Saturday, 29 November 2014

Wild Things - J&A Expo Preview

hey ladies & gents!! 
Siren Productions opens its doors to the Jewelry & Accessory Expo on Dec 5th and here is a sneak peak of what you can find there and also the amazing calendar of events they have planned for you!
Yasum Designs have 2 exquisite new pieces available, which you'll find exclusively at the event. The body charm includes 5 standard sizes and can be colour controlled with the fab Mega Hud. This is shaped to fit perfectly to the body. The face charm is available in both male and female sizes, and is also Hud controlled.

Veil - Yasum - Face Charm Female *Coming Soon @ J&A Expo*
Necklace/Charm - Yasum - Body Charm Female *Coming Soon @ J&A Expo*
Hair - Truth - Aida *Recent Release*
Ears - [Mandala] - Fantasy Elf Ears (long)
Eyes - IKON - Spectral Eyes - Chocolate

Pose by *PosESioN* - "China 6"
Jaguar by Harshlands
Grass by Studio Skye - "Wild Grass"

"Prepare yourself for a wild ride through the villages of tribal Africa..."

12:00pm – 1:00pm -- Zibska Jewelry & Accessory Show (SIREN)
5:00pm – 6:00pm -- Zuri Jewelry Show (AIM)
6:00pm – 8:00pm -- PARTY 

12:00pm – 1:00pm -- Jewelry & Accessory Expo Exclusives Show (SIREN)
1:00pm – 3:00pm -- PARTY 
3:00pm – 4:00pm -- Azoury Jewelry & Accessory Show (PENUMBRA)
5:00pm – 6:00pm -- Jewelry & Accessory Expo Exclusives Show (SIREN)

12:00pm – 1:00pm -- Chic Zafari Jewelry & Accessory Show (SIREN)
1:00pm – 3:00pm -- PARTY 
3:00pm – 4:00pm -- JUMO Fashion & Beauty Accessory Show (AIM)

11:00am – 12:00pm -- VINTAGE Jewels Jewelry Show (PENUMBRA)
5:00pm – 6:00pm -- Xen's Hats Accessory Show (PENUMBRA)

11:00am – 12:00pm -- MoonDance Boutique Jewelry Show (AIM)
12:00pm – 2:00pm -- PARTY 
3:00pm – 4:00pm -- Gizza Creations Jewelry & Accessory Show (PENUMBRA)

4:00pm – 6:00pm -- PARTY 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Midnight Fae

Hello girls!
Just a few days left of the November round of The Secret Affair, with lots of pretties to get your hands on. 
Little Bones has 2 new long hair styles for the event and the one shown is 'Snow Spell I'. These hairs come in the usual colours packs and also contain a HUD to adjust scalp colour to match your skintone. 
Today's outfit is by *{Junbug}* and is available in their gacha machine at 30L per play. There are 4 rare dresses, 2 ultra-rare dresses, 3 common wings and common sleeves to match the dresses. And OMG the dress is so pretty XD 
Just be sure to pick up the free alpha's from the board above the gacha machine!

Dress - *{Junbug}* - Midnight Fae ULTRARARE [Blush] *The Secret Affair*
Sleeves*{Junbug}* - Fae Sleeves [Blush] *The Secret Affair*
Wings*{Junbug}* - Fae Wings [Blush] *The Secret Affair*
Hair - Little Bones - Snow Spell I *The Secret Affair*
Skin - Glam Affair - Rose Pearl
Ears - [Mandala] - Fantasy Elf Ears
SLink hands used

Pose by *PosESioN* - "Golden 1"
Pic taken at HappyMood

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Macabre Arts

hello ladies, I'm still enjoying macabre goodies from this month's round of Uber, which is now in its last days.
I couldn't resist doing another pic with this lovely dress by =Zenith= so today Dolly is enjoying a selection of macabre arts as she dances with one of Roquai's new poses. See more about this dress in my previous post
The 'shoes' are by CerberusXing. These spiked heels are fitted for SLink high feet but they are unrigged so can be modified to adjust for other foot shapes. 

The [Noctis] props are from October's TAG gacha event, I'm not sure if this gacha has moved to the mainstore now or not.

