Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Month of Games - White Bishop

hello ladies, fashionistas & shopping demons! Only 2 days left to grab some goodies from The Month of Games!
Also check out the stunning 'Dangerina Heels' by .::Pure Poison::. at the July round of The Liason Collaborative - The Boutique!

Outfit (including bodysuit, hat, shoulders & leg orbit) - Zibska - White Bishop *MonthOfGames*
Hair - Argrace - Saki - Whites
Mask - {anc} - Speareye - Silver (gacha common)
Skin - {Dead Apples} - Lora - Bone *We<3RP*
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Dangerina Heels *The Liason Collaborative* 
SLink Hands and Mid Feet Used

Pose by Bauhaus Movement - "Hues of Grey"

A special thanks to Kiddo Oh too for pointing me the in the right direction for these chess pieces by Perkins Creations!


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Month of Games - Candyland

hello ladies!
Can you believe July is nearly over already? That means so many awesome events are coming to a close - but on the flip side you can now shop without the hustle, bustle & lag!
Today's dress is by !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! for the 'Candyland' theme of the Month of Games event. I've teamed it up with these awesome mesh nails by -{ZOZ}-. These nails are not appliers, but instead are ultra long add on nails that can be used with regular hands, as well as SLink casual, elegant and elegant I! -{ZOZ}- has nails for each game theme at MOG, but these are my favourite with the little chess piece ornament!
The hair I picked up at the Hair Fair from Exile, I'm not sure if it's in store yet but I'm sure will be soon! And yes... I'm still wearing my pretty {Dead Apples} skin - there's no taking me out of it atm!!

Dress - !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! - Whiteout *MonthOfGames*
Hat - LODE - Madame - Black and White *The Secret Affair*
Nails - -{ZOZ}- Black Queen Silver *MonthOfGames*

Skin - {Dead Apples} - Lora - Bone *We<3RP*
Lipgloss - {Dead Apples} - Doll Gloss Natural C
Eye MakeUp - Zibska - Riley Noir (Noir pack 2)
Eyeliner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies
Hair - Exile - Young and Beautiful (from the hair fair)
SLink hands used

Poses by Roquai - Information and game details here!

Pic taken at Black Kite


Sunday, 27 July 2014


Weekend is here! Although I'm not sure that's what is in Dolly's dreams today *eyes the message in the bottle*

This cute cloud set up is by 8f8 and is available at The Dreamer's Factory, along with the "Vintage Birds II" gacha, also by 8f8. The clouds come complete with poses and can be purchased as individual units or the complete set (which saves you a few lindens and also includes the walkways!)
The "S.O.S" message in a bottle is new by Azoury, available with its beautiful message in multiple languages.
Dolly's hair and the included cutesie-pie 'tweeters' are by !Ohmai at The Hair Fair, with a portion of proceeds being donated to the Wigs for Kids charity so it's a great opportunity to look good and help a good cause - be sure to get there before the end of the month!

Avatar by COCO
Wings by .::Pure Poison::. - Fly To Your Destiny (common) *OMG*
Hair by !Ohmai - Sue *The Hair Fair*
Necklace by May's Soul - Manna *The Secret Affair*

Dreamers Cloudland set by 8f8 *The Dreamer's Factory*
Vintage Birds II by 8f8 *The Dreamer's Factory*
S.O.S Bottle in the Sea by Azoury
Bike by {vespertine} - "dreamers vehicle/poet" (common) *The Dreamer's Factory*
Birdcage by !Ohmai - Gift *The Hair Fair*

Poses included in props by 8f8

The Hair Fair
The Dreamer's Factory
The Secret Affair

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Month of Games - Queen of the Castle

.::Dead Dollz::. is participating in the Month of Games and have the stunning "White Rook" ensemble as their chess piece! This fabulous outfit includes dress and headpiece, but that's not all - the sexy bodysuit can be worn alone without the skirt for 2 looks in 1!
Boudoir also has some exclusive items for the event, including this animated chess table set!

Dress & headpiece - .::Dead Dollz::. - The White Rook *MonthOfGames*
Skin - {Dead Apples} - Lora - Bone *We<3RP*
Lip Gloss - Zibska - Eleventy - Noir
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Jasmine Sandals - Black & Silver *Couturier Docks*
SLink hands and mid feet used
SLink nail add-on by Adoness - Basics Mono to Goth

Table and chairs by Boudoir - "Chess Queen Battle" *MonthOfGames*
Lace Canopy by {anc} - black and white versions shown *The Liason Collaborative*

First Pose included in chair prop
 Second pose by HelaMiyo "Ankles Action 5"
Third pose by Grafica - "duwiau iv"

Hope you like the LOTD! Head on over to the Month of Games for awesome second life shopping and virtual games!!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Month of Games - Miss Scarlet

Miss Scarlet... in the library... with the wrench
Clue is one the games of choice for the Month of Games event!
Come and discover the various takes on characters and themes from this popular board game by some of the best creators and designers in Second Life!
This gorgeous gown and accessory set is by Zibska and can only be found at MoG.
Also still wearing the new {Dead Apples} skin from We< so pretty!

Dress, Jewellery & Hat - Zibska - Scarlet *MonthOfGames*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Cheetah - Solstice *C88*
Skin - {Dead Apples} - Lora - Vampire Edition (Bone) *We<3RP*
Eye & Lip MakeUp - Zibska -  Fatale Noir and Lurine 01 (Included with Scarlet ensemble)
SLink Nail Applier - Adoness - Basics (Red to Orange)

Pose by ATTITUDE by Alexia "CB 09" *Coming Soon*

Boudoir - "Wonderland Giant Book Pile Chair"
 Pixicat "Spellbook Simple"
[L.Warwick] Spooky Trees

Month Of Games
We Love Role Play

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Happy weekend ladies! Ready for some second life shopping?
Fancy 3 pairs of shoes for 99L?
.::Pure Poison::. releases the 'Gia' sandals for The Dreaming Tree! 3 pairs included in this set - one pair each for SLink High, Mid and Flat Feet!! All 3 in one pack at 99L for this Sat & Sun only!
I was digging through my inventory today to decide what to wear with them and came across an unopened box with this dress by Baiastice. I have no idea when/where it was bought (I imagine it's in mainstore now but haven't checked) but I really am so glad I got around to unpacking it! I think its absolutely lovely :)
I thought the new hair by Little Bones and jewellery set by Fox.Poison at The Secret Affair worked well with it and ... ta da! my LOTD lol
Hope you like ;)

Dress - Baiastice - Claudette - Black
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Gia Sandals *NEW*
Hair - Little Bones - Baptism - B&W *The Secret Affair*
Skin - {Dead Apples} - Lora - Vampire Edition (Bone) *We<3RP*
Necklace & earrings - Fox.Poison - Tree of Life *The Secret Affair*
SLink hands and feet used

 "Cosy Home II A" pose by Bauhaus Movement
Poses for leg shots by Grafica- "afra iii, arke iv & duwiau v"
"Marionetta 005" pose by Grafica

Main pics taken at Black Kite

[Aria] Daphne Wall Flutter
+Half-deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish [Blackmoor]


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Midsummer Night Valentine - It's A Secret Affair

One thing I do love in particular about virtual worlds is the ability they give us to be anything we want. I do enjoy changing my second life avatar around and  this was one of the reason's I started this second life fashion blog. Many of my regular readers will have noticed how I love to make pictures with Dolly, using the ball jointed doll avatar by *COCO*, and today is no exception!
Another thing I love is the shear number of wonderful and imaginative creators that allow us to make our avatars what we want in Second Life and the number of wonderful events that showcase their creations... Next up? The Secret Affair opened today and here is a peak at what you can find there ;)
This event is themed on medieval masquerade and Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream, with various role play and fantasy styled items available. I adore this dress by Aisling, which is available in 2 colour styles that are exclusive for the event. The corset section can also be worn alone without the skirt and the sleeves are separate allowing various mix n' match combinations with other things as well. There is also a HUD which allowed the texture to be changed on some of the skirt panels, the sleeves, corset laces and the metals.
I'm also loving some of the new hairs by Moon, including this lovely long style (the new texture range is fab too - just getting that out there!)
The Secret Affair also gives gacha addicts the fix they need, with many of the creators having a gacha machine at their stands in addition to their vendor item. May's Soul has a 'Princess Day' gacha offering various crowns and headpieces and they are all lovely!

Dress (including accessories) - Aisling - Valentine - Lace *The Secret Affair* 
Hair - Moon - Wight Birth *The Secret Affair* 
Headpiece - May's Soul - Princess Day - Eternum Headpiece Silver (common)  *The Secret Affair* 
Doll avatar by *COCO*

Poses by Grafica - "duwiau" series *NEW* 
Chandelier by Ravenghost "Midsummer Nights Chandelier" *The Secret Affair* 
Lace Curtain by Scarlet Creative from June's Arcade
Poppies by Boudoir

Raw & Cropped Image
Landmark to The Secret Affair
Landmark to Grafica Poses
Pics taken at The Trace

Raw & Cropped Image

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Glam Rock - Last Day of Rhapsody & First Day of Hair Fair!!!

The glitter, the eccentric clothes, the big hair - who doesn't love Glam Rock?
Well today is the last day of Rhapsody and I got some Glam Rock Fever!
Sooo lovin' the 'Rock Vest' by Peqe, which is available in several colour options. This could be worn in so many ways, I can see it making it out of my inventory on a few occasions!
And of course some sparkles would be necessary to make any outfit glam - so these 'Fever Glitter' boots by Just Design were perfect. They come in an array of colours but that's not the best bit - each includes 3 styles. There is the tight thigh boot as shown below, but also a knee boot and shoe (for both JD MyFeet and mid SLink feet) included. So these really are great value for money!  Also, if glitter isn't your thing you can grab the suede versions instead!

Hair Fair 2014 is open and their are 4 sims full of new hair to choose from! Adoness has 3 brand new styles, including the one I'm wearing below. All hair purchased at the event helps to benefit Wigs For Kids!

Clothing - Peqe - Rock Vest *New@Rhapsody*
Hair - Adoness - Areto - Midnight *New@Hair Fair*
Skin - [theSkinnery] - Madge Casual Diva - Champagne *New@Rhapsody*
Boots - Just Design - Fever Glitter - Silver *New@Rhapsody*
Chain - May's Soul - Lumier Chain - Silver *New@Fantasy Room*
Ears - [Mandala] - Fantasy Elf Ears - Short

Poses are NEW by Grafica - "zev ii" and "afra ii"


The Dark Sounds - Pixicat at Rhapsody

Hello ladies!
As soon as I saw this dress I was in love with it - It's beyond fabulous - And it's by Pixicat at Rhapsody.
TheDark.Dress has a colour HUD that can let you change between various textures and colours - You really will have a hard time choosing which! This one happens to be my fave though, gotta love the creepy little twist to it. I also adore the striking glossy texture that it can also be worn in.
-{ZOZ}- has created some glam SLink nail appliers for the event and I think the original and musically inspired design is fab.
Hope you like the LOTD!

Dress - Pixicat - TheDark.Dress - Roots Version *New@Rhapsody*
Armbands - Pixicat - TheDark.Armband *New@Rhapsody*
Pauldron - Zibska - Antheia (from Tales of Fantasy gacha June)
Shoes - [L.Warwick] - Aurora - Platform Heels - Spiked Patent Noir *New@Rhapsody*
Hair - booN - AAN330
Skin - Glam Affair - Elvi Fairy 01
Eye Makeup - ::DS:: - Lyrical Black Eyeshadow *New@Rhapsody*
Eyelashes - *MC* - Falsies
Face Chain - :(SH): - Classico - Wace (from June's We<3RP)
Earrings - DRBC - Pentacle Earrings - April
SLink Nail Add-on - -{ZOZ}- - Piano Keys Silver Polish *New@Rhapsody*
SLink hands and mid feet used

Poses by Infiniti from the "Dust in the Wind" set - *New@Rhapsody*
10 pose and prop set, with poses that can be rezzed or worn. Additional music sheet page props also included.

Other props:
Falling tiles floor "Falling Tiles Platform V2[White -Clean]" by Alessa Walmer (on marketplace)
ephemera clear .A by {anc} 
Phonograph by Contraption (old arcade item)
Violins "Skull Violin Deadwood" by Grollwerk


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Put Your Records On

hey ladies! Just hanging out and putting some records on today lol
Music-loving snapaholics should check out this awesome new pose prop set by Infiniti at Rhapsody. 10 rezzable poses includes as well as additional props.
The summer round of The Season's Story begins July 10th and .::Pure Poison::. has these fabulous - and I do mean FABULOUS - 'Floralia' wedges available for the event. I LOVE them! Really pretty details. Several colours to choose from and designed for SLink mid feet.
Know what else I love? The new skin tone by Glam Affair at Collabor88!! The new and very pretty 'Kallisto' skin can be found in both Exotic and Asia for 288L per skin. I was even happier when I found that appliers were included with my new skin (after having a panic attack thinking were appliers out yet for this new tone?). Appliers included were for SLink hands, feet and physique, as well as Lola's and L.Inc azz, so bargain really!

Clothing - Baiastice - Petra - Tiger-Earth *New@Rhapsody*
Hair - +Spellbound+ - Suspiria Hair - Ultra Rare Fatpack *OMG*
Skin - Glam Affair - Kallisto - Exotic 04 *C88*
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Striking - Olive
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Floralia Wedges - Nude & Pink *New@Season's Story*
Necklace - Fox.Poison - Featherish Necklace *New*
Phone - .::Pure Poison::. - Fox Phone Gacha - Simple Giraffe (common) *OMG*
Ring & Bracelet - ISON - Safari Tribe - Onyx (only 88L!)*C88*
SLink hands and mid feet used

Poses by .Infiniti.
"Put Your Records On" *New@Rhapsody*

Sofa, Floor Lamp, Rug, Cushions, Lamp, Ottoman and Vases - Chelsea Living Room by MudHoney *Rhapsody*
Disc Jockey Set Mixer SX30 by +ILO+ *Rhapsody*
It's all about Jazz print - 02 by [KoKoLoReS] *Rhapsody*
 Portable Speakers (Pod Black) & CD Player (White/Blue) by Plethora *Rhapsody*

Rhapsody (only a couple of days left - ends July 12th)
The Season's Story - Summer (open July 10th)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Underneath My Skin

hey peeps! Hope you peeps are enjoying the weekend (I know I am!)
Dolly is getting her freak on today after checking out some of the Rhapsody goodies and this stuff really stood out! CerberusXing has a different take on the 'Metal' theme, creating these awesome 'metal' Spinal Barbs & Implant Tail. Available in silver or gold, bloody versions included as well as clean. There is also a bloody spine tattoo layer included (not shown).

Spinal Spikes &Tail CerberusXing [CX] - Spinal Barbs & implant tail - Bloody Silver *Rhapsody*

Hair (top pic) - Moon - Little Wonder
Horns - Remarkable Oblivion - Baphomet Horns - Celestial
Mask - ISPACHI - Trapped in My Own Asylum (from a past limited bazaar - sorry no longer available!)
Doll Avatar by *COCO*

Decor by Soy. - Floor Lamp[Gourd tree] *TMD*
Top pose by Del May - "Beast"
Lower pose by Roquai - "The Dandelion"

The Men's Department
And for what you can see of it ... the pics were taken at Innsmouth

Friday, 4 July 2014

Descending Into Anarchy (Zibska does punk at Rhapsody!)

Hello peeps! A punk twist for the LOTD with some of Zibska's awesome collection for Rhapsody!
I'm wearing the Posey outfit, which includes the dress, crown and collar. The Posey accessories can also be purchased separately with a colour-changeable HUD.
Also totally loving the new SLink nail add-ons by Dark Passions for the event. These 'Unzipped Punk' nails include 4 plaid colours, each with 3 tones for the base nail showing through the fishnet. Very cool work from Miss BCreative Wilde! Even better, they are 20% off during the event! Pick them up for just 80L now (will be 99L in mainstore after event).

Dress/Crown/Collar - Zibska - Posey *Rhapsody*
Leggings - .PANIK. - Destroy Leggings - Noir 
Hair - Truth - Lagertha
Skin - Glam Affair - Neva Horror Edition 04
Make Up - Zibska - Noir Pack 02 - Eila
SLink Nail Add-on - Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Unzipped Punk *Rhapsody*
Boots - Razor - Dread Boots Evolve LE
SLink hands used 

Poses by an lar at *Rhapsody*
"Trance Series Two (M)" and "Ambient Series Five"
 Pics taken at the Meaningless City, Pigeon Island