Monday, 29 June 2015


The 10th Annual Second Life Hair Fair will be opening on July 11th and, as they do each year, they have held a photo contest. I couldn't resist the lure of the promised prizes (many hair fatpacks up for grabs! So, this is my entry for the Hair Fair 2015 contest and I thought I'd blog the look also. 
Watch this space for more news about the upcoming SL Hair Fair and previews!

The SL Hair Fair helps to raise money for the 'Wigs for Kids' charity. 
For those of you who like to get creative, there is one more day left to submit Bandana designs for the Hair Fair's Bandana Day in order to help raise funds for this wonderful cause. More details about that here.

The dress I'm wearing in the pic is a sneak peak for OMGacha by DRBC, who will have 2 fantastic machines to play. The dress is a lovely light and summery style with prints that compliment that feeling. All the prints are fabulous (this is a common I'm wearing!) and there are 2 rares and 6 commons to collect.

Hair Fair 2015 Photo Contest - Alisa26

Hair - Tableau Vivant - Leste *Kustom 9*
Mesh head - Lelutka Undivided - Stella
Mesh body/hands - Maitreya Lara 
Skin - [PUMEC] - Inga - Winter Tone *WLRP*

Dress - DRBC - Starla Dress (common) - Blueberries *Coming soon@OMGacha*

Pose by *La Jolie Rose * Sensuality pose 4 *The Fantasy Collective*

Seagulls by !Ohmai - Herring Gull *Summerfest*
Palm Trees - Studio Skye - Tropical Plants 2

The Landmarks:
Kustom 9
The Fantasy Collective

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Valar Morghulis

"Missandei: Valar morghulis. 
Daenerys Targaryen: Yes. All men must die, but we are not men." 

The Conquest is still going strong and is the place to be to find Game of Thrones inspired creations this month! This fabulous headpiece is new by Zibska and I fell in love with it, as I often do will all things skull and skelly. As with most Zibska accessories, there is a colour HUD included and 3 sections can be changed independently of each other. The necklace is also by Zibska and can be found at the same event. 

Today's ensemble is by Salt&Pepper and you'll find this in a selection of colours or as a fatpack HUD version at We Love Roleplay, which is in its final days. Hurry to get any of the items at the event whilst they are discounted for it!

My version of the valyrian steel sword I'm using to fight off the rather ferocious dead is actually by Empyrean Forge, whom I believe are responsible for some of the prettiest weapons in Second Life. There is plenty of detail and gold or silver colour versions are available. It's mod, so if you want to add your own scripts for RP you can do. 

I'm still wearing the newest mesh head by Genesis Lab - Chloe - which can be found at The Fantasy Collective and there are more details on that in my previous post!

Outfit - Salt&Pepper - Eleanor *WLRP*
Headpiece - Zibska - Sentinel *The Conquest*
Necklace - Zibska - Liesel *The Conquest*

SwordEmpyrean Forge - Khazid'hea Sword - Gold
Shield - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Outlander Gacha  (previous round of TSA)

Mesh Head - Genesis Lab - Chloe 2.0 *The Fantasy Collective*
Mesh body & hands - Maitreya Lara
Hair - Exile - Finding You 

Pose by *~*HopScotch*~* Dancing Blades II - 1

Picture taken at home on Nymphai using:
*AF* Artisan Fantasy - Maiden Tor Stone Bridge (Animated) *WLRP*
[HL] Harshlands - Skeletal Legion
[MF] MedievalFantasy - Mesh Splendid antique rotunda

Nymphai is part of the rez friendly & picturesque ippos collective. Feel free to take pics here, just please be respectful and tidy up afterwards!

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

This is Chloe

So I admit I'm having a little bit of a love-hate relationship with second life mesh heads. If you read my previous post on mesh heads and identity, you may know what I'm talking about. But the simple version is I have a strong dislike of the lack of identity that results from using a mesh head and I do miss my own shape when I use one. That said - they are also REALLY growing on me. The immense amount of detail in them and the smoothness of the face shape make them a photographers dream (no unsightly shadows or pointy edges to edit!!)
I have been using the couple of mesh heads I own a fair bit, for both pictures and hanging out inworld, so I've started getting used to them a lot more. Also, with so many new designs becoming available, it reduces one of the dislikes I have about them (seeing the same face over and over!)

So that being said, I now admit that I was quite excited when I saw the preview pics of the newest mesh head by Genesis Lab. Please meet 'Chloe 2.0'.
Actually, I liked the look of Chloe so much from the previews (plus after already purchasing 'Lilith 2.0' by Genesis Lab I was well aware of the quality), that I went ahead and bought this one without even trying the Demo. I know, it sounds a little risky at 2500L, but I assure you that I'm not disappointed! 

She comes with 4 different skin tones (the lightest is shown) and with several different brow colour options. The HUD also includes options for eye makeup, lip gloss colour and skin features such as freckles. This face has some of the juiciest looking lips I think I've seen so far and I love them! The whole head I find really pretty, whatever angle its viewed from. 
Skin appliers are included for Maitreya body, as well as SLink hands/feet and Lolas. 
Also, there are more and more appliers becoming available for Genesis heads now which is also pretty cool.
You'll find 'Chloe' at the latest round of The Fantasy Collective

[Entwined] hair has lots of new styles out at the moment. One of which is 'Olivia' and can be found at the current round of Shiny Shabby. This long and sexy style is parted at the side and sweeps across the front of one shoulder. There are lots of different colour packs available.

The June round of We Love Roleplay will soon be closing, so hurry on over there to make sure you grab the current selection of goodies with their 25-50% discounts! It's where you'll find this beautiful gown by Dead Dollz in 4 different colours. 

Mesh head - Genesis Lab - Chloe (shown in Milk tone) *The Fantasy Collective*
Eyes - IKON - Sovereign - Storm
Hair - [Entwined] - Olivia - Light blondes *Shiny Shabby*
Ears - Mandala - Steking Season 5

And I usually forget about eyelashes, but I've already had a question about them so will include! These are Mon Cheri Falsies. They didn't take too long to adjust to fit the head (go into edit linked)

Dress - Dead Dollz - Pilar - Black *WLRP*
Hat - LODE - Madame (modified/lace removed)

The top pic was taken at The Station, part of the welcome area of SL12B. I had some crazy idea to do my photoshoot there after seeing fabulous pics of the sim by Mr Wainwright. However, my laptop disagreed somewhat and with so many people exploring the sims right now I realised things weren't really working out. So I headed back home to Nymphai to take a pic of this stunning gown. Pose in the lower pic is by oOo Studio.
Scenery/Decor includes Requiem & Sarcophagus rares by Ravenghost (previous FGC), Hollyhocks by Heart, Cupcake light by 8f8 and Rose Vines by Forest feast. 

As always, HQ versions of the pics can be found on my Flickr where you'll have the ability to zoom in on any particular items ;)

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Red Woman - The Conquest, A Game of Thrones Event

I love Game of Thrones. I watch very little TV but I adore this show and I'm definitely going to be getting some withdrawal symptoms now the season is over!
So, when I found out about The Conquest I was extremely excited to see what some of our most beloved Second Life creators came up with in the Game of Thrones theme. If you love GoT, this is definitely not an event you'll want to miss!
Today, I decided to base my look and pic on Melisandre - The Red Woman - after she had been whispering news of visions and strategies into the ear of Stannis.
This gorgeous superlow v-neck gown is by Peqe. It comes in several different colours and has static/posed arms. The detail of the mesh shape and texture is lovely, creating really nice shadow effects in the ruffles of fabric.
Wasabi Pills has brought 2 variations of the new 'Keira' hairstyle to the event, really helping to recreate looks of fave GoT characters or is just a pretty style for any occasion too!
There is also lots of fabulous roleplay decor and furniture at the event. Getting ready for battle? Plan your strategy and keep track of the other houses' armies on this table by 7mad;Ravens! The set also includes 2 variations of king's chairs and advisor's chairs, all of which include poses.
Cheeky Pea has created some iron throne style fan art as decor - It's resizeable too!
Also, love these sapling trees by {Roawenwood}, which are sure to stand out in any outdoor space with their silver bark and pretty red leaves. There are 3 different cluster versions - one dual branch cluster and two triple branch versions.
The Conquest opens at Midnight tonight (SLT) so hurry on down to satisfy your Game of Thrones cravings, your roleplay needs and shopping addiction ;)

Don't forget about We Love Roleplay still going on too! Today I'm trying out [PUMEC]'s 'Inga' skin in it's palest tone 'Winter'. As with all items at this event, it's discounted for the duration. A ton of appliers included in the awesome HUDs, including appliers for Lelutka, Genesis, TMP and SLink mesh heads, as well as all major mesh bodies!