Full credits below :)

Dress - =Zenith= - Orianna Lace Dress - Black *Uber*
Hair - Truth - Olinda
Shoes - [CX] CerberusXing - Implant Series: Chained Heels - Silver *Uber*
Eyelashes - Zibska - Sisel lashes (lower only)

Pose by Roquai - The Dancer 3 

Canvas & artists stool by [Noctis] - (left to right)  Vanitas painting 4/SRenard de Saint-Andre 1650 , Vanitas painting 3/Ambrosius Bosschaert 1630 , Vanitas artist's stool wood

Candles/Cages by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - The Nevermore - Black/Iron
Curtain by {anc} - lacecurtain .gold:bokeh:black
Grass by HappyMood HPMD*  - Sweet Garden Grass01 

The Landmarks:

Monday, 24 November 2014

Horror Stories

hey ladies!
So I'm uber-late doing an 'Uber' blog post for this fabulous macabre round... but for anyone who hasn't been around the grid for the last few weeks here is a look at what's on offer and also serves as a reminder for those who haven't got to the event yet!! Only a few more days left. 

Ok first things first... I swear I was ready to propose to the creator of =Zenith= after seeing these dresses. Not only because they are so darn pretty, but also because as well as standard sizes they come in a special size for cocodoll. I was so ridiculously happy! XD 
The dress comes in 6 different colours and each pack includes 2 versions, one with a pose so your hands don't sink into the ballerina-style lace skirt. 

Most of today's props can also be found at Uber and I adore these little 'treasures' by [ kunst ]. The book opens at the click of your mouse, the toy piano plays and the clock time can be set to your will! 

The necklace I'm wearing is by Zibska is part of a jewellery set called Kelda, which includes a colour change HUD. 

Dress - =Zenith= - Orianna Lace Dress - Milk *Uber*
Hair - D!va - Giz Type B Platinum (old arcade item)
Eyelashes - No 7 - Ballroom Lashes (c)
Necklace - Zibska - Kelda *The Instruments*

Antique Candle Holder, Antique Mantel Clock, Tales of Macabre Book (shown open and closed), Timmy's Toy Piano - [ kunst ] - Timmy's treasures *Uber*

Skeleton and Keys from Boudoir "Cursed Bride" skirt

Pose by . Infiniti . - "Powered Down 5"

The Landmarks:

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Celestial Post

TGIF!!! & wishing a happy weekend to you all XD
The new round of The Fantasy Collective is open and the theme is Celestial.
So angel or devil - which are you?!

Today's outfit is by May's Soul and comes in 5 different colours, with a colour HUD for the armour to switch between 4 different metals. The cloth has a sheer option and is rigged mesh with 3 sizes. The armour/underwear is unrigged.
The uber-cool horned halo is by |CerberusXing| and also come in 5 colour choices!

Bigger version of pic on my Flickr

Outfit - May's Soul - Angelica *New@TFC*
Halo - |CX| Lucifer's Halo - Silver *New@TFC*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Myst
Feathers - Zibska - Orbits from 'Aproxima' accessory *The Secret Affair*

Pose by *PosESioN* - "Creature 10"
Trees by *alirium* - "*a* Medusa : snow : A"
Grass by Studio Skye - "Wild Grass"

The Landmarks:

Thursday, 20 November 2014

What do you fear, when you're alone in the dark?

hello ladies!!
Check out this sexy new trench coat by DRBC, available at the current round of Suicide Dollz for just 100L$!
Also today, new hair by Adoness at the post-apoc round of Genre - all standard colour packs are just 100L$!! Short style that is shaved on one side and comes complete with choice of 2 styles of hairbase.
And because we all need some shinies... check out the pretty new jewellery set by Zibska at L'Accessoires. 'Leelah' comes in a full colour hud version, with 16 colours for main and accent sections. There are also 4 non colour-changing versions available.
Hope you like the LOTD!

Coat/Dress - DRBC - Nothing But Trench - Noir *Suicide Dollz*
Mask - FLite.- Apocalypse Mask ( Common ) Black Tears 2
Hair - Adoness - Ragnarok - Pitch Black *Genre*
Necklace - Zibska - Leelah (full version) *L'Accessoires*
Boots - Delirium Style - Riannah Punk Boots

Pose by Del May - "Punctual Male (You're Ditched)"


Monday, 17 November 2014

Harvest Moon for The Secret Affair

Hello ladies! =)
A new round of The Secret Affair bring lots of goodies to shop for this weekend, with the theme being 'Harvest Moon'.
.::Pure Poison::. has this wonderful new dress available in 2 colours - brown and black - which can be easily accessorized to meet you fantasy, RP or even club style! Also new from .::Pure Poison::. for this event, 'Viking Horns'. A little different that many horns, which are attached to a leather band/strap across the front of the head. Personally, I love them.

Speaking of things I love, 'Wicca' is one of the new hairs by Tableau Vivant available at Collabor88 this month. I've never been mad about ombres but I can't seem to get enough of this particular one since they overhauled their colour packs! Also a fab style in many other colours too ;)

-Fox.Poison- has a gacha at The Secret Affair with various styles of bracelets based on the event theme. The one in my hand in the rare 'Winter is Coming' version. Good luck with your play!

Dress - .::Pure Poison::. - Luana - Brown *New@TSA*
Horns - .::Pure Poison::. - Viking Horns *New@TSA*
Bracelet (Held in hand) - -Fox.Poison- - Winter is Coming RARE *New@TSA*

Hair - Tableau Vivant - Wicca *Collabor88*
Skin - Glam Affair - Kallisto - Exotic
Eyes - IKON - Spectral eyes - Chocolate
Ears - [Mandala] - Fantasy Elf Ears

Pose 1 by Roquai - "Watcher"
Pose 2 by *PosESioN* - "Samantha 1"

The Kitties are by Harshlands:
[HL] Jaguar
[HL] Lioness

Unedited pic!!

The Landmarks:

Saturday, 15 November 2014

A Bird's Eye View

hello ladies! Today we have new hair, Secret Affair previews and a couple of bits from other current events!!
'Sian' is a cute new short hair-do by Truth, which comes in both rigged and unrigged versions and can be found in the mainstore.
The Secret Affair opens its doors once again on the 15th Nov at 12 noon and Zibska has a few new pieces for the event. The theme for this round is 'Harvest Moon'. The 'Aproxima' shoulder accessory comprises of feather main piece and loose feather orbits, as well as a rigged mesh shrug (optional, not shown) that comes in 5 standard sizes for the girls! A HUD is included with offers 15 colours for both main and accent sections.
Have a great weekend!!

Hair - Truth - Sian *NEW*
Shoulders - Zibska - Aproxima *Soon@The Secret Affair*
Headchain - .Keystone. - Eridanis' Eye *We<3RP*

Props by {anc} - Cocktail Birds & Nestchair (commons) *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Pose included in Nestchair

The Landmarks:
The Secret Affair (will be added soon!)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Battle Fairy

I'm just going to jump straight in and say this - I totally adore the new wings by MiaMai at We Love Role Play. These are some of the best wings I have come across in a long while. There is so much detail in them and they are crafted so well. Two metal colours are available to purchase and each has a couple of options for changing certain textures. The main texture can either be switched between the colour shown here and a steel blue colour. The gems also have a few options. And yes, I love them. lol
Moving on, MiaMai also brings the BattleFairy breast plate to the event to match the wings.

Also, Thrift Shop 7.0 is here and there is newness from Adoness. This funky hair includes hairbase (not shown), is long with plenty of volume up top and shaved one side. Lots of colours available and all are 50% off for the event. Colour packs are just 90L, Natural pack 125L and the fatpack just 425L!!! 

Wings - MiaMai - BattleFairy Wings - Silver *We<3RP*
Breastplate - MiaMai - BattleFairy Breastplate - Silver *We<3RP*
Flower Accessories - Zibska - Manna
Hair - Adoness - Freya *Thrift Shop*
Eyes - [ MUDSKIN ] - Butterfly eyes - Violet 3 *We<3RP*

Trees - Sweet Revolutions ~*SR*~ Tree Gate of Lolth - Purple *We<3RP*
Grass - {anc} raw cotton : melancholy 
Pose by Del May - "Tormented"

The Landmarks:

Saturday, 8 November 2014

It's All Just A Circus Act

Wishing a happy weekend to you all!
Have you visited Cirque de Seraphim yet? This fabulous event benefits the ASPCA, with a portion of proceeds from the sales of event exclusive items going to the charity. It runs until Nov 26th and it's where you can find the cute outfit and purse that I'm wearing!
The corset dress and collar are by .::Dead Dollz::. and this cute little circus ensemble includes a little thong aswell. The popcorn bucket purse is by May's Soul and can be found in 3 colours.
Also don't forget to check out the A6D MixMatch event runs until Nov 25th. The shoes I'm wearing are by Azoury and you can grab them half price in mainstore after purchasing the first pair of shoes at the event sim! Just wear the HUD that come with the 'paper shoes'. Check them out here.

The hair is a group gift by Zibska, with 20 awesome colours included!!
Also, I grabbed this gorgeous skin from Glam Affair as part of this weeks FLF.

Corset Dress & Collar - .::Dead Dollz::. - Twisty Circus Oufit *Cirque de Seraphim*
Bag/Purse - May's Soul - Pop Corn Purse - Red *Cirque de Seraphim*
Shoes - Azoury - Cordelia - Red *MixMatch*
Headchain & necklace - May's Soul - Oracul Jewelry (both RARE) *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*

Skin - Glam Affair - Lauren Pearl Returned (with strong red brows)
Hair - Zibska - Helka *Group Gift*
Tattoo - [Xtrem Style] - ThroneStreet unixes
Ears - [Mandala] - Fantasy Elf Ears (short)
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom - Snow
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Shironuri Lashes 4 - Black
SLink hands and mid feet used

Props by {anc} from TAG gacha event - Cirque de Reveri Collection
Pose included in {anc} // cirque de reverie .17/ blanc / ballon / ladder

The Landmarks:
Cirque de Seraphim Sim 1 / Sim 2

Friday, 7 November 2014

My Lazy Cat

Keeping things short and sweet today. This adorable feline friend has got himself in a muddle but looks ever so cute!! 'My Lazy Cat' is by Tentacio for the Xiasumi School Event and can be found in the kawaii zone.
The hair is a recent release by Truth and these curls come in 2 versions - with or without a headband (I couldn't wear the cute headband for fear of impaling my furry friend on the spikey bow :P)
And sticking with the cute theme, this supercute lil' fur jacket by Zibska can be found in the mainstore. It comes with a colour-change HUD containing 15 colours (10 subdued and 5 brights), as well as 4 metal colours for the buttons.

'My Lazy Cat' by Tentacio *Xiasumi School Event*
Hair by Truth - "Demelza" *NEW*
Jacket by Zibska - "Stasia" *NEW*
Candy by Tentacio - "Num Num Sugar Cotton Blue" (old arcade item)
Eyes by IKON - Spectral  Eyes in Ghost

Pose by Bauhaus Movement - "SnowQ"
Pic taken at Black Kite

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Golden Leaves

hey ladies!
Dolly is all glamorous in gold for the lotd with this gorgeous new gown by Dead Dollz for We Love Role Play. The 'Margaery' gown is new for the event and marked down by 25% for the duration of we<3rp. It's also available in 4 other pretty colours.
The head jewellery is by Keystone and can also be found at we<3rp. This is called Kenna and come in Gold with 5 different colour options for the jewels. It's also discounted by 25% for the duration of the event!
Dolly's hair today is by Truth and this can be found in the mainstore. There are 2 versions included - it can be worn with or without the buns. 
And I have to give a mention to today's pose, by Bauhaus Movement. Totally love!! This is one of five wearable pose props that can be found as gacha prizes at the Xiasumi School Festival.

Dress - .::Dead Dollz::. - Margaery - Gold *We<3RP*
Head Jewellery - Keystone - Kenna *We<3RP*
Hair - Truth - Bijou *NEW*
Eyes - IKON - Spectral Eyes - Ghost

Pose by Bauhaus Movement - Leaves & Bokeh 3 (common) *Xiasumi School Festival*


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Locked Out - Previews for November We Love Role Play!!

hey ladies (& gents? - yep some unisex stuff today!)
New round of We Love Role Play is due to start Noon 4th November!
Lots of goodies at this round from some of the top designers on the grid. 
Zibska has the 'Guntram' necklace available in male and female versions. They are resizeable and come with colour-change HUD.
Les Encantades has two sets of their 'Iron Wings' - Silvers pack and Onyx & Gold pack - each containing 3 colours. Resizeable for both male and female avi's!
.random.Matter. has the new LeLuna headchains available in 4 colours (I'm wearing black) and each comes with a HUD for changing the colour of the gemstone.
Hope you like the lotd & happy shopping!!

Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Darina *We<3RP*
Skin - Glam Affair - Elvi Fairy 01
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Striking Eyes
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Altroa  
Ears - Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears

Wings - Les Encantades *LE* - Iron Wings Onyx *We<3RP*
Necklace - Zibska - Guntram Donna *We<3RP*
Headchain - .random.Matter. - LeLuna Headchain - Black *We<3RP*
Face Ornaments - [The Forge] -  Face Art - Silver
Gloves - Baiastice - Long gloves with claws - Black *Uber*

Upper Pose by Bauhaus Movement - "On Your Wings"
Lower Pose by Del May - "Curvacious"
Wall Prop by Stormwood - Cobblestone Wall Kit *We<3RP*
This mesh wall kit is pretty cool. There are 4 different colours available - Base, Lichen, Light Moss & Heavy Moss. Each contains 10 individual pieces which can be strung and placed together to suit your build. The doors click open and the lanterns click on/off. And just look at that gargoyle's face! 

The Landmarks:
We Love Role Play
[The Forge]