Friday, 27 June 2014

Snail Racers & Hedgehog Spectators

hey peeps! Lots of stuff from new events and ending-soon events today!

How cute are the new accessories by Tentacio at Level Up? These adorable snails are gacha items and got me racing along the beach today! Tentacio is also offering some cute racing car back-packs at the event in various colours.

Rhapsody is a music themed event due to open on June 28th and I will be showing off lots of goodies over the next few posts, but today is a sneak peak of what Milk, Grafica and R3volt are offering. I love the cute shorts that R3volt have available for the event. I often have issues with getting mesh shorts to fit right without glitches with the alpha etc. but these fit perfect! They also come with a multi-texture HUD so you can match your style to your mood with denim, camo or various colour options. The belt is also colour-changeable independently via the HUD. 

If you haven't been to The Arcade yet you'll be able to get around the gacha machines lag free now as we approach the end of the month. Pure Poison has various summer travel pieces in their vendor to accessorize your look!

Snails - *Tentacio* - Racing Snail - Various (Rares and Commons) *New@Level Up*
Car Backpack - *Tentacio* - Racing Car Backpack - Blue/Yellow *New@Level Up*
Hair - Milk - Cola - Blondes *New@Rhapsody*
Skin - Glam Affair - Oakley Asia 08 (Common) *Summerfest*
Top - ::{u.f.o}:: - Loose Fit Sleeveless Printing - Viva La *Summerfest*
Shorts - [R3] R3volt - Hainsley - V2 *New@Rhapsody*
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Playa - Orange *The Arcade*
Glasses.::Pure Poison::. - Bumble Bee Glasses (RARE)*The Arcade*
Bag.::Pure Poison::. - Flowers Cabin Handbag (From Fashion For Life)
Hedgehogs - !Ohmai - Hedgehog buddies (9 included as well as pose scene that isn't shown) - Cinnamon *Summerfest*
Ears - Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
SLink hands and flat feet used 

Upper pose by Del May - "Rush Hour Variant"
Middle Pose by Grafica - "Modern Jazz iii" *New@Rhapsody*
Lower pose by Del May "Grown Up"
Pics taken at a private sim

Rhapsody opens June 28th - LM soon
Level Up
The Arcade

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Perception - 24HourSale, The Fantasy Collective & More!

hello ladies!
Check out the new sunglasses 'Perception' by Azoury. These babies will be available for the new upcoming '24HourSale' event, in black, red and white. The event lasts for just 24 hours (as the name implies), running from 1pm 24th June, and this new exclusive item will be 50% off (L$144) the standard price that it will be in store afterwards.
The necklace with pauldrons is by Zibska and part of the 'Ryo' set, which comes complete with headpiece, at L'Accessoires. There a 4 colours which can be purchased individually or you can opt for the full colour HUD version. 

Other newness I'm wearing can be found at The Fantasy Collecive and The Big Show! Full details below, hope you like the LOTD!

Glasses - Azoury - Perception - Black *New for 24HourSale*
Top & Shorts - Razor - Rouge
Skirt - Happy Undead - Mini Skirt - Vinyl Black
Necklace - LODE - Viking Necklace - Silver *The Fantasy Collective*
Pauldrons/Necklace - Zibska - Ryo *L'Accessoires*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Viking - Solstice Pack *The Fantasy Collective*

Skin - Glam Affair - Livy Skin - India 04 *The Arcade*
Tattoo - Reckless - Hex (faded) *The Big Show*
Face Marker - blackLiquid - Makeup Marker
Hand Tattoo - Clemme - Oil Owl Hands
Socks - Graves - From Crossfire outfit
Boots - DRD - Post Apoc Nerd Stompers - Coal
Ears - Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears

Poses by Grafica - "Fosse i, ii, v" *New@Rhapsody >> Starting June 28th*
Pics taken at H220


Saturday, 21 June 2014


Yay for the weekend \o/
And what do weekends bring? 60L specials!!
Zibska has this pretty new necklace available now 'till Monday for just 60L. This full release includes HUD for colour change (16 choices for mains and accents), resize and delete script.
The new round of L'Accessoires is underway and Azoury has created this striking and unusual 'Sunrise Umbrella', which includes beautiful intricate details, available for just 79L!
And if you need another event to take a look at, how about the new round of The Fantasy Collective, which opened today. Tableau Vivant have 2 brand new hairs available including the one I am wearing below. Each colour HUD is 250L or you can grab the Fatpack for 1000L. I'm wearing one of the fades from the Solstice pack.

Umbrella - Azoury - Sunrise Umbrella *L'Accessoires*
Necklace - Zibska - Reine *New*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Lindgren *The Fantasy Collective*

Upper Pose by Del May "Black Rain (holding umbrella)"
Pic taken at "Stepping Stones"
Lower pose by Infiniti "Atomic Age 1"

Thursday, 19 June 2014


hello ladies! A post of gacha goodies today!
Do you enjoy fantasy tales and myths? Then a trip to the Tales of Fantasy "Gods & Goddesses" gacha round is a must! The event runs through to 30th June.

The story of Medusa is always one that stuck in my head.. a beautiful woman punished by Athena for unwittingly attracting the attentions of the sea god Poseidon, who chose to seduce Medusa in Athena's temple and sparked Athena's fury as a consequence. The revenge that Athena took was to cause any man who fell under the gaze of Medusa to turn to stone.
The stories of the snakes in Medusa's hair vary a bit...some saying that part of the punishment inflicted by Athena was for Medusa's beautiful locks to be turned to snakes, whilst others say she was born with snakes instead of hair as one of the Gorgons.
Anyway, I always felt that Medusa was a little hard done by!

The Medusa headdress I'm wearing is by May's Soul and this is just one of 6 beautiful colours available in the gacha. The rare item is the shield embossed with the matching snake and this comes complete with HUD to ensure if will match whichever colour headdress you choose! The snake and jewels are also colour-changeable.

Dress - Lua's - Amazonia Dress - Black (Common) *Tales of Fantasy*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Longfall - Dark Dye (Common) *The Arcade*
Headpiece - May's Soul - Medusa Headdress - Blue (Common) *Tales of Fantasy*
Shield - May's Soul - Medusa Gacha (RARE) *Tales of Fantasy*
Skin - Glam Affair - Cassia Sea Nymph *Group Gift*
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Summer Travels Gacha - Clarissa Black (Common) *The Arcade*
Necklace - Lassitude & Ennui - Ravenskull
SLink hands and flat feet used

Top Pose by Bauhaus Movement "Muse I"
2 Lower Poses by Infiniti, from the "Atomic Age" set

Boulder props by [We're Closed]


Friday, 13 June 2014

Let The Show Begin!

hey ladies! Newness from PunkD!!
OMG this outfit is so cool! It includes the mesh coat, mesh capris, boots, layer top and bowler hat.
I've team it up with this creepy-cool makeup by Duuna and choker by Adoness.
Adoness also have 4 new SLink nail applier sets available at The Thrift Shop, called 'Basics'. The 4 HUDS available are mono to goth, red to orange, blue to green and violet to pink (i'm wearing the darkest red from the 'red to orange' set). These are all available as both manicure and pedicure!

Outfit - PunkD - Bowled Over *NEW*
Hair - Truth - Maisy
Skin - Glam Affair - Elvi Fairy 01
Makeup - Nuuna - Lost Souls (part of piercing set at HoD)
Choker - Adoness - Lady Crow - Garnet (common) *Thrift Shop*
Nails - Adoness - SLink Enhancement Basics *Thrift Shop*
SLink hands used

Pose 1 by Grafica - "Alma iii" @ June's *Pose Me Amazing*
Pose 2 by Grafica - "Alma i" @ June's *Pose Me Amazing*
Pose 3 by Del May


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Looking At Me?

hey girls! I meant to blog this look ages ago but stuff happened and I never got around to it. Anyway, here we go!
Love the new 'Antoinette' skirts by DRBC, available in several prints as usual and the 'Moll Doll' is my fave. 
Also couldn't wait to get my hands on these 'wristlee' sleeves by [AD] Creations Dollhouse. These mesh sleeves come with the hands included and a colour HUD that allows you to not only adjust skin colour and nails, but also gives options for the sleeve itself and the lace trim.
Visited Thrift Shop yet? Adoness has some beautiful goodies on offer including the gacha where you can find this pretty collar (and also matching earrings, not shown).

Skirt - DRBC - Antoinette Skirt - Moll Doll *Recent Release*
Harness Top - Spellbound - Cult Harness - Black (from Dark Style Fair)
Hair - Little Bones - Moon Child - Reds (from May's Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Glasses - [AD] Creations Dollhouse - Look At Me *Recent Release*
Sleeves[AD] Creations Dollhouse - Wristlee Mesh Sleeves *New*
Shoes - ::CK:: Czarny Kanarek - High Heels with Belts *Recent Release*
Collar - Adoness - Lady Crow Choker - Pearl (RARE) *Thrift Shop* 
Skin - Glam Affair - Brandi Frost 02
Tattoo - Letis - Luxure
SLink Medium feet used

Pose 1 by Del May "Furnished - Candelabra"
Pose 2 by Del May "Precision"

The new heels by Czarny Kanarek are made for SLink mid feet and can easily compliment a variety of looks, even more so thanks to the fab colour HUD that is included. The strap, heel and shoe colour can be changed independently of each other.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

It Tastes Like Maple Syrup

hello ladies! Lots of events going on right now and here is just a snippet of what is up for grabs!
Today's dress can be found at The Instruments and is available in 4 colours. The ensemble includes mesh bodysuit, skirt, orbit, hat (not shown) and the Kiele footstraps in matching colour.
The Kiele footstraps are made for SLink high feet and can also be found at the upcoming Fashion For Life event (opens 7th June) with a 27-colour HUD. I absolutely adore these!!
Zibska has several new clothing and accessory pieces for the FFL event, all of which have a 50% donation for the charity. The Ibis headdress is a gacha item, with 8 pretty commons and 1 rare that comes with a colour-change HUD allowing you to change 3 parts separately. 
And speaking of gacha items... here are some more bits from The Arcade too! Pure Poison has a variety of items in their summer travels-themed machine and this headband is supercute!

Dress (Incl. Orbit) - Zibska - Kiele - Citrus *The Instruments*
Footstraps - Zibska - Kiele Footstraps *FFL*
Headdress - Zibska - Ibis (Rare) *FFL*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Longfall Hair - Pastels (common) *The Arcade*
Headband - .::Pure Poison::. - Handmade Headband Orange (common) *The Arcade*
Necklace - Zibska - Yuming *FFL*

*COCO* Doll Avatar and SLink High feet used

Pose 1 by Grafica "Isadora 9"
Pose 2 by Grafica "adah iv" @ June's round of *Pose Me Amazing* 
Pics taken at Black Kite

Unedited Shot

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My Own Little World

hello ladies!
A new month and some fabulous new events to talk about!

The Instruments started on June 1st with some beautiful creations available. Azoury presents "Aya" - A platform show designed for JD Myfeet. It's available in 4 different colours, each with black and white strip versions included.

The Gypset Market will commence on June 5th and Zibska brings you the 'Tibby' ensemble for this event. Included is a mesh skirt, bandeau top and an eccentric ruffle collar!

A new round of The Arcade has also begun and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the absolutely gorgeous pieces by {anc}. The EDEN set contains 19 pieces, with 4 rares available.

Outfit/Ruffle Collar - Zibska - Tibby *Gypset Market*
Shoes - Azoury - Aya - White (with black strips) *The Instruments*
Hair - Magika - Shimmer - Pack 02
Hat - BAOBA - Spring Breeze Rare
SLink hands and JustDesign MyFeet (flat) used

 "EDEN: Wing Swing White" by {anc} at *The Arcade* (common)
"EDEN: Space & Olive Tree" by {anc} at *The Arcade* (common)
Frilledfish in Mistwhite by {anc}

Main Pose by Del May "Shy Bench Sit"

I don't have the LM for The Gypset Market yet but will update when I do!