Tuesday, 28 January 2014

If Only We All Could Fly

hello ladies! 
Take a look at this beautiful design by Zibska - It's called Yngveld and is available in 3 colours; Noir, Indigo and Plum.
The full length gown alone is exquisitely textured and gorgeous, but the huge bustle and shoulder pieces really make it something unique. They gave me the inspiration for the first pic (worn without the dress). Hope you like!

Dress / Shoulders / Bustle - Zibska - Yngveld - Plum *New*
Skin - Glam Affair - Roza The Dark Side 02
Hair - LoQ - Berry Juice - Jet Black
Necklace - Glam Affair - Chained Link - Black *Collabor88*
Shoes - Diktator - Punk  (Avant Garde)
Demon Hands - Death Row Designs
Earrings - [Mandala] - DNA Set - Silver
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom - Snow

Both poses by Del May>>

Location >> Annwn Willows

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Enchanted Dolly & Her Wingthing - 60L Weekend at Zibska & Enchantment Goodies Preview!!

Hello ladies! I hope you're all having an awesome weekend!
It can be made even better by heading over to Zibska for the 60L weekend special! You'll find the new Zinni texture change Wingthing for just 60L. It features 12 colours for both the main parts and accents and you can grab it for the special price until Monday 27th.

Also Magika has this cute new hair available, called 'Never', in their usual 3 colour packs - I love it!

And today you get a sneak peak of some of the offerings for the upcoming Enchantment Event - opening on Feb 1st - which has a little red riding hood theme! 
.Enfant Terrible. has these beautiful flower hairbands available in several colours and cute ballerina shoes&socks combos that come in 5 different versions! The detail on these is amazing and the socks are texture changeable via a HUD with 8 different options. 
AZE have some jewellery on offer which is available in both mens and womens versions. This dagger 'Baneful Wolf's eye' necklace not only looks cool, but is great for roleplay etc! They also have 2 sets of themed cuffs at the event.
The items from both stores will be exclusive to the event and not sold again after so don't miss out on this awesome event in February!

Mesh Doll Avatar - *COCO* 
Doll Head - *COCO* - 001V
Bodysuit - *COCO* - Black
Hair - Magika - Never - Colour Pack 01 *NEW*
Wingthing - Zibska - Zinni Wingthing *NEW - 60L Weekend*
Shoes & Socks - .Enfant Terrible. - Ribbon Ballerinas - Red *Coming soon to Enchantment*
Hairband - .Enfant Terrible. - Forest Flowers - Black/Red *Coming soon to Enchantment*
Cuffs - AZE - Huntsman - 150L *Coming soon to Enchantment*
Necklace - AZE - Baneful Wolf's Eye - 200L*Coming soon to Enchantment*
Eyes - IKON - Spectral - Ghost

Pose by Del May (Flutter)
Pictures taken at Annwn Willows

Zibska >>

Magika >>

*COCO* >>

Enchantment (Opens Feb 1st) >>


Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Classic vs The Remake - DRBC Creature Features!!

Happy Friday ladies! Check out the newness from DRBC. These cute Dietrich outfits come in several colour/pattern variations, giving  you a cool and chic look for all occasions and moods! I've chosen my fave textures from DRBC to show you - the B-Movie and Creature Feature. Hope you like =)

Outfit - DRBC - Dietrich - B-Movie/Creature Feature - 249L Each *NEW*
Shoes - [Aux] - Heartbreaker - Black (for SLink Mid Feet)
Skin - .Birdy. - Blair - Pure Natural (Gacha now at store)
Hair - Truth - Yelena *NEW*
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Threesies *Cosmetics Fair*
Eyeliner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Cuffs - Scrub - Point of View
Earrings - Zibska - Asdis *TGGS*
Hands - SLink AvEnhance 
SLink Applier Nails - Adoness - Queen Jane
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Broken Glass - Forest

Or get 'Dietrich' on Marketplace here!!

Truth >>

Cosmetics Fair >>

Pictures Taken at Isle of Mousai >>


Poses By Del May

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Just a quick post tonight! 
The truth is I planned to do lots more but my ISP seemed to have other ideas. Anyway I was still able to get a pic done to show off this stunning design by Zibska which is currently available at Limited Bazaar for the wool, fleece and fur round - It's called Shika and it's limited to 100 copies, but both time and numbers are running out to grab yours so hurry on over there for this unique dress & accessory combo! It includes the mesh dress in 5 sizes, the antler-style shoulder pieces and a pretty collar.

Mesh Doll Avatar - *COCO*
Monster Doll Limbs - *COCO* - Nude 
Dress/Shoulders - Zibska - Shika Noir - 100L *Limited Bazaar*
Hair - Truth - Ainsley

Pose by Roquai (fire - lit)

Limited Bazaar >>

Sunday, 19 January 2014

No I Won't Ever Break Down For You

Hello lovelies!
I had this image in mind as soon as I saw this beautiful headpiece and pauldrons set, called Manna, by Zibska. This is a slightly different kind of post by me because I wanted to focus on the lovely work by Zibska instead of the 'complete' look I usually put together. I hope you like the result!
The set is available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opening Feb 1st, in 8 common colours with the full, 18 texture-change version as a rare.

Mesh Doll Avatar - *COCO*
Doll Head -  *COCO* - 001V
Demon Legs - *COCO* - Nude
Wings - *COCO* - Insect Wings
Headpiece & Shoulder Pauldrons - Zibska - Manna (shown in 'mare') *Coming soon to Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Hair - Truth - Ainsley *New-ish*

Pose by ROQUAI (Air Phoenix 3)

Picture taken at Annwn Willows >>

Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Opens Feb 1st) >>


"you made me feel needed.
you could see my soul.
no I won't break down.
no I won't ever break down for you.

you made me feel needed.
you could see my soul.
I gave you my loyalty.
you chose to make me fall.

you took me to heaven.
you brought me to fall.
I took your mortality
for what made me feel whole."

Friday, 17 January 2014

Love Sick Suicide Doll - It's Events Galore with Suicide Dollz, Cosmetics Fair & Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!

Have you seen these cute new dresses by DRBC at the new round of Suicide Dollz? The Love Doll dress is available in 6 different colour variations and costs just 100L!

The Cosmetics Fair has just opened and Zibska has some gorgeous new eye shadows for the occasion! There are 5 different varieties available and the one I'm wearing is called Lune, a pack of 15 colours. The packs are 200L a piece but you save 50% when you purchase the fatpack of all 5 types (500L)!
The earrings are also new by Zibska, available at The Gallery Gift Shop until Feb 14th. These pretty drop earrings have a texture change menu with 17 colours to choose from, for the main and accent bits.

  Also ... Love the new gacha prizes by Enfant Terrible for the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Beautiful original mesh 'It's So Fashun' crowns and staffs! 5 rare and 1 ultra-rare to collect in addition to the ever-so-pretty commons! The detail on them is amazing.
Enfant Terrible also has a second a machine offering a variety of Midsommer Dream prizes to collect! I'm wearing the apple bracelet from the set.
The Fantasy Gacha starts on Feb 1st.

Dress - DRBC - Love Doll - 5.0 - 100L *Suicide Dollz*
Skin - .Birdy. - Blair - Pure Natural
Hair - D!va - Averil - Onyx - 88L *Collabor88*
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Lune (Red) *Cosmetics Fair*
Lashes - Glam Affair - Shironuri 01 - Coal
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Earrings - Zibska - Adis (Texture Change) *TGGS*

Crown - .Enfant Terrible. - Roses ULTRA RARE *Coming soon to Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Staff - .Enfant Terrible. - Roses ULTRA RARE *Coming soon to Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Collar - Zibska - Tate (colour-change menu)
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Broken Glass - Forest
Bracelets - .Enfant Terrible. - Midsommer Dream Apple Bracelet Red *Coming soon to Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Necklace - .::Pure Poison::. - Beatrix *Subscriber Gift*
Shoes - Diktator - Punk - Fatpack Hud (Avant Garde)
Hands - SLink AvEnhance - Elegant I

Main Pose by Del May (Stardom Variant)

Suicide Dollz >>

Cosmetics Fair >>

The Gallery Gift Shop >>

Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Does Not Open Till Feb 1st!) >>

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Oh Deer Dolly

heya peeps!
I've had dolly snoozing for a little while - but she's been keeping snug with this darling new coat from PunkD! (which I have to say, has a wonderful name *grins*)
And when dolly awoke she fell totally in love with these adorable deer headbands by .Enfant Terrible. from the new round of OMGacha!

Mesh Doll Avatar - COCO 
Doll Head - COCO - 001V
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Shironuri 4 - Winter
Coat - PunkD - Alisa Coat *NEW*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Ophelia *Collabor88*
Headband - .Enfant Terrible. - Oh Deer - Heavenly RARE *OMGacha*

Pose - Del May - Did I Oversleep?

TYSM Punky! <3

PunkD! Main Store >>

OMGacha >>

Where am I waking up from a snooze? At Imaginaria

Monday, 13 January 2014

As Stars We Belong

hello everyone!
I've come over all bewitched for the LOTD... and I'm seeing stars!
This beautiful new ensemble by Zibska is called Sora and consists of a beautifully detailed shimmering bodysuit (mesh in 5 sizes) and floating star skirt (resizeable).
I thought it went perfect with Pure Poison's star necklace from the December round of the Arcade and I found another excuse to wear these fabulous boots from Azoury!
Also, check out the new SLink nail appliers from Adoness - These are called Queen Jane and the Hud includes a ton of colours.

Outfit (Bodysuit/Star Skirt/Star Orbit) - Zibska - Sora *NEW*
Hair - Boudoir - Irena - Black
Skin - Glam Affair - Neva - Frost Edition 02
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Necklace - .::Pure Poison::. - Star Necklace Rare (from The Arcade Gacha Dec)

Shoes - Azoury - Adamantium - Dark
Cuffs - Zibska - Decca
Earrings - Zibska - Halcyon - Black
Hands - SLink AvEnhance - Elegant 
SLink Nail Add-on - Adoness - Queen Jane appliers *NEW*

All Poses in this post by Del May

Where am I? This pretty and artistic water sim is lovely for taking pictures. It's called Annwn Willows and has several little islands, each with it's own scene featuring trees etc.


Zibska >>


"Don't know where I am
What to say
Or where to go"


Hello ladies! Just a quick post today!

It's almost time for the curtain close on this round of Genre but if you hurry you can pick up this beautiful victorian/gothic styled sleek gown by Adoness for just 100L! It comes complete with cuffs (worn), as well as 2 lace underlayer tops and a collar (not shown).

The collar I'm wearing is called Imogen by Zibska, which will be in main store mid February with colour changing texture for both the main part of the collar and the accents.

Dress - Adoness - Ethel *Genre*
Collar - Zibska - Imogen *New*
Hair - Adoness - Toxaris - Pitch Black
Skin - Glam Affair - Roza The Dark Side 01
Hands - SLink - Elegant

Pose by Del May Where am I? No Salvation Dark Gothic Cathedral

Genre >>

Saturday, 11 January 2014

This Kitty Means Business

Vogue ... The new release by Sugar Mesh Apparel.
Whether you're the boss lady or just love retro styling - this skirt and blouse combo is classy and stylish, available with frill trim in various colour/pattern options. I'm wearing the Leopard version.
So just about everyone I know has blogged these shoes - but they are fabulous - so I couldn't help myself. The Diktator punk shoes come with two versions included - Avant Garde and classic heel.
After much deliberation I decided to go all out and buy the fatpack... yes it's 5000L, but with so many different customisation options that you just don't get with individual colours, which will set you back 950L each. So yes, in my opinion well worth it. These shoes can be worn with or without the included stockings, which come in 3 different versions. 

Also, new eyeshadows by Zibska available at The Gallery Gift Shop until Jan 14th - 11 vivid colours for a mere 50L!

Skirt & Blouse - Sugar - Vogue - Leopard **NEW**
Hair - Magika - Tangled - Pack 01
Shoes - Diktator - Punk - Fatpack Hud (Avant Garde)

Skin - Glam Affair - Mokatana - Petal *Group Gift*
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Ingzi Eyeshadow - 11 colours (Olive) - 50L *The Gallery Gift Shop*
Lips - Zibska - Eleventy (Tarnished)
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom - Snow
Necklace - [Amarelo Manga] - Aurora - Onix
Hands - SLink AvEnhance - Elegant
Cuffs - .::Pure Poison::. - Star Cuffs (Dec round of The Arcade)
Bag - BSD Design Studio - Antelope Bag - Black

Where am I today? Standing around looking pretty outside of the Zeppelin Bar

Sugar Mesh Apparel >>

Diktator >>


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Beyond The World

Hello Ladies!! Gorgeous new mesh dress to show you from .Enfant Terrible.!
The Phyllidas gowns come in 4 different colour options and each consists of 4 separate pieces - the skirt, top and 2 sleeves - so you can wear them how you like.

I was also so happy when Glam Affair announced a return of several 'retired' skins that were previous special editions. They have 2 walls full of gorgeous skins that you once again have the opportunity to get your hands on and I picked up several of 'The Dark Side' versions of Roza and Ginny, amongst others.

I love this hair from Exile (as I usually do) and once again (as I usually do) I'm wearing it with their fabulous streak option. It's called Party Girl.

Dress - .Enfant Terrible. - Phyllidas Gown - Red **NEW**
Hair - Exile - Party Girl - Naturals (white with black streaks)
Skin - Glam Affair - The Dark Side Roza 01
Bracelets - Eclectica - Artifact - Black
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Shironuri Lashes 04 - Black
Hands - SLink AvEnhance - Elegant
Horns - LouLou&Co - (From an ancient round of Perfect Wardrobe but I still love them)

I'm back at the Sleepy Snail for todays pics 'cos it's so pretty! >>

I hope you like this LOTD! Here's your taxis...
.Enfant Terrible. >>

Exile >>

Glam Affair >>

I'm slowly taking flight,
leaving everything behind.
I'm trading day for night,
leaving everything behind.

I'm soaring into the sky,
leaving everything behind.
I'm floating beyond the world,
leaving everything behind.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dolly Wears Red

Hello!! There are only a couple more days of Gothmas By Gaslight so make sure you head on over there this weekend to pick up some darker festive treats!
I brought dolly out for the look of the day, as *BitsyB* have this beautiful 'medieval dolly' dress on offer at the event and I thought I'd go along with the theme! The dress consists of a mesh corset and shorts, with flexy skirt and optional ruffles. Just worth a mention - the dress is for standard avatar, dolly is just the name of it!
I've teamed it up with some pretties by .Enfant Terrible. at this round of Genre, which will run until Jan 12th. These cute hair accessories and darling necklace are available in a choice of 6 colours for only 100L! You can even drop pictures into the spaces on the necklace!

Doll Avatar - COCO 
Doll Head - COCO - 001V
Dress - Bitsy Boutique *BitsyB* - Medieval Dolly (also contains gloves and hat not shown) - Scarlet Brocade *GxG*
Hair - Truth - Gaia *New*
Hair Accessory & Necklace - .Enfant Terrible. -  Lotties Eyecatcher & Collier - Red - 100L *Genre*

Where am I today? Slightly Twisted (A Postcard Christmas)

Where Is Your Wonderland?

Stunning - Beautiful - Divine
Those are just a few of the words that sprang to mind when I first came across this gorgeous new gown by LeeZu!
It really is a gem and perfect example of master craftmanship. It's vintage elegance, wonderland imagery and haute couture all rolled into one dress. It's called Saphire and comes in 9 different colours. Complete with scarf and hat which really finish it off well.

Gown (plus scarf & hat) - LeeZu! - Saphire Gown *New*
Skin - Glam Affair - Neva - Horror Edition 04
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Shinonuri Lashes 04 *Seraphim Social*
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Bracelets - Eclectica - Artifact - Black
Hair - Truth - Elaine
Lips - Zibska - Eleventy - Noir
Hands - SLink AvEnhance -  Casual
Necklace & Earrings - Zibska - Halcyon - Black

Where am I? This little corner of an incredibly creative imagination is Rebeca Bashly's Sleepy Snail at MetaLES >>