dresses too!
The 'Brier' tattoo is new by Fallen Gods Inc for the event, with coloured and tintable versions included in the pack. It can be worn as head only as shown, just the body or as the full body version.
A new round of Uber has also opened up and I couldn't resist using this lovely rose necklace by .::Pure Poison::., available in 4  different colours.

Dress - DRBC - Munster Gown - Black/Red *GxG*
Rose Necklace - .::Pure Poison::. - La Rose Necklace - Black *Uber*
Necklace - Zibska - Loviisa 

Face Tattoo - Fallen Gods - Brier Tattoo (Head only/full coloured) *GxG*
Ears - [Mandala] - Steking Ears Season 5
Skin - Glam Affair - Rose Pearl
Lips - DeeTalez - Black Glitter
Hair - Argrace - Akane - Blacks

Belleza Venus body and hands used
Pose comes with Akane hair by Argrace

Book & Cat prop by Howling Asylum - "Book Haven" (also used in pic below) *GxG*
Goblet by Flecha - Silver Goblet Full Perm
Candle by 8f8 - Cupcake Light - Black

Dress - DRBC - Wednesday Dress - Lace Noir *GxG*
Necklace - May's Soul - Indian Necklace - Silver
Boots - DRBC - Monster Stompers - Hud 1
Hair - Moon - Omen
SLink hands used

Pose by Bauhaus Movement - "A Horse With No Name"

Book, Door & Cat prop by Howling Asylum - "Book Haven" (same as above) *GxG*
Small table by [Noctis] - vanitas still life table hand (from TAG gacha)
Flying paper pages by -Pixicat-
Grass by HappyMood

The Landmarks: