Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pay Your Dues to Rock 'n' Roll

So you know when people say there are never enough hours? So couldn't be more true! This post... I took the pics for weeks ago but never got around to editing them how I planned and before I knew it, it's the end of April, events have come and gone and the Easter bunny has already left the building.

But... I liked this look and wanted to do the post anyway. 
Some of the events are over, some of the stuff won't be seen again for a few months due to event rules... and other bits may never be seen again (sorry to be a tease on those!)

The Runway Perfect Hunt is still running till the end of April featuring 50 fabulous shops. The gifts cost just 5L and are well worth it! Zibska has this very cool 'Lex' collar, which features 17 colours for the main and accents via a click menu.

Bunny Headphones - Remarkable Oblivion - Rab8 - Black (from FaMESHed)
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Moon - Spring Pack (from Cutie Moon Fair)
Skin - Glam Affair - Brandi - 03 Asia (from Cutie Moon Fair)
Top - May's Soul - War Chest - Black - (from Love&War)
Armour - May's Soul - Muse Armour *Recent Release*
Boots - Schadenfreude - Astro Antigrav Boots
Circlet - Zibska - Loviisa - Rare (From Secret Affair Gacha)
Necklace/Collar - Zibska - Lex - 5L *TRPH*
Shorts - FK! Designs - Uber Shorts - Burlesque 3 *Recent Release*

SLink hands used
Both poses by Del May - Seeking You & Woawh#1

FK! Designs >>

Zibska >>

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Earth's Repossession

Today's pic was inspired by the new mask by ContraptioN at The Season's Story, which is open for a few more days so if you haven't already been over to the sim to check out the awesome offerings I certainly recommend it! Plus you'll have missed all the lag now too so you get to enjoy the cuteness of the sim.

The horns are by 8f8 and this particular version was limited to 150 pieces at Limited Bazaar. The bad news is they are sold out, the good news... there is now another version of them available in white at the 8f8 Mainstore at Black Kite.

And of course I am showing off another of the exclusive poses available at the Pose Fair!!

Mask - [ContraptioN] - Earth's Repossession *Season's Story*
Horns - 8f8 - Spring Imprisoned Horns (from Limited Bazaar)
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Campbell 
Eyes - IKON - Spectral Eyes - Ghost

Mesh Avatar & Monster Limbs by *COCO*
Pose by Roquai - Mantis (m)
Part of the "Les Fleurs Printanieres" series, exclusive 6 individual static pose pack only available at the Pose Fair.
Further info here.

Young Sakura with Beads (pink) and Double Young Sakura (pink) by 8f8 at the Season's Story.

Picture taken at Annwn Willows

Friday, 25 April 2014

Dirty Cherries

hey ladies! I hope you like the LOTD - I had so much fun with this one!
The shirt is new by DRBC at this round of Suicide Dollz and is available in various prints.
I decided to team it up with this classic pin-up skirt, also by DRBC for some retro styling. But then.. to add a little twist...
I adore this 'Rusty Set' by He La. This umbrella and crown can be found at Limited Bazaar for the 'mechanical prison' theme but you'll have to hurry, they were limited to just 150 pieces! Last time I checked there were still a few left.
The lace leggings are new by LUST and come in black and white. For the curvier ladies, they come with appliers too!
Also, if you haven't been over to the 100 Block yet, check out these new shoes by Scrub. 'The Old Trunk' come in 3 different metal versions and are designed to fit SLink mid feet. Don't you just love the little skullies on them?
Anyway, here you have it - my gothic punky-pinup look lol

Shirt - DRBC - Tied Up Top - Skull Cherries *Suicide Dollz*
Skirt - DRBC - Penny Skirt - Dahlia
Shoes - Scrub - The Old Trunk - Silver *100 Block*
Crown & Umbrella - He La - Rusty Set *Limited Bazaar*
Leggings - LUST - MyLace Leggings - Black *NEW*
Skin - Glam Affair - Brandi - Frost 02 *Seasons Story*
Hair - Exile - Erase and Rewind
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Maral - Coal *Cosmetics Fair*
Eye Lashes - MC - Falsies 
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Lips - Zibska - Lurine 01
SLink hands and mid feet used

All poses today are by Grafica and are exclusively available at the Pose Fair!
Grafica has 2 sets of poses for the fair. 'Sefyll' contains a collection of nice stands whilst 'Damhsa' is a pack of more exuberant and artistic poses. Each pack contains 20 poses (10 poses plus their mirrored versions).
From top to bottom, the ones I have used are:
Ciara - Damhsa (holding animation comes with umbrella)
Gadael ii - Sefyll (holding animation comes with umbrella)
Pendroni i - Sefyll
Aine - Damhsa

Oh btw the pics were taken at The Arcade. Every checked this place out after closing time? It's pretty without the lag and grey!

Suicide Dollz
100 Block
Limited Bazaar
Cosmetics Fair

Happy SL Shopping!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Hello ladies!

Zibska has some lovely new goodies available!
Take a trip to The Gallery Gift Shop for the sexy summer outfit called 'Angelina'. The pretty print skirt comes in 5 sizes and the top is in 7 sizes.
Zibska also has some new makeup for the Spring Cosmetics Fair which is open now until the end of the month!
And that's not all.. you'll also find this beautifully crafted jewellery set called Avalon at L'Accessoires. There are 4 single colour versions available or you can pick up the full 'fatpack' version which contains 20 colours via a hud!

The Magda wedge sandals by .:Pure Poison::. are available in several colour versions and are lovely for the new season! Rigged mesh for SLink mid feet for a perfect fit!

Outfit - Zibska - Angelina *NEW@TGGS*
Necklace & Earring Set - Zibska - Avalon *L'Accessoires*
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Magda Sandals - Black *Recent Release*
Hair - Argrace - Haruka - Midnight *NEW*
Glam Affair - Magenta - Jamaica
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Maea - Blue *Cosmetics Fair*
Hand Jewellery - Aisling - Lady of Highgarden gacha *Secret Affair*
SLink hands and feet used

Top pose by Del May - Automated Model 1
Lower pose by Poseology @ Pose Fair - Elora (6)
Pictures taken at 'It All Starts With A Smile'


Drifting Away With The Mowies

hey there ladies! I hope you're all having a great weekend!
Pose Fair 2014 opened this weekend and if you haven't checked it out yet, here is just one of the goodies on offer!
It's called 'Drift Away' and is by Infiniti. There are 15 static poses included with this rezzable cloud-swing prose prop and the smaller rezzable clouds are also included.

This pretty summer dress is by DRBC and is just one colour in a new collection called Phaedra.
And no outfit is complete without some gorgeous shoes - These wedges for SLink feet can be found at .::Pure Poison::. in 6 different colours. 

Who are my friends, you ask? Meet the Mowies by Tentacio. The pirate mowies can be found in 3 different versions at The Fantasy Collective, whilst the rest of the gang are gacha prizes at Kustom9!

Dress - DRBC - Phaedra - Teal *NEW*
Hair - Exile - Pick Up Lines *NEW*
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Lora Wedges - Dazzling Blue *NEW*
Skin - Glam Affair - Brandi - Frost 02 *Season's Story*
Hand Jewellery - Aisling - Lady of Highgarden Gacha *Secret Affair*
SLink hands and mid feet used

Mowie Pets by *Tentacio* at Kustom 9 and Fantasy Collective
Pose & Props by .Infiniti. at The Pose Fair
Pics taken at Annwn Willows


Friday, 18 April 2014

Together We Can Rule - Pose Fair 2014 is coming!!

Quick post today to give you another sneak peak at what Roquai will have on offer as an exclusive at the Pose Fair!! The Pose Fair opens tomorrow April 19th and awaiting you is an outstanding sim with a fabulous space theme, so be sure to check it out! It runs through till 2nd May.
Oh plus here are some shinies from the Secret Affair!!

Hair - Tableau Vivant - Beaumont
Crown - Alchemy - Iron Crown - Platinum (gacha common) *Secret Affair*
Necklace - Zibska - Vyvian *Secret Affair*

Hair - Tableau Vivant - Oh Hair
Crown - O.M.E.N - Heavy is the Head - Amber/Darkness *Secret Affair*

Mesh Avatars by *COCO*
Pose by Roquai  - "Full Moon"
Part of the La Lune Et Les Etoiles series for the upcoming pose fair
Pose Fair Landmark

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Alternative Power Source

hello ladies!
Today's pic was inspired by a couple of pieces from this round of Limited Bazaar, with its supercool 'Mechanical Prison' theme! 
The shoes are by Azoury and are available in black or white, each limited to 150 pieces so go get em girls!! They really are awesome. They are designed to fit the JD MyFeet.
The headpiece is by Zibska and comes with a colour-changing HUD.
Not really much else to talk about for today's 'outfit' lol

Headpiece - Zibska - Georgie *Limited Bazaar*
Shoes - Azoury - Gynoid - White/Gold *Limited Bazaar*
Skin - Glam Affair - Brandi Frost *Seasons Story*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Snow Queen

SLink hands and JustDesign feet used
Pose by Del May - Acrobat

Limited Bazaar Landmark

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I Hear Their Song, I Feel Them Gathering

hello ladies!
It's a fantasy/rp look for today with some gorgeous items from The Secret Affair, with its awesome Game of Thrones theme, as well as newness from Tableau Vivant at Collabor88 and new Zibska too!

'Gathering' is a stunning new headpiece by Zibska, it's beautiful, elegant and artistic and I absolutely love it! It comes with a colour change menu of 30 options making it perfect!

This fabulous 'Moon' staff by May's Soul can be found in 3 different variations at this round of We Love Roleplay. There is also matching moon jewellery at The Fantasy Room.

Tableau Vivant have pretty new hair at Collabor88 and... there's a new colour pack too! It's called Solstice and contains a mix of colours, including fades and... pitch black!! (typical, today of course I felt more like a blonde... lol)

Headpiece - Zibska - Gathering **NEW**
Dress - !gO! - Shae - White *Secret Affair*
Necklace - Azoury - Sansa - Clouds (Gacha Rare) *Secret Affair*
Circlet - Zibska - Loviisa (Gacha - shown in smoke) *Secret Affair*
Staff - May's Soul - Moon Staff - Silver *We<3 RP*
Cuffs - May's Soul - Moon Jewellery - Silver *Fantasy Room*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Springer Hair - Solstice pack *Collabor88*
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Spring Queen - Sky Blue *Collabor88*
Dragon - May's Soul - Playing with Dragons - White (gacha common) *Secret Affair*
Hand Jewellery - Aisling - Lady of HighGarden Gacha - Silver (gacha common) *Secret Affair*

Mesh Doll Avatar by *COCO*
 Pose in top pic by Del May - Stardom Variant

Picture taken at Paradiso >>

Unedited Pic

The Landmarks

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Getting Lost In The Seasons Story

New prettyness from Glam Affair at the Seasons Story!! 
Loving the Brandi skin in this Frost tone and the makeups are so lovely! Also gorgeous lashes by Glam Affair from Collabor88...because they are fabulous ;)
Zibska has newness in the mainstore and this eye-catching jumpsuit is available in 3 different colour tones. It also includes the colour-changing Tabia cuffs.
Hope you like the LOTD.... now back to getting all dreamy and lost in this story...

Skin - Glam Affair - Brandi - Frost 02 (no eyebrow option) *Seasons Story*
Hair - D!va - Elsa - Type B Platinum *Seasons Story*
Hairpiece - LODE - Handmade Moth 
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Striking Eyes - Rain
Earrings - .::Pure Poison::. - Lala *Group Gift*
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Spring Queen - Crow *Collabor88*
Jumpsuit (including colour-change cuffs) - Zibska - Veton - Lagoon **NEW**
Necklace - Azoury - Sansa - Black (gacha rare) *Secret Affair*
SLink hands and feet used

Main Pose by Bauhaus Movement - Lotus

Vintage Bird - 8f8 - Miss Cloud (from Sping Concert Fair)
Strawberry Tart - poche - Strawberry Tart Sweet Spring - Spring Mint *Seasons Story*
Double Young Sakura - 8f8 - White *Seasons Story*
Single Young Sakura - 8f8 - White *Seasons Story*
Cake - 8f8 - Sweet Life Bakery Gacha- Lazy Piece of Cake *Seasons Story*
Ladybug - 8f8 - My Fantasy Garden Gacha (from the Arcade March)
Green Leaves - Kalopsia - Old Garden Decoration *We<3RP*
Book (& flying pages) - Pixicat - Spellbook (simple) *We<3RP*

Seasons Story >>

Collabor88 >>

Zibska >>


Thursday, 10 April 2014

A World Of Colour

Hello ladies! Putting some colour back into spring with this post! 
Newness from Zibska, Azoury & Pure Poison!!
Plus ... some cute fish.

This flirty spring dress by Zibska is available in 3 vivacious colour/pattern versions and can be worn in the chic fitted style or with the ruffle skirt. It comes complete with the bow headdress, which can be switched between 15 colours via a HUD.

Azoury has these lovely necklaces available in the gacha at the Secret Affair and this is certainly an event that is not to be missed!

Also new wedge sandals by Pure Poison for SLink mid feet, available in a choice of colours to complete any Spring and Summer ensemble!

Oh and the fish... these adorable companions are by +Half-Deer+ and are available in 5 different colour versions.

Mesh Avatar by *COCO*
Dress & Headpiece - Zibska - Aviva Ensemble - Acido **NEW**
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Moon Hair - Spring Pack *Cutie Moon Fair*
Necklaces - Azoury - Sansa - Rainbow 2 (gacha - common) *Secret Affair*
Wedge Sandals - .::Pure Poison::. - Magda - Lime (For SLink Mid Foot) **NEW**
Hand Jewellery - Aisling - Lady of Highgarden (gacha - common) *Secret Affair*
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Shironuri 01

Pose 1 by Roquai - Water series "Sinking"
Pose 2 by Bauhaus Movement - Kynne

Fish by +Half-Deer+ >>  Flowerhead Goldfish (Dream)
Butterflies by *alirium* >> Group Gift

Zibska >>

Cutie Moon Fair >>

The Secret Affair >>

Monday, 7 April 2014

Undercity Scavenger

hello ladies (& gents too as this is a slightly unisex post!)
Newness from Miss Sugar (sorry guys this is the ladies only bit :P)... these new 'Nekrotek' jackets are hot hot hot!! Awesome detailing on them too and available in several colour options.
Also I took a trip to The Mens Department and what a treat [ContraptioN] has! These goggles and mask combos are awesome and just 125L each for the individual colours, of which there is quite a selection. The mask has various texture options - I'm showing the 'skull' - and the lenses and metal have options too! Tableau Vivant have also added to their 'Dreads' series with the new 'Monk' hair. It's resizeable but the pack includes several different sizes already to get you started!
Hope you like the LOTD!
(Click Flickr link for bigger and better quality pics!)

Jacket - Sugar - Nekrotek Jacket - Black **NEW**
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Monk (Unisex) *TMD*
Goggles/Mask - [ContraptioN] - Undercity Scavenger - Silver *TMD*
Pants - Sugar - Tied Up Leather Pants 
Skin - Glam Affair - Roza The Dark Side 02
Scissorhands - Remarkable Oblivion - Scissorhands

Pose 1 by Morphine Store
Pose 2 by Bauhaus Movement - Onyx

Sugar Mesh Apparel >>

The Mens Department >>

Unedited Shot

Friday, 4 April 2014

My Brightest Star (Taking a look at Cutie Moon Fair, plus previews of Secret Affair and Pose Fair!)

hey peeps! Been a few days since I posted 'cos RL has been eating me alive but I had so much fun with the pics for this post and I adore this look so I hope you do too!

I took a trip to the Cutie Moon Fair for this gorgeous hair and stunning headdress by Tableau Vivant. The hair comes in the standard colour packs and there is a fatpack available too. The headdress is available in seven different versions, all with colour huds so that can be perfectly matched to the Moon hair.

May's Soul has the cutest gacha at the upcoming 'Game of Thrones' themed Secret Affair event. I love dragons... so it's probably no surprise either that I really love GoT! 'Playing with Dragons' are the cutest must haves if you are gonna play with the gacha machines. Even all the commons are totally adorable! You'll want them all!
The chain necklace is also a special by May's Soul for the event and is available in 4 metal colours.

Avatar by *COCO*
Dress - :pesca:star - Magic Dress *Cutie Moon Fair*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Moon Hair *Cutie Moon Fair*
Headdress - Tableau Vivant - Moon - Saturn *Cutie Moon Fair*
Necklace - May's Soul - Majestic Chain - Silver *Coming soon@Secret Affair*
Dragons - May's Soul - Playing With Dragons - White, Celeste, Purple, Blue (gacha - commons) *Coming soon@Secret Affair*

Avatar by *COCO*
Hair - Truth - Electra - B&Ws

Poses by Roquai, will be available exclusively at the upcoming Pose Fair.
Both are part of the "Les Lune et Les Etoiles" series. Stars and scroll props included!
Above - Moon Wonderer 
Below - Moon Walker (Also part of a couple pose but animations can be used separately)

Cutie Moon Fair >>

Pictures taken at Black Kite >>

LM's for The Secret Affair and The Pose Fair will be posted when available!