Thursday, 27 February 2014

Close Your Eyes... And Wait For The Surprise

Actually lots of surprises in store, with the new round of The Arcade just around the corner, starting March 1st.
.::Pure Poison::. has a 'cute little things' gacha with some adorable original mesh for the event. There are a variety of shoes as prizes, including toe-post sandals, flat pumps and the cutest caterpillar crocs like those Dolly is shown wearing. Each come in a few different colours. There are also 3 cuddly 'Lovelyna' dolls in the gacha (1 rare), with a total of 21 prizes to collect (3 rare).
The shoes are all designed for SLink flat feet but they are adjustable so you could make them fit standard avatar feet or in the case of the caterpillar crocs you can make them fit COCO doll, as I have done!
And yes, that's pink you seen again. Dolly wanted pink and... well she always seems to get her own way ;)

Mesh Doll Avatar & Insect Wings - *COCO*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Snowfall 
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Purple & Pink Caterpillar Crocs RARE - 50L/play *Coming soon@The Arcade*
Plush Doll - .::Pure Poison::. - Pink Lovelyna RARE - 50L/play *Coming soon@The Arcade*
Headpiece - Zibska - Wrona
Parasol Prop - Remarkable Oblivion - Daiquiri RARE (From Jan OMGacha)

Pose by Roquai - "See No Evil" Part of the COCO Doll "No" Series
Includes sphere prop (standard texture gold, can be changed to suit you!)
The poses are also adorable (this is just a post abundantly-filled with adorable :P) are an absolute must for any doll's inventory! 4 static poses included (no see, no speak and no hear x2).

Pics taken at the forever favourite "Annwn Willows"

Roquai >>

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

You Can Call Me Queen Bee

It's time for a new round of Suicide Dollz ladies!
My Look of the Day includes 3 new arrivals from this round - from DRBC, Razor and Death Row Designs!

The cute 'emilie' sweater by DRBC comes in several different patterns and is priced at a bargain 110L. It also makes any look sexy without going OTT with a drop back.

I love the new heels by Death Row Designs. These monochrome boots come in black, white or grey and are hud controlled to changed the laces and panels. The pack contains an unrigged version as well as 3 standard sizes, which I admit was a godsend cos the others didn't fit me right but the unrigged version I've got perfect!

The shorts are by Razor (who btw have also announced future released will be fitted mesh and they'll have fitted mesh updates for past releases as soon as viewers such as Firestorm are compatible! yay \o/). The sexy lil' things come in 5 standard sizes plus one for cute azz and there is no need for an alpha with them!

Top - DRBC - Emilie Sweater - Tartan *Suicide Dollz*
Shorts - Razor - Vas Micro Shorts - Black *Suicide Dollz*
Boots - DRD - Monochrome - White *Suicide Dollz*
Hair - *Milk* - Oh Lorde (Sold out from Project Limited)
Skin - Glam Affair - Mokatana - Petal
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Lune
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Eyelashes - MC Falsies 
Eyelashes (single) - [AD] Chained Makeup (available at the KV Agency Sim)
Crown - .Enfant Terrible. - Fashun Crowns - Brushed Steel *FGC*
Necklace - Zibska - Isola Necklace *Style Icon Fair*
Slink Hands used (Casual)

Top pose by Morphine Store
Second/Third Poses by Del May

The tune >>

Pics taken at "The Visitors" La Città Perduta by Cica Ghost >>

Sunday, 23 February 2014

We Are No Machines - The SL Futurewave

Havent checked out Futurewave yet? This is a new event brought to you by the SL Cursed team and we are in the final hours of this amazing week.
Here's what you are missing!

Newness from the legendary Graves. The 'Velocity' suit comes in 4 different colour options, including clear latex, and can be worn with or without the latex. The mesh breastplate is resizeable and as usual with graves there are an assortment of buckles and add-on bits with this outfit.

Death Row Designs has some wicked new cyber goodies for you. These cybermasks come in 3 different colours and there is also a linden-saving fatpack available!
The back cables are also by DRD and there are 3 versions included - electricity & sound, electricity or no animation. The also include a tattoo layer too.

:{MV}: has some superhawt latex cyberskirts for the event and I think this one add's the perfect touch of chic to the Graves outfit (I do like my skirts lol).

Also - check out the new(ish) dreads by Tableau Vivant. This hair is unisex and there are 3 different sizes included in the pack. It can be worn with or without the add-on hair wisps around the face.

Masks - DRD - Cybermasks - Blue Steel *New@Futurewave*
Latex outfit including mesh armour - Graves - Velocity - Clear *New@Futurewave*
Skirt - :{MV}: - Schadenfreude Skirt - Frozen *New@Futurewave*
Back Cables - DRD - Cybercables - With Electricity *New@Futurewave*
Boots - DRD - Post Apoc Nerd Stompers - Coal

Hair - Tableau Vivant - Hill *NEW*
Skin - Glam Affair - Elvi Fairy 01
Eyes - PMD - Era - 01 *New@Futurewave*
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Altroa - Blue
Eyeliner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Face Makeup - PMD - One *New@Futurewave*

Pose 1 by {NanTra} - Defying Gravity Series *Futurewave*
Pose 2 by {NanTra} - Requiem Series *Futurewave*
Pose 3 by Morphine Store

Futurewave >>

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Desires & Demands

My pics and post today are slightly different than the normal and although it might not 'look' like I have much on... there's a lot to tell you! 

Today ... whilst bored at work and browsing Flickr... as you do... I came across something that I desired so much, I really couldn't wait to get my hands on them. I'm talking about the latest wonderful creation by Mayhem Seetan of Azoury - These incredible shoes!
I had one of those 'wow - need' moments. And that was the start of todays post, thinking of what we desire and what becomes a demand by our own mind... or anothers? ;)

It's also provided me with a great opportunity to show you the second new hair by Tableau Vivant that is available at the Fantasy Collective... so pretty!

And if that wasn't enough, there is uber-coolness by Zibska in the form of this truly original headpiece. It's called Asrid and is available at Futurewave, which by the way is only open for a couple more days! The headpiece comes in 2 versions (longer or shorter chains) and is split into 3 sections which are all colour-changeable by a click-menu.
In other Zibska news... there is a bit of 'Spring Cleaning' going on over at the mainstore with a 50L closeout sale ;)

Going back to THE shoes. They are made only to fit Just Design 'MyFeet'. An alternative to SLink and priced at 395L which is very reasonable. They don't use appliers, so no need to worry about having to purchase those on top of skins, but instead come with a HUD and more than 630 pre-set skins from some of the most popular creators including Glam Affair, Birdy and Al Vulo. If your skin isn't listed, the HUD can be used to match in the same way that many shoes usually are. They also come with stocking options included. Also, there are many new skin tones being made for them all the time and the incredibly helpful creator of them is very open to suggestions for others.

Shoes - Azoury - Chromatics Ballet Heels - Red **NEW**
Harness - .Enfant Terrible. - Black/Silver
Skin - Glam Affair - V-Day Gift 01 *Valentines Group Gift*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Sabahi *New@The Fantasy Collective*
Necklace - Azoury - Essential - Black *L'Accessoires Gacha*
Headpiece - Zibska - Asrid *New@Futurewave*
Hands - SLink AvEnhance - Elegant I
Feet - JustDesign - MyFeet TipToe
Bracelets - .::Pure Poison::. - Cool (Unisex) *Group Gift*
Breasts - Lolas Tango

Poses by Del May

The Landmarks >>

Friday, 21 February 2014

At the Bottom of the Garden...

At the Bottom of the Garden... where the fairies dwell.
I'm taking a little break from Sci-Fi and futuristic stuffs after a little trip to this round of Genre - and if you didn't guess yet, the theme is fae!

AZE has the cutest necklace available at the event called 'Forest Treasures' and its the perfect accessory for any fairy or elven look.
I also picked up these pretty flower chairs/props by Roawenwood. They come in 4 colour options and both scripted and unscripted versions are included. The scripted version has 19 animated sits included, both male and female!

The Fantasy Collective opened for a new round today and I can't begin to tell you how much I love the new Tableau Vivant hair. And.. believe it or not... Dolly here is wearing it in pink! This hair looks amazing in every colour, you'll have a hard time deciding! And I'm thinking of it as part of playing around with colours more...

Speaking of things that look pretty in all colours, the headpiece Dolly is wearing is by LODE and can be picked up in their gacha at L'Accessoires which is still running. Seriously, there is no bad colour in this gacha, it doesnt matter whether it's common or rare - all so pretty!

And if that isn't enough events for you, the Final Fantasy thingy is still going on too and you can grab these lovely steampunk wings by Tentacio while you are there. There are 5 different versions and these are the 'Map' ones.

Mesh Doll Avatar - *COCO*
Doll Head - *COCO* - 001V
Bodysuit - *COCO* 
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Sabra *New@Fantasy Collective*
Necklace - AZE - Forest Treasures - 100L *Genre*
Headpiece - LODE - Mone - Pale Spring - 75L/play *L'Accessoires*
Wings*Tentacio* - Steampunk Wings - Map *Final Fantasy Fair*
Skirt - Zibska (Part of Desiree dress featured in a previous post!)
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Shironuri lashes 01

Chair - Roawenwood - Laid Back Lily - Black *Genre*
Poses by Del May

Genre >>

Fantasy Collective >>

Pics taken at the beautiful Annwn Willows

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Space & Time - Zibska Bellatrix at Futurewave!!

Dolly took a trip to Futurewave and became Dolly of the Future with this awesome outfit called Bellatrix by Zibska! Now she's got a little 'starstruck' with this new pose set available at Collabor88 and is getting lost in Space & Time ;)

Dolly is also wearing this uber-cool necklace by Spyralle (available at Futurewave of course!). Its non-rigged mesh and has scripted chasing lights (non-scripted version included too). The static pics don't do it justice but when you see it moving inworld it's awesome!

Hope you like the look of the day!

Dress, Helm & Cuffs Ensemble - Zibska - Bellatrix *New@Futurewave*
Hair - Argrace - Riley 
Piercings - .:ellabella:. - Beta Level *New@Futurewave*
Necklace - Spyralle - Comm Hub rrl8b *New@Futurewave*
Eyes - IKON - Spectral Eyes - Ghost
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Shironuri Lashes 01 - Coal

Pose with Balloon Prop - Exposeur/Decoy - Chasing Stars *Collabor88*
Location - Annwn Willows

Futurewave SL >>

"Lost in thoughts on open seas
Let the currents carry me
If I could would I remain
Another life or another dream

No turning back, face the fact
I am lost in space and time
Turning here, looking back in time"

Monday, 17 February 2014

China Girl 3014

Hello Ladies! Hope you've all had a good weekend!
More Futurewave goodness to show you.
This stylish and sexy outfit by DRBC could work for so many different types of looks but sticking with the futuristic theme of the event I've skipped forward to China in 1000 years time lol, with a little help too from [sYs] at the Love is in the Air event.

The 'nomi jumpsuit' by DRBC is available is noir or flame ... and guess what? I actually didnt go for the black today! I've accessorised with jewellery by Chaos, Panic & Disorder (*CPD*) also available at the event. This 'Ceti' set includes pendant, ring and bracelets, all of which are colour changeable.

This pretty is skin is a special edition for Futurewave by Pink Fuel [PF] and comes with tons of make up options, plus every applier you'll need!

My nails today again are courtesy of Beautiful Freak. This is from their Galaxy set new for Futurewave, which includes 10 colours for both hands and feet at 225L.

Jumpsuit - DRBC - Nomi - Flame *New@Futurewave*
Hair (including hair accessories) - [sYs] - Akemi - Dark *Love is in the Air*
Skin - [PF] - Sora - Alabaster SE *New@Futurewave*
Shoes - Reign - Crave Heels - Black/Silver (sorry! they are from Project Ltd)
Pendant/bracelets/ring - CPD - Ceti *New@Futurewave*
Eyes - PMD - Era 1 *New@Futurewave*
Slink Nail Add-on - Beautiful Freak - Galaxy *New@Futurewave*

Slink hands and feet used

Pose 1 & 2 by {NanTra} - Requiem series *Futurewave*
Pose 3 by Roquai - Air Series
Pose 4 by Del May - Lip Smudge

Pics taken at Hangars Liquides 

Futurewave >>

Love is in the Air >>

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Futurewave - Sneak Peak

The Future is Here.
This is the very first of a new (hopefully annual) event by the Cursed team - Futurewave. It's opening 12 noon Feb 15th and running until the 23rd.
If alternative, futuristic, cyberpunk, post-apoc styles etc are your thing, then this is an event you don't want to miss!

This gorgeous gown is by MetaTheodora and is available in 9 colours (I'm wearing the emerald) at 250L each or there is a fatpack for just 900L! Elegant cyberwear has arrived! I love the shape of these dresses and the glowing wires are a perfect touch.

Beautiful Freak has some new awesome futuristic nail appliers for SLink hands and feet. The ones I am wearing are part of the mainframe set, which includes 2 huds and 5 colours for 125L. There are 6 different colour packs available.

Amelie Barbour has an awesome selection of stuff available for the event, including a gift outfit called Hologram Angel. The wings i'm wearing today are part of that gift and are colour changeable via a hud!

Also ...
These gorgeous eyes are by Adoness and you'll find them in a choice of colours available at the Depraved Thrift Shop. Each colour has a regular, glow and full bright version. The best bit? They are 50% off!!

Dress - MetaTheodora - Star of Venus II - Emerald *Futurewave*
Wings - Amelie Barbour - Hologram Angel - Radiance Wing *Free@Futurewave*
Hair - Zibska - Epoque Hair - White
Skin - Glam Affair - Elvi Fairy 01
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Altroa - Noir
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Shironuri 01 - Coal
Eyes - Adoness - Havila - Moss (glow) *Thrift Shop*
Earrings - Zibska - Udo Deux
Cuffs - !dM deviousMind - Lolita Wristwraps - Absinthe (From Jan OMGacha)
Hands - SLink AvEnhance - Elegant I
SLink Nail Add-on - Beautiful Freak - Mainframe Nails *Futurewave*

Poses by Del May

Pics taken at Hangars Liquides >>

Futurewave - Opens 12 noon Feb 15th >>

Zibska >>

And here's a peak of the Futurewave sim that awaits you!

Tell Me A Story - Love Is In The Air with Pure Poison and Zibska New Releases!

hi ladies!! Happy Valentines Day!
So 'Love Is In The Air' ... It is!! the event is open and in full swing! 

Zibska has some cute new dresses available and this one is called Desiree. Dolly is wearing it in Noir but it's also available in Berry and Gold.
.::Pure Poison::. also has new releases for this event including the stylish Misaki hat, worn in Valentine Red.

Dolly is wearing the Zibska pretty Amorette again from my