Dress - Peqe - Arabello - Red *New@The Conquest*
Necklace - Cae - Conquest Necklace *New@The Conquest*

Skin - [PUMEC] - Inga - Winter *WLRP*
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Keira 2 - Rouge  *New@The Conquest*
Lelutka Stella mesh head and Maitreya Lara mesh body used (with PUMEC appliers)

Pose by !bang - Stand 504 *New@The Conquest*
(Arms are locked in position with the gown by Peqe)


Trees by {Roawenwood} - Weirwood Sapling Tree Clusters  *New@The Conquest*
Table with maps, chairs & house flags by 7mad;Ravens - The Kings War (set includes Strategy table w/pose, 2 kings chairs and 2 advisors chairs with 8 animations each, plus 9 Sigil flags)  *New@The Conquest*
Wall decor by Cheeky Pea - :CP: Direwolf Fan Metal Art  *New@The Conquest*
Lace curtains by {anc}

The Landmarks:
The Conquest (doesn't open until Midnight)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Down The Rabbit Hole - Alice is in Sexyland, Where are you?

The new Alice in Sexyland event kicked off this week with some new hawt designs in this classic theme. I've always been a lover of all things AliceInWonderland so was super-happy to dive down the rabbit hole again for some new items.
The corset dress is by Salt & Pepper and comes in a few different designs. Each design contains a HUD with 2 options for the main section and 2 for the skirt frills. There is a cute little cut out hear at the front and whilst this can make it a little trickier when wearing with mesh body, I like the design (Don't fear a shape adjustment to get clothes to fit right with mesh bodies!!).
Azoury have the really cute new boots out for the event. 'Lady Rose' comes in 4 different colours and - as always with Azoury - the design is very original and the intricate details are stunning (right down to the little key hooked over a thorny heel!)
The sheer low-rise leggings/stockings/whatever-you-wanna-call-em are by AviCandy and I love the very quirky theme design on these. They come as tattoo layer for standard avatar and also have HUD containing appliers for those who prefer mesh bodies (Maitreya, SLink, Belleza & Omega appliers included in HUD).

Truth has released new hair in the mainstore and straight away I couldn't resist the 'Randa' style. Long and wavy with a very care-free style about it.

The tattoo I'm wearing is by White Widow, which I picked up at the last round of Shiny Shabby so I'm sure will be instore soon. 'Midnight in Paris' is beautiful, mimicking sexy long lace gloves and beautiful jewels. There are several packs available for the ink. You can purchase as standard avatar layers, then there are additional packs for SLink hands, Lola's and mesh bodies. Personally, I just purchased the mesh body applier pack and it wasn't necessary to get the 'standard' pack too. Contains appliers for all the major mesh bodies and omega too.

The decor is a mix of old and new collectables, including one of the awesome pieces from Junk at the current round of The Arcade!

As always, I hope you like the LOTD and high quality pic can be found on Flickr!

Corset Dress - Salt & Pepper - Queen of Hearts - Hearts *AliceInSexyland*
Leggings/Stockings - AviCandy :AC: White Rabbit Low-Rise[Black] *AliceInSexyland*
Boots - Azoury -  *AliceInSexyland*
Hair Flowers - Glam Affair - Romantic Flowers 1 *Uber*
Face Ornament/Chain - Pekka - Aida

Hair - Truth - Randa *NEW*
Tattoo - White Widow - Midnight in Paris (from last round of Shiny Shabby)
Skin - Glam Affair - Katra Polar
Eyes - IKON - Spectral - Ghost 
Body & Hands - Maitreya Lara

Main (upper) pose by Le Poppycock - Get Some *Chapter Four*
Lower pose by Del May - Obviously

Large mushrooms - +Half-Deer+ - Dreamscape Mushroom - Red 
Small Mushrooms - ADD Andel - Mushroom Fairy Ring
Flowers - Heart - Hollyhocks 
Clock - Junk - Floor Clock *The Arcade*
Playing Cards - Boudoir - Scattered Playing Cards
Rabbits - ~*SR*~ Rabbit Family with Log
Owl +Half-Deer+ - Great Horned Owl - Ghostly
Book Pile - {anc} - (Garden Gacha) Oldbook
Open book - Pixicat - Spellbook (Simpel)

Because I've done a fair bit of editing to the hair in the main pic and so you can see the dress fully, I've included a raw standing shot too =)


The Landmarks:

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Just a room with a view

*waves to all the SL fashion addicts*
Zibska, in collaboration with Grafica Poses and Spartin Parx, has released a series of new outfits in mainstore (for both men & women). The one I'm wearing today is called 'Lauren' and consists of Black loose trousers that hang on the hips, a patterned asymmetrical top and bow, and a floppy hat. It screams effortless chic.
The jewellery I have on today is also by Zibska, but you'll find the 'Roxi' set at the current round of On9. A Hud is included to switch between 8 different colours for the chains and stones.
On a side note, if you head over to Zibska mainstore there is also a 50L closeout sale currently ongoing on a huge range of cosmetics and also some outfits too! 

The shoes are another fabulous footwear creation by Azoury and can be found at the new FAD fashion event. The theme for the event is 'Bird of Prey' and as a special for this, the special orange version of the show is discounted to 199L. Other colours available are the black (shown below), yellow, white & grey and these are priced at 299L. Each pack contains rigged mesh shoes to fit Maitreya, Belleza and SLink medium feet, as well as a fitted mesh shoe for TMP high feet.

The decor today is mostly courtesy of The Arcade feeding my gacha addiction. The peacock pets by {anc} are so beautifully crafted with realistic feather movements... I just wanted to reach in and touch them! There are 3 rare pets available - blue, white and pink - with the two former being shown below. 
The attic skybox by Junk is a cosy single room attic, with single window, fireplace and door. The textures are really well detailed and although not a huge room, its great for pictures or just a quiet hangout spot.
The chair I'm sitting on is by {anc}, although not at The Arcade. I picked this up at last months Collabor88 so I'm sure it's probably in mainstore now. Broken it may be, but it really is a work of art. I just can't get enough of how much detail creators are putting into things now! The chair includes a selection of poses and animations.

As always, higher quality pics are on my Flickr.

Outfit/Hat - Zibska - Lauren *New@Mainstore*
Shoes - Azoury - Imperial - Black *FAD*
Necklace/Earrings - Zibska - Roxi *On9*

Hair - [Entwined] - Loulou
Mesh body/hands/feet - Maitreya Lara

Skybox - Junk - Attic Skybox - RARE *The Arcade* 
Chair - {anc} - Broken Chair White
Peacocks - {anc} - {anc} Hatsuyume - blue peacock PET 6Li RARE & white peacock PET 6Li RARE *The Arcade* 

Pose included in chair

The Landmarks:


So, it's been a few days since my last post and I've got back into my own skin again so to speak. Well my own shape anyway (the skin is actually Glam Affair). It's the first time in weeks I haven't been wearing a mesh head and as much as I have liked using them, I have missed my own face too!
I've been enjoying some more of the awesome items from the current round of We Love Roleplay. This sexy new faux dread hair by Tableau Vivant has become a new firm favourite. It comes in the frizzy chic line of colour huds and is unisex. I'm so glad that there are more and more styles in these colour textures because I really like them and they have such a natural appearance, which is helped along even more so by the odd wispy strands in this style.
Also at the June round of WLRP, MiaMai presents these chic new boots which are the perfect combination of armour/roleplay looking and modern elegance. After all, every warrior type girl needs some fashionable heels too, right?! There are 4 different colours available.
Today's set is by 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. Their items can be purchased as a complete set (which also includes shelters and barrels not shown) or as separate items. The guard tower makes a perfect addition to castles and fantasy sims, with realistic stonework and circling staircase. The banner in the background is mod and you can set it up to fly your own flag/colours if you choose! And the chests, well they contain the treasure which my triumph won for me today ;) lol
All items at WLRP are discounted by 25-50% for the duration of the event, so always good to snag them now rather than later!

For anyone who has been waiting on the lag dying down to get into The Arcade, you should be fine now. Remarkable Oblivion has one of my fave gacha machines there with their 'Mercenary Guild' items. I'm wearing two of the rares today. The gloves are resize and unisex. They are super detailed and this set, the jailer set, holds the key! The weapon is scripted for all you roleplayers out there and its resize too.
Another fave machine for this June Arcade is Pixicat's 'Temptation Corsets'. I had my eye on this rare corset as soon as I saw the promo pics and fell lucky when I was playing! It comes with a HUD with 4 different colours to choose from and it's one of two rare styles, but all the commons are supersexy too!

Hope you all like the lotd and the pic! I'll be back soon with another post (and not leave so long as I have been last few weeks, eeps!)

Corset - Pixicat - Temptation Corset - Dark RARE *The Arcade*
Boots - MiaMai - Artemis Hunting Boots - Black Steel *WLRP*
Armour - >glYph< - Valor Armor Set Black *WLRP*
Gloves - Remarkable Oblivion - Mercenary Guild - Jailer Gloves RARE *The Arcade*
Chain Harness - Kibitz - Makatza Bodychain - Obsidian *WLRP*
Nosechain.random.Matter. - Chani 
Face piercing - .ARISE. - Vee

Hair - Tableau Vivant - Rileigh [Faux Dreads] *WLRP*
Skin - Glam Affair - Katra - Party Asia 01 (from a previous C88)
Eye bags - .random.Matter. - Perfectly Flawed Eyebags 
Face Tattoo - .ARISE. - Carc
Body Tattoo - Letis - Hannya
Eyes - IKON - Charm - Dew

Maitreya Lara mesh body used

Axe - [EZ] Weaponry - Salvaged Heretic's Axe *WLRP*
CrosShot - Remarkable Oblivion - Mercenary Guild - CrosShot RARE *The Arcade*

22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Guard Tower
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Treasure Chest
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Banner
*All @ WLRP*

Pose by *PosESioN* - Leonor Editorial 8

The Landmarks:
We Love Roleplay
The Arcade

Friday, 5 June 2015

Just one moment of serenity

A new round of We Love Roleplay has opened! And that means shopping time for Second Life roleplayers and fantasy fashionista's alike. As always, items are discounted by 25-50% but only for the duration of the event!
[Entwined] has two new pretty hairstyles out for this round. The one I'm wearing today is called 'Nymeria' that is a long style, parted at the side, which falls across the face and down the back in gentle waves. The way it falls is supersexy and is also a really great style for when you want to show off jewellery. 
The skin I'm wearing today is by [PUMEC]. Inga comes in 5 colour tones, each with 4 brow colours and a no brow option. I love the lips on this skin and the smoky eye make-up. The really great thing too is there are appliers for more or less everything! It can be worn on standard avatar and a variety of mesh bodies (Maitreya, Belleza, SLink, TMP, Wowmeh etc) and body bits, including lip appliers for Loud mouth and PXL sweet lips. There are mesh head appliers for Lelutka, TMP, SLink and.... (and I'm super-happy about this one cos there haven't been many appliers yet) also for Genesis! I'm wearing on Lelutka Stella today but also looking forward to seeing how 'Inga' looks on my Genesis heads too! Several of the mesh body appliers also give cleavage or no nipple options.
The accessories shown today are by Zibska and both sets can be found at the June round of WLRP. 'Gemma' includes necklace and earrings with colour HUD to change beads and chains. The pauldron is part of the 'Fiachra' set, which also includes pauldron for the other side and a headpiece (not shown). Again, a colour HUD is included and the main and accent sections can be changed independently of each other. The set is resizeable and unisex.

Hair - [Entwined] - Nymeria *New@WLRP*
Skin - [PUMEC] - Inga - Summer *New@WLRP*
(appliers shown on Lelutka Stella & Maitreya Lara)
Eyes - IKON - Deadshine

Pauldron - Zibska - Fiachra *New@WLRP*
Necklace & Earrings - Zibska - Gemma *New@WLRP*

Pose by !bang - sit 019

We Love Roleplay is now open - Teleport There Now!