Saturday, 25 June 2016

Dragon's Breath

hey peeps! I didn't really have time for editing this pic but still wanted to show off the lotd with some awesomeness from the current rounds of We Love Roleplay, Collarbor88 & Shiny Shabby!
This awesome tongue is by *Tentacio* at Shiny Shabby, part of 'The Falling' gacha collection. Different coloured flowed to collect and also matching flower eye patches! 
The necklace can also be found at Shiny Shabby, by Zibska, and the full version includes a HUD to change the colours of the 3 different sections. Single colour versions also available!
We Love Roleplay has just a few days left so you'll have to hurry to snag this cool 'harlequin' jacket by [The Forge] at the discounted price. It's re-sizeable to fit most mesh/standard avatars.

I'm away on holiday for some sun, sea and sand for the next week so see you again after!

Bra Top: Foxes - Ibiza Bikini - Black *C88*
Jacket: [The Forge] - Harlequin - Black *WLRP*
Body Harness/Chains: ieQED - Confined *WLRP*
Necklace: Zibska - Bianca *Shiny Shabby*
Wrist Straps: *katat0nik* - Bow Wrist Straps 
Claws: CerberusXing [CX] - Ironclad Claws

Face Ornaments: [The Forge] - Face Art
Face Chain: random.Matter - Keelhauled Head Chains
Septum Piercing: CerberusXing [CX] - Filligree
Head Chains: E.V.E - Ghost Chains - Black Chrome Pack Rare Headpiece

Hair: Little Bones - Yuno *C88*
Tongue: *Tentacio* - The Falling - Rose Tongue Red *Shiny Shabby*
Skin: Glam Affair - Viktoria *C88*
(on Catwa Candy mesh head & Maitreya Lara)
Freckles/Moles: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head "Freckles" MOLES

Dragons & Dragon Hair Sticks: *katat0nik* - Cloud Dragon gacha *The Arcade*

Pose by Bauhaus Movement

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Relaxation Vacation

*Tentacio* has created the wonderfully fun and summery 'Relaxation Vacation' set for the current round of The Arcade. The set consists of 3 different textured halter tops, sunglasses, radios, fans, ice-creams and drink accessories! There are no rares in this gacha set. The tops come in standard sizes but I'm wearing here with Maitreya Lara body and the fit is fine!

The cute beach wedge sandals are by Astralia, made to fit SLink high feet and can be found at Kustom 9. The gacha commons are 10 different coloured cork wedge sandals and the rare item is the Aquarium wedges that I'm wearing. The rare includes a HUD to switch the colour of the band, as well have the option on/off for the toe-post second band too. The aquarium details are so cute and the water is even animated!

I adore the new Catwa skin applier by Glam Affair, also as a gacha at Kustom 9. I think 'Aurore' is sooo beautiful! Here I'm wearing one of the commons, America 01 shown on Catwa Candy. 

The vintage style swim ring float is by {anc} and includes a bunch of animated 'sits'. I modified one a little with Animare HUD to set the pose for this pic. Various colours are available.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Relaxation Vacation

Top/Coconut Drink/Ice-Cream/Radio/Fans/Sunglasses: *Tentacio* - Relaxation Vacation *TheArcade*
Shoes: Astralia - Aquarium Wedges RARE *Kustom9*

Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Aurore - America 01 *Kustom9*
(shown on Catwa Candy)
Hair: Tram - F603 (this is a new store release, was out last week for FLF)

Birds: Ohmai - Herring Gull
Palm Trees: The Little Branch - Pony Palm
Float: {anc} - Retro Swim Ring - yellow

The Landmarks:

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Chained But Unconstrained

Azoury has released some new beautifully sexy chainlink heels on marketplace and store. 'Gaia' is available in both silver and gold, with sizes to fit Maitreya, SLink, Belleza & TMP.

The chained body jewelry is by ieQED and can be found at We Love Roleplay in a variety of metal colours. It's copy/mod non-rigged mesh and there is also a scripted resize version included.

The 'Horn Throne' is also at We<3RP, made by Zerkalo. There are 3 colours available to choose from - Red, Sand & Fur - and each is available in PG or Adult versions, which come with various single and couple animations.

Items at We<3RP are discounted 25-50% for the duration of the round!!

Chained But Unconstrained

Chained harness & panties: ieQED - Confined Chain Body Jewelry *WLRP*
Shoes: Azoury - Gaia - Silver *NEW*

Skin applier: Glam Affair - Viktoria *C88*
(On Catwa Candy & Maitreya Lara)
Hair: Argrace

Chair/Bench: Zerkalo - Horn Throne *WLRP*
Pose by Roquai - Pamakhala (Girls Pam Lay)

The Landmarks:

Monday, 13 June 2016


The Vintage Fair is open and will run until 26th June!
Everything at the fair is inspired by style from the 1920s to 1980s so if you love vintage, don't let this one pass you by!

Astralia has created this beautiful 'Sveva' headpiece with add-on butterfly attachments. It comes complete with colour HUD to change between colour options for the butterflies and the metal.
Zibska is also taking part in this fair with the new 'Celestine' jewellery set. I'm wearing the necklace and earrings (not shown) are also included. This set also has a colour HUD which offers options to change the main, accent, beads and chain colours independently of each other.


The Vintage Fair has ACI limits in place, so make sure you check yours before you TP to ensure you aren't booted out! Your ACI will need to be 75000 or under - this is to help make the fair a much better experience for everyone. 
What is ACI you ask? 
Answered directly by Pale Girl Productions, who run the Vintage Fair:
"Quick answer: ACI is everything you are wearing. Take some of the things you are wearing off, or replace it with items that have less ‘weight’. For example one D!VA hair weighs about 50000, but one elika hair is 10000."
So as we're speaking of ACI and render weights, mine is 42206 for this LOTD (not including the extra buttefly add-ons used for the pic, weight includes just the ones worn with headpiece).  

If you're using Firestorm, you can find yours by going to Advanced>Performance Tools>Show render weights for avatars. Or, Developer>Show Info>Show Avatar Render Info.

Lelutka have released an update on their Undivided mesh heads and today I'm wearing Stella Vs 1.6
The main thing I love about this update is the lashes - there are now 4 types and each can be worn in blend or mask mode! The 'Simone' head already allowed to switch between the two different modes but for those of you who aren't familiar - blend allowed for a much nicer, smoother looking lash effect than mask (which can look a bit like clumpy mascara I think!). However, mask is the option for when you wish to use eye makeup appliers. 
There are a couple of other things included in the update too, you should receive yours automatically when you wear your Lelutka head.

The skin applier is by Glam Affair and is a new release called 'Shiroi' at Collabor88. Made especially for Lelutka heads, this applier is available in 7 skin tones and each includes 4 eyebrow options plus no brow version. 

Headpiece & Butterfly add-ons: Astralia - Sveva *Vintage Fair*
Necklace: Zibska - Celestine Necklace *Vintage Fair*
Dress: =Zenith= - Purfle Long Dres - Milk *Shiny Shabby*

Skin: Glam Affair - Shiroi - Asia *C88*
(shown on Lelutka Stella 1.6 & Maitreya Lara)
Eyes: IKON - Triumph - Hazel
Hair: Exile - Reveling In You *C88*

Background/Scene Decor by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Secret Garden *WLRP*

The Landmarks:

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Call of the Sea

We Love Roleplay is open for June and both it and the sea have been calling me!
Well in particular, this mermaid-style headpiece by Astralia. As usual, everything at WLRP is 25-50% discounted before it hits the stores so it makes for happy shopping ;)
Astralia have also released these fishy bubbles at The Chapter Four so I thought it would be fun to do a themed pic with both items. The 'Fish in the Bubble' pack can be purchased for just 99L and also includes a handle for blowing bubbles (not shown in pic).
Still loving the cute Catwa skin appliers by Glam Affair at Kustom 9, only a few days left of this round!
Have fun shopping everyone and remember to hit the water to cool off when you're done! XD

The Call of the Sea

Headpiece (also used as other accessories in my pic): Astralia - The Call of the Sea *WLRP*
Goldfish in bubbles: Astralia - The Fish in the Bubble *TCF*

Skin: Glam Affair - Nanny Jamaica 02 Rare *Kustom9*
(on Catwa Candy & Maitreya Lara)
Tattoo: White Widow - Spotlight Henna
Hair: Argrace - Hikari
Eyes: IKON - Triumph Hazel

Pose by Roquai - Little Mermaid 2

The Landmarks:

Friday, 3 June 2016


The new round of The Arcade opened on 1st June and there are soooo many goodies to play for!! There is also an extra for this round, after 50 pulls of machine there is an exclusive reward prize never to be sold again!
Astralia has created this wonderful Japanese and Sushi themed original mesh collection called 'Nyotaimori'.
There are 3 fitted mesh dresses, matching shoes (fits Slink Physique/Maitreya Lara), sushi and sushi dishes, chopsticks, lanterns and chairs as common prizes. The rare are the gorgeous 'body sushi table' and 'wearable sushi', both of which include colour HUDs. I opted for one of the dresses rather than the wearable sushi on this occasion! But the full collection can be seen here.
Demo's available at Astralia mainstore.
The exclusive reward bonus prize is a Japanese temple, this is guaranteed on the 50th play and is not a random prize. 

Love this new ink by Cureless available at Uber. There are 2 versions available - coloured or B&W - and each includes 2 variants in the pack - with or without flames. There are 3 different fades available on each design. It's compatible with Omega, SLink, Maitreya & TMP mesh bodies, as well as system.

I love this skin applier by Glam Affair for Catwa mesh heads, its available in the gacha at Kustom 9 but hurry before this round closes!


Dress/Shoes/Table/Sushi/Lanterns: Astralia - Nyotaimori *The Arcade*
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Nanny Jamaica 01 *Kustom 9*
(Shown on Catwa Candy & Maitreya Lara)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cleo
Tattoo: Cureless - Dragon's Wisdom *Uber*
Eyes: IKON - Triumph

Pose by Le Poppycock - Feminine Language
Bamboo by {anc}

The Landmarks:

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Flying High

The Arcade opens for an all new round tomorrow and here is a sneak peek of what Azoury is offering in their machine!
The shoes I'm wearing are commons in the 'Attawa' collection. There are 8 different colours to collect. There are 2 rare masks and I'll be featuring in a picture soon! 
The shoes are made to fit SLink, Maitreya, Belleza & TMP feet. 
There is something extra for this new round of The Arcade too! Exclusive bonus reward items that will be won after 50 pulls of a machine. All reward items are limited to The Arcade and will never be sold afterwards. 

If you want to go 'Flying High' you should stop by Whimsical before 8th June and check out Astralia's gacha! These balloon pauldrons are the rare item and include colour HUD to change the balloons, stars and hearts. There are also 12 commons to collection - heart pauldrons in 4 different colours, star pauldrons in 4 colours and balloon pauldrons in  4 colours.

Flying High

Balloon Pauldrons: Astralia - Flying High RARE *Whimsical*
Shoes: Azoury - Attawa Shoes Mercury *Coming Soon@The Arcade*
Dress: =Zenith= Strappy Dress With Belt - Milk 
Hair: Argrace - Tsumugi

Pose by Roquai - Dancer 8
(using an ankle lock)

Picture taken at Black Kite

The Landmarks: