Friday, 31 July 2015

La Parca

And I'm celebrating the end of the week with this fearless tribal look courtesy of the May's Soul 'La Parca' items from The Epiphany Gacha event. It's certainly a different take on most common ideas of the grim reaper! Maybe the idea is to tempt lost souls to an early grave... They certainly are fun accessories to play around with and create all types of stories! But for today, just collecting the bones of those who stray a little too far...
 You have until Aug 4th to get over to The Epiphany to play the gacha machines and redeem your points for the exclusive prizes. Not sure what that's all about? Check it out here.

Higher quality pic on my Flickr 

Outfit & Accessories - May's Soul - La Parca *The Epiphany*
Tattoo - White Widow - Tesis *Shiny Shabby*
Hair - Argrace - Urei

Maitreya Lara mesh body and Lelutka Stella head used with PUMEC Yasmin skin

Pose by Del May

Pic taken at home on Nymphai

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

You Let The Flames Get Higher

OK, so this ended up being a bit of a cross between the gladiator stylings that are currently available at this round of The Secret Affair and an Arabian nights theme, but I hope you like the pic!
The outfit is by !deviousMind and is available in a few different colour versions. Each includes both sheer and opaque versions, as well as including tops to fit Maitreya and Belleza mesh body shapes in addition to the standard avatar. There are 2 versions of the skirt, with the belt as shown and also without.
The cushion seating can be found at The Secret Affair too. It's by [ zerkalo ] and there are 2 colours - reds and sands. They are part of the 'dance pit & sits set'. Dance pit not shown but has a very cool bunch of themed dance animation in it!
The other [ zerkalo ] pieces are in their mainstore.

Oh, and I can't get enough of this latest hairstyle by Entwined, which you'll currently find at Shiny Shabby!

Dress/Silks - !dM deviousMind - Minerva *TSA*
Hair - [Entwined] - Abella *Shiny Shabby*
Tattoo - Letis 
Face veil - Aisling - Dangara - Veil Snow (previous FGC common)

Fire - [ zerkalo ] Bedouin Campfire
Shelter - [ zerkalo ] Bedouin Tent - Sands
Cushion sets[ zerkalo ] - Dance pit & sits *TSA*
Palm Trees - The Little Branch - Ponypalms *TSA*

Pose by Del May

The Landmarks:

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Take a look at the gorgeous new gown by Dead Dollz, available at the new round of The Fantasy Collective. This stunning dress is available in 3 colours, each including 2 versions - with sheer top or opaque top (sheer is shown!).
Zibska has a new store location at the beautiful Flux Sur Mer sim and you'll find 3 brand new jewellery packs exclusive to this location. I'm wearing Faustine, which includes necklace and earrings with colour change HUD.
And so I decided to go and show my new pretties off whilst lounging in the sunset at Kingdom of Sand...

Have a great weekend peeps!

Dress - Dead Dollz - Ellaria - Orange (sheer top) *TFC*
Necklace and Earrings - Zibska - Faustine *New@Flux Sur Mer*
Skin - [theSkinnery] - Arlenis - Onyx
(on Lelutka Stella & Maitreya Lara)
Hair - Analog Dog - 42

Pose by Dyer Maker Poses 
Pic taken at Kingdom of Sand

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Woodland Nymph

It's time for all of you Second Life woodland creatures, fairy folk, elves and other fantasy peeps to flock to The Fantasy Collective
As soon as I saw this dress by !gO! I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Available in 3 different colour/season versions, this fantasy gown is beautifully unique and gave me the 'Nymph' idea for today's pic. The top and skirt are separate pieces.
Dolly's hair is by [Entwined] and can also be found at The Fantasy Collective. It's a pretty side-swept, wavy, mid-length style and is available in their usual colour packs.

I also thought the new gacha accessories by LODE at the current round of Shiny Shabby worked really well for the look of the day.

Dolly is also once again enjoying the company of {anc}'s adorable bunnies!

See Flickr for HQ version pic

Dress - !gO! - Dryad - Summer *TFC*
Hair - [Entwined] - Ella *TFC*
Horns - May's Soul - Harvest Moon - Horns Dark (common)
Strawberry Hair Accessories - LODE - Wild Strawberry - Red Berries/White Flowers (commons) *Shiny Shabby*

Butterfly - Azoury - Pure Butterfly - Red
Bunnies - {anc} - *Wayward Carnival*

Flowers & grass by Heart
Pose by me
This little nymph posed for this pic at home on Nymphai, feel welcome to stop by to take pics!

The Locations:

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Live By the Sword

Another post from me featuring more of the fab items at July's round of The Secret Affair!
I'm gonna jump straight into talking about the scenery because these palm trees by The Little Branch are so awesome. Really realistic looking, with great textures, and there are 3 versions included - a single tree and two doubles.
The eagle is actually a pose prop but I just rezzed it out today. 

My outfit is also from this month's TSA. I'm showing off the rare and ultra rare items in the gacha machine by FDD stories, as well as hair accessory from Azoury.

For the gacha lover in you, don't forget to head over to the Epiphany too, where I picked up this headchain by Kibitz as part of their 'Alicia' set.

Hope you like the lotd and the pic! 

Outfit/Shield/Jewellery - FDD Stories - Maureen (Ultra Rare) *TSA*
Boots - FDD Stories - Maureen (rare) *TSA*
Headpiece - Azoury - Athena *TSA* 
Headchain - Kibitz - Alicia Headdress Copper (common) *The Epiphany*

Hair - Tableau Vivant - Hortensia *TSA*
Skin - [PUMEC] - Yasmin #3 (common) 
on Lelutka Stella & Maitreya Lara

Sword - Empyrean Forge EF - Khazid'hea Sword - Gold
Eagle - [Black Bantam] - Roman Soldier Eagle *TSA*
Trees - The Little Branch - Pony Palm *TSA*

Pose by Bauhaus Movement - Fauna *Shiny Shabby*

The Landmarks:

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Eurial is the name of this gorgeous new headwear by Remarkable Oblivion, available at the July round of The Secret Affair. There are 3 versions available - Gorgan Red, Medusa Blue and Stheno Black. This is one of my fave all time RO pieces!
Also new at The Secret Affair are these bracers by The Plastik. There are men's and women's sizes available, in a variety of designs. 

The Epiphany is an all new gacha event that opened this week. It's where you'll find this beautiful bodychain by Kibitz, as well as matching accessories. What make this gacha different? Upon rezzing your prize, it allows you to either keep it or redeem it for points/credits. So no need to worry about unwanted duplicates piling up! When you get 25 points you can trade them for one of the exclusive prizes (copy version) on offer by any of the creators involved in the event. Get 200 points and you can trade for a transfer version. The exclusives area is up a huge staircase from the event itself, its sign-posted so you'll find your way ;)

I adore this new skin by [PUMEC], which is a gacha prize for the new Epiphany event. 'Yasmin' is soooo pretty!! There are 2 skin tones available, 4 different make-up options and 4 different brow options plus clean skin rares. As with all the skins by this creator, appliers are included for Lelutka, Genesis 2.0 and TMP heads (this really has become my face skin designer for the Lelutka appliers!). There is also a rare prize of the mesh body and parts appliers for those who haven't purchased [PUMEC] skins previously.
The face paint I'm wearing with the skin is by ARISE and this is another item at TSA. In addition to the tattoo layers included (in multiple colour options), there are appliers for Lelutka and TMP.

Roquai has a new pose collection out for The End event, called 'rain'. There are 6 poses in all, split into 3 pairs. 
Ohhh... and a new round of Shiny Shabby is just around the corner. [Entwined] hair has this beautiful long wavy style as a release for the event!

Headpiece - Remarkable Oblivion - Eurial - Stheno Black *TSA*
Hair - [Entwined] - Abella *Coming Soon@Shiny Shabby*
Skin - [PUMEC] - Yasmin #3 Spring *The Epiphany*
(on Lelutka Stella & Maitreya Lara)
Facepaint - ARISE - Hala Facepaint *TSA*
Bracers - The Plastik :[P]:- Tehgrius Bracer - Roman *TSA*
Bodychain - Kibitz - Alicia bodychain - obsidian RARE *The Epiphany*
Eyes - IKON - Sovereign - Storm

Pose by Roquai - Rain 3b *The End*

The Landmarks:

Friday, 17 July 2015

Bad Dreams

There is no shortage of events just starting or that have started within the last few days to fulfil your Second Life shopping needs and obsessions ;)
Post-Apocalyptic themed 'The End' opened today and Zibska has this very cool mask, headpiece and collar set new for the event. Rusty metal, flowers and spiky claws - perfect for your post-apoc nightmares! Each item is worn separately and the set comes with a HUD to change between 4 colour/texture options. 
The necklace is part of a jewellery set also by Zibska, this time at The Secret Affair. A colour HUD is also included for this and the main necklace part and the beads can be colour-changed independently of one another.

This witchy feline friend is by Azoury and their are 3 versions included - a deco cat with cage, an unrigged cat with cage with static hold animation and cat-without-cage option for holding in your arms. Freaky cute and, as always with Azoury, super-high detailed. This can be found at the Wizarding Fair until July 25th.

What you can see of dolly's hair is a very cute short bob style by [sYs] at the Hair Fair. Lovin' the HUD that comes with the [sYs] hair, which allows you to have full colour, the colour with roots option, with fades option or with both dark roots and fade. 
Remember all hair fair items donate a portion of the proceeds to the 'Wigs for Kids' charity so any linden dollars spent here will be supporting a very worthy cause!
Oh... and on the subject of things that are cute, how adorable are these bunnies by {anc}?!! You can find them at the Wayward Carnival in 3 different colours (with a fatpack available for purchase). Each colour pack contains bunnies in various poses or there is also a low land impact (1Li) option of placing a group of bunnies out too!

Headpiece/Mask/Collar - Zibska - Killian *The End*
(headpiece has been slightly modified!)
Necklace - Zibska - Claudia *TSA*
Hair - [sYs] - Gwen *The Hair Fair*
Cat in Cage - Azoury - Witch Cat Silent *Wizarding Fair*
Bunnies - {anc} - *Wayward Carnival*

Pose by Roquai - Magician 1

The Landmarks:

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

To The Sands

For the glory of the Empire.... we take to the sands!!
You can too, after stopping by at July's round of The Secret Affair which opens tomorrow (15th July)!
OMG I love this round - some very, very cool items on offer from some of my fave creators of Second Life.
Get ready for an epic battle with DRD's Roman Chariot prop/decor/furniture piece. There are clean and battlefield versions, available in PG or adult and inclusive of poses. DRD also has accessories at the event to help you get in character, which include 2 different styles of helmet. The one I'm wearing is mod and the feathers can be tinted to your colour choice. 
I love this armour by [LAB737] and my pic really doesn't do it justice! The set consists of 2 pauldrons and 2 lower arm braces. There are both male and female versions and they can be modded to fit right. There are lots of really cool little details on this armour and could be integrated into lots of different styles.
Another amazing tattoo by Things is available new for the event, which of course comes in standard tattoo layers, as well as with appliers for Omega system, Belleza and TMP.
The outfit by !gO! consists of 2 pieces - the top and the 'belt' - and is available in 6 different versions.

Outfit - !gO! - Antiope 5 *TSA*
Helmet - Death Row Designs - Roman Accessories Helmet 1 *TSA*
Armour - [LAB737] - Berserker *TSA*
Sandals - Death Row Designs - Roman Accessories Sandals Beige *TSA*
Tattoo - Things - Ragnarok *TSA*

Maitreya Lara mesh body and Lelutka Stella mesh head with PUMEC Inga Autumn applier used. 

Spear - May's Soul - Minerva *TSA*
Dagger - Ariskea [ Aka ] Rogue Daggers 

Chariot and battlefield accessoriesDeath Row Designs - Roman Chariot (Battlefield) *TSA*
Paved flooringStormwood - Tuscan Paving Stone Floor 

Pose by Bauhaus Movement

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Second Life 10th Annual Hair Fair - My Top Picks (Part 1)

The 2015 Second Life Hair Fair is here at last! It runs from July 11th to July 26th. This is one of those events that always gets everyone talking and rushing to the sims. You can find the map of the sims and all the store SLurls here.
There are 4 sims full of fabulous hair styles from some of the bet creators and stylists from around the grid - Blonde, Brunette, Redhead & Noirette - plus this year for the first few days there are a couple of 'off-sim' shopping locations too where you can cam shop or wait to get onto the sims, which you can find here & here :P
You can check out all the demo's before TPing too so there is no need to be fighting lag when you are there - just join the demo group inworld by copy and pasting this code into local chat: 

All hairs in this post can be found at the SL Hair Fair and all donate a portion of the takings to the Wigs for Kids charity which is such an unbelievably good cause. The amount donated varies from creator to creator, with some even donating 100% of the takings (e.g. Blues Hair).
This is my first post for this years Hair Fair and trust me when I say there is plenty more to come (really, I have absoloutley no L$ left jingling in my pockets after yesterday's shopping! lol)

The first hairs in this post are all by Adoness, who always provides edgy cuts in an array of eccentric, punky and more natural looking shades. All 3 hairs come with shaves hair base tattoo layers. I love 'Asgardis' with its super-long length mixed with cool choppy layers.

Main pic:
Hair - Adoness - Asgardis
Piercings - CerberusXing [CX] - Split Set - Black *TMD*
Tattoo - White Widow - Tombstone *Anybody*
Bikini - [sYs] - Solaris
Wings - Aitui - Mechanical Wings - Industrial (from June Arcade)
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Ltd Noir 1-12 *Project Limited*
Skin - Glam Affair - Katra - Polar
Mesh Body - Maitreya Lara

Pose by Del May
Pic taken at rez-friendly Ironwood Hills

Below (left to right):
Adoness Asgardis
Adoness Frigg
Adoness Valhalla

Left - Lamb - Need You
Right - Mithral Apothecary - Verbena

Below (left to right):
[e] [elikatira] - Brooklyn
Exile - Walking on Sunshine
Blues - Naiesli
eXxEsS - Lora

All by Tableau Vivant
(L to R) Cara - Last Train Home - Ten - Scarlett 
(Scarlett also includes a hat version)

Below (left to right):
Runaway [RA] - Harajuku 
Runaway [RA] - Waterfall 
Lelutka - Deanna
Analog Dog - Psylocibin

Dress - Pixicat - Darling Dress
Necklace - .random.Matter. 
Tattoo - White Widow - Music Box

Lelutka Stella mesh head with [PUMEC] Inga in Winter skin applier

Bandana Day is 26th of July where we remove our hair to show we care. All bandanas sold at hair fair have been created by Residents all over SL and 100% of sales of those go to Wigs for Kids, and are only available for sale during this event, and destroyed after it ends. They will be transfer, so you can gift them.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Gone Fishing

It's a quickie from me tonight (cos its superlate here!)
Dolly couldn't resist dangling off this stunningly detailed bridge by Artisan Fantasy to do a bit of fishing in this summer heat! The bridge comes with some animations of it's own - solo and couple - so provides a nice spot to hang out on summer days as well as providing a nice scenic piece for your sim.

Dress & Necklace - Zibska - Dilia (in darkwood)
Hair - Argrace - Tsumugi 

BridgeArtisan Fantasy *AF* - Maiden Tor Stone Bridge Animated
Fish - {anc} - fish shop daughters - SymbiosisFish WEAR [gold] (gacha common)
Flowers - {anc} - fish shop daughters - lotus (gacha commons)
Small bushes - [we're CLOSED] - shrub large green

(pose comes with the Argrace Tsumugi hair but has been tweaked using Animare)