Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Neighbourhead Ain't Safe

So, today I decided to go for the 'unpretty' lotd and guys - lots of unisex stuff in here for you too!
How awesomely cool is the newness from Death Row Designs at District 5? This contraption comes with HUD to change the colour of the skin, as well as all kinds of things inside the jaw. 
The pauldrons and cuffs are by May's Soul for their gacha at this month's Tales of Fantasy event - I'm sorry to tease, both are rares! The cuffs come with colour change HUD.
Love this bodysuit by .::Pure Poison::. and how the brand has really gotten into the fantasy/RP stuff lately. This bodysuit includes a colour change HUD too and you can switch between several colours for the main leather sections as well as the colour of the metal parts. It's really a great fit and no need for alpha layers!
And while I'm on the subject of great fits - I need to talk about this miniskirt by Happy Undead. I have blogged it before but it's well worth a mention, even though its not new. I just love how many different size variations this comes in, making it so easy to fit any shape avi and also making it easy to wear with other mesh items with minimal clashing. As well as the standard size options, each of these come with different belly and butt sizes. Its a necessity for any inventory! 

Vamp Teeth/face - DRD - Vampire Borg Face *District 5*
Hair - Yasum - Cyber Dreads - Epic RARE *FGC*
Bodysuit/Collar - .::Pure Poison::. - Helen *Totally Top Shelf*
Skirt - Happy Undead - Dark Red Vinyl
Arms/hands - DRD - Demonhands
Belt - DRD - Steampunk Belt - Dark
Legs - COCO - Corset Piercing Legs
Skin - Birdy - Blair - Porcelain Goth (old arcade item)
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Eione Noir
Ears - [MANDALA] - Fantasy Elf Ears
Tattoo - Letis - Essence *District 5*
Pauldrons - May's Soul - Born to War - War Shoulder RARE *Tales of Fantasy*
Cuffs - May's Soul - Born to War - RARE *Tales of Fantasy*

District 5 - Open Until Sept 4th
Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Open Until Aug 31st
Totally Top Shelf
Tales of Fantasy
Death Row Designs
Happy Undead

Pose by Bauhaus Movement - "Dark Wall"

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Witch Doctor

So, I am TOTALLY loving the events at the moment - The themes are so much fun! Check out all the voodoo stuff at this round of The Fantasy Collective.
The fabulous headdress/mask is by Death Row Designs and I can't seem to take it off right now! Love the amount of detail in it.
Also lovin' the 'Mad Leathers' by Yasum Designs. These pants are unisex and come with a lot of options for just 210L! Change between 3 colours, plus options for the shawl and pocket. Also, you can choose whether or not to show or hide the flap at the back (depending on how naughty/revealing you are feeling!)
The pendant by .Enfant Terrible. is available in 2 versions and each come with a vest jacket (not shown).
And if you aren't all shopped out after that... head on over to Tales of Fantasy for their 'war' theme to find some awesome goodies in the gacha by May's Soul. Matching tops and panties in several colours, either leather or metal, are the common prizes with cuffs and pauldrons to grab as rares!

Top - May's Soul - Born to War - Brown Leather (gacha common) *Tales of Fantasy*
Pants - Yasum - Mad Leathers (Unisex) *TFC*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Barony - Solstice (women's & men's versions available!) *TFC*
Headdress - DRD - Witch Doctor Mask *TFC*
Staff - DRD - Witch Doctor Staff *TFC*
Pendant - .Enfant Terrible. - Witch Please *TFC*
Boots - DRD - Beggers Boots - Black
Skin - Glam Affair - Kallisto - Exotic
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom - Black Swan/Snow
SLink hands used

Poses by Del May - "Beast", "Flutter" & "Obviously"
Pics taken outside ISON mainstore

Unedited Pic
The Fantasy Collective 
Tales of Fantasy
Del May

Unedited Pic

Monday, 25 August 2014

It's A Kind Of Magic

hey ladies!
Just a few more days left of the District 5 event. That's where you can find this uber-cute dress by Adoness (in the Industrial Compound!) The texture pattern on the bodysuit is so detailed and the skirt is just adorable.
La Metallique Fair is still taking place and Zibska has several new offerings at the event (one of which was also featured in my last post!). The Igerne set is exclusive for the event and will only be available for the duration of it. The headpiece, orbit and collar (not shown) come complete with HUD to change between 16 colours for main sections and accents.
And it seems Dolly wanted to try her hand at a lil' magic today, testing out the sorcery from the spellbooks by May's Soul at The Fantasy Collective!! 

Dress - Adoness - Marguerite: Blood *District 5*
Hair - Truth - Marleen
Sandals - Pure Poison - Goddess Sandals - Black *C88*
Headpiece - Zibska - Igerne *La MetalliqueFair*
SLink mid feet used

Books - May's Soul - Spellbook *The Fantasy Collective*

Top pose by *PosESioN* - "Black Inspiration 6"
Lower pose by Grafica - "Marionetta 10"

District 5
The Fantasy Collective
La Metallique Fair

Friday, 22 August 2014

Lamia & Lapin

TGIF! Ready for some weekend shopping in SL?
Checked out La Metallique Fair? Azoury has the striking new 'Lamia Spoons' headpiece available for the event, which celebrates the second anniversary of L'Accessoires. It comes in Bronze, Silver & Copper and will only be available for the duration of this event, which runs until Sept 8th!
Zibska has several new creations for La Metallique Fair, including the 'Innogen' Jewellery set. This is available in 4 single colour versions at 200L each, or you can opt to purchase the full colour HUD version that includes many more options for just 400L.

Spoons Headpiece - Azoury - Lamia - Copper *La Metallique Fair*
Dress - Zibska - Cecily - Noir (from July's Secret Affair)
Necklace - Zibska - Innogen *La Metallique Fair*
Wings - [][]Trap[][] - Black Riven Wings *We<3RP*
Hair - Magika - Rewind

Avatar by *COCO*
Poses by !bang - Fae 04 & Fae 02

Leaves by HappyMood - "Big Leaf - Pale"
Bunnies by {anc} - Lapin Gacha


Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hey ladies (& gents maybe!)
Take a look at what Zibska has to offer at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!
I am just loving the 'Lifa' horns/headpiece!! There are 8 commons available (4 headpieces & 4 chestplates) plus a rare containing the set with full colour HUD!
Know what else I loved about doing this pic? I got to work with the gorgeous AliceInChains Arun!! TY beautiful <3
We're using Grafica's 'Effusion' pose - available at this month's Pose Me Amazing

What I'm wearing:
Horns Headpiece & Chestplate - Zibska - Lifa *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Wings - !deviousMind - Harpiya
Facechain - Scrub - Delicious Agony - Silver *The Black Fashion Fair*
Hair - Argrace - Haruka
Skin - Glam Affair - Rose Pearl 04 Limited Edition
Tattoo - Letis - Inermis
Skirt - May's Soul - Viking - Black
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom - Snow/Black Swan
Arrows - LaGyo - Metis Silver *Collabor88*
SLink hands used

What Alice is wearing:
Horns Headpiece & Chestplate - Zibska - Lifa *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Wings !deviousMind - Harpiya
Hair - Exile - Blown Away
Dress - .Shi - Toga  (slightly edited for pic)
SLink hands and feet used 


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Paper Birds & Pastels

Hello peeps!
Dolly decided to be pretty in pastels today with this uber-cute new dress by DRBC and new hair - with new colour pack - by Truth!
Truth has released the pastels and you can find this colour pack free at the main store for new style "Jinx".
And after getting all pretty, what was Dolly to do next? She decided to put her new-found origami skills to the test by releasing these lovely paper birds by Infiniti into the wilderness of the Black Kite sim.

This necklace by Zibska is actually a men's item but can easily be sized down using the resizer in the HUD. The HUD allows several colour options for both the chain and the accent.

Dress - DRBC - Kyary Dress - Candy Flip *New@District 5*
Hair - Truth - Jinx - Pastels *NEW*
Horns - +Half-Deer+ - Odyssey - White Silver *New@C88* 
Necklace - Zibska - Trev *New@La Metallique Fair*

Avatar by *COCO*

Poses by .Infiniti. - "Paper Birds" *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
(wearable pose props)
Flamingo's by !Ohmai - "Summer Flamingo Buddies [Peach]"

Unedited Pic!
District 5
La Metallique Fair
Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Harmony to the Max

hey peeps! Woohoo It's Friday!!
Yes, that's means it's the weekend.... and Fifty Linden Friday!
Pure Poison has released some new sandals for just 50L today. Great news - they are unisex for SLink male feet and female flat feet. 
But... that's not all. Pure Poison has also made a version compatible with The Shops feet!  I haven't actually tried the #TheMeshProject body beta I got from The Shops yet but as I finally have some shoes compatible, I dug it out of my inventory to give it ago.
I quite like it..nice shape and the butt is cute. I do find the boobs a bit too 'fake' looking for my taste but they aren't horrible. I had to do some adjustments to my shape to make the body work better. The hands and feet definitely needed to be made bigger than the standard side (I think I took mine up to about 30). Also be sure to reduce body fat down to 0 and change neck to the 'retrofit' option for best fit when using with regular avatar head. Anyway... enough about the body, it is kinda old news now... just hoping for some alpha layer options in the near future!
If you haven't been over to the 3rd Bday bash for Collabor88 yet - it should be a little easier to get in now. Magika has this lovely new hair for the event and for 188L per colour pack it's hard to say no to! The chair by 8f8 can also be found at C88 and the pose you see me using is one of the numerous singles/couples poses it contains.
And... last thing to mention: Sugar Mesh Apparel is doing jewellery and accessories! How pretty is this headpiece?!

Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Max Sandals *FiftyLindenFriday*
Body - #TheMeshProject - Mesh Body Beta
Hands - #TheMeshProject - Update
Feet - #TheMeshProject - Beta Low
Hair - Magika - Harmony [01] *New@C88*
Skin - Glam Affair - Livy Skin - India 04
Headpiece - Sugar - Belina Ferronnier *NEW*
Bracelet - Sugar - Leather Bracelet *NEW*
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Striking Eyes - Rain
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies

Chair by 8f8 - "Blossom Throne - ZEUS" *C88*
Arches by Kalopsia - "Old Garden Arches"
Butterflies by .Enfant Terrible. - Moonchild Gacha (common) *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*

There is a line between head/neck where the skin doesn't quite match, but this varies depending on windlight and Advanced Lighting options. Not a terrible match though for the Glam Affair India tone? Well I didn't think so anyway!


Monday, 11 August 2014

Time Out Of The City

hello Ladies!
I LOVE these new shoes by Pure Poison, available at the third birthday round of Collabor88. They come in both black and blue and.. well look at them - so cool!
Truth has new hair out! This cute 'do' comes with 2 versions included - short and long bangs - and also includes the skelly clips, which I love!
The necklace and ring set is by Azoury and can be found at the Black Fashion Fair in 3 colours - black, red and white.
And if that's not enough for you ... head on over to this month's round of We Love Role-Play to pick up this gorgeous decor by {anc}. The city set can be found in day and night versions and includes chairs, rug and variations of the clock hands.
Hope you like the LOTD!

Dress - Dead Dollz - Mrs Capitol
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Inferno Heels - Black *C88*
Hair - Truth - Clover *NEW*
Necklace & Ring - Azoury - Amalys - Black *Black Fashion Fair*
Skin - {Dead Apples} - Lora - Bone 
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Riley Noir (Noir 02 pack)
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies
Eyes - IKON - Spectral Eyes - Ghost
SLink hands and high feet used 

"City" by {anc} *We<3RP*
"Lace Canopy - Black" by {anc}
Trees by alirium - "Tiny Forest - Green"

Upper pose by Del May - "Yes?"
Lower pose by Del May - "Chilled Sit"


Friday, 8 August 2014

Warrior Empress - Fantasy Gacha Carnival is opening it's doors!

Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens today and I've gone East for my LOTD! I wasn't feeling all girly girly though so was the perfect opportunity to try out the new Pure Poison 'Manna Armor' from We Love Role Play too!

Staff, Headdress, Necklace, Hairpins, Armbands and Upper Legbands are all by [Tia] - Empress *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Staff is Ultra Rare - Necklace, Hairpins & Headdress are Rare - Arm and leg bands are commons
The Staff and rares all come with a colour change HUD for metals, as well as jewels and ribbons. The commons are available in 4 different metals and have a HUD for the ribbons and jewels! 
ty <3

Bodysuit and legbelts by .::Pure Poison::. - Manna - Brown *We<3RP*
Gorgeous full armor set (also includes armbelts and head armor not shown), which is available in Brown or Black

Hair by Tableau Vivant - Nyoki Hair*We<3RP*
This hair is so cool! It's non-rigged which is fab and love the way it can also be worn separate from the dreads and feather to suit your style. Hairbase included but the one I'm wearing is actually by Adoness cos I love the design of this XD

Skin by .Birdy. - Delilah - Beige
Eye Liner by Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Shoes by .::Pure Poison::. - Giulia V1 (from July's C88)
SLink casual hands and flat feet used

Top pose by Del May - "Like Water"
Lower pose by Grafica - "zev v mirror"

Arch by PFC - 'Tori Gate'
Birrrds by Zibska (taken from the Rikke ensemble at The Hunger Games) 
Chinese Lantern Tree Branch by 8f8

Fantasy Gacha Carnival
We Love Role Play
Pure Poison

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Butterflies and Bones

Hey ladies! I come over feeling all cute for the LOTD!
Wearing new DRBC goodness from Suicide Dollz and sexy shoes by Pure Poison (available soon at The Black Fashion Fair) to add a touch of dark to my look ;) 
I hope you like!

Top - DRBC - Crush Tank - Ribcage *Suicide Dollz*
Skirt - [Amitomo] - Tutu Tulle Skirt
Necklace/Collar - May's Soul - Africa Necklace - Black
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Fringe Heels *Black Fashion Fair - Starts Aug 8th*
Hair - Truth - Lala (from L'amitie Market)
Skin - {Dead Apples} - Lora - Bone (from July's We<3RP)
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Phine Noir
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Horns - Remarkable Oblivion - Diable Band (old group gift - possibly still in store?)
Ears - [Mandala] - Fantasy Elf Ears
Wrist wraps - DPD - Wrist Wraps - Dark
SLink hands and mid feet used

Top Pose by Sari-Sari - "Playful02"
Lower Pose by .Infiniti. - "Lakshmi 1" (wearable pose prop)

Black & White animated butterflies by .Enfant Terrible. - "Moonchild" Gacha commons *Soon@Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Pink butterflies by alirium
Grass by Boudoir - "Giant Onions - Grass Patch"


Monday, 4 August 2014

Killer Queen

hello ladies, fashionistas and second life event lovers! 
Time for a new round of The Chapter Four and Tentacio has some gacha pretties at the event! Love this crown, it's all darkness and prettyful at the same time, and anything with roses is good for me! There are 3 rare colours available - black (as shown), silver and gold, as well as 6 common versions to play for!
I know I've blogged this dress by Pixicat before but still loving it so thought I'd wear a different version of it today!
Also check out this very cool wing/arrow set by [AD] Creations Dollhouse - which by the way is unisex ;)

Crown by *Tentacio* - Call Me Queen - Black RARE *New@The Chapter Four*
Wing by [AD] Creations Dollhouse - My Dream Is Fly
Dress by -Pixicat- - The Dark Dress 
Hair by D!va - Miso - Platinum
Skin by Glam Affair - Brandi Frost 02
Eyes by {Dead Apples} - Phantom - Snow
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Riley Noir (noir no.2 pack)
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Lipgloss by Izzies - Dark Vibrant Lipstick (dark red)
SLink hands used
SLink nail applier by Adoness - King Henry

Upper pose by Roquai - "Flame"
Lower pose by Del May - "Standpoint"

Sunday, 3 August 2014


Guess what time it is? Fantasy Gacha Carnival is about to make its quarterly appearance and .Enfant Terrible. have some gorgeous items for you! The moonchild gacha features beautifully crafted staffs, crowns, necklaces, nosechains and animated butterflies in 3 colours. So so pretty!
Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens Aug 8th

In addition to the 'Moonchild' gacha items by .Enfant Terrible., I'm also wearing:
Dress by Dead Dollz - Moloko Cocktail Dress - Angelic
Hair by Truth - Lagertha
Eyes by {Dead Apples} - Phantom Eyes - Snow
Skin by Glam Affair - Brandi - Frost 02
Footstraps by Zibska - Kiele
SLink hands and high feet used

Upper Pose by Del May "Fragmented"
Lower Pose by Del May "Double Take You"

Friday, 1 August 2014

The Hunger Games - A Capitol Party

May the odds be ever in your favour!

hello ladies!
The Zibska 'Adrian, Yo' ensemble is new for The Hunger Games, which starts Aug 1st. The set consists of the top, skirt with bustle and headpiece (which has a 10 colour-change HUD).
Another new event has also kicked off, which is called After 6 Days. You can grab exclusive items at the event, which will also come with HUD that will offer a discount when purchasing the matching item instore. 
.::Pure Poison::. has created the Golden Queen set for the event and after buying the clutch for just 100L at A6D, you can tp to the mainstore to grab the sandals with 50% cashback!

Ensemble - Zibska - Adrian, Yo *New@The Hunger Games*
Clutch - .::Pure Poison::. - Golden Queen Clutch *New@A6D*
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Golden Queen Sandals *New for A6D@mainstore*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Valentin
Skin - {Dead Apples} - Lora - Bone (July's We<3RP)
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Elia - Umber
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Broken Glass - Forest

Pose 1 by ..::Vibe::.. - "The Art of..09"
Pose 2 by Grafica - "aislin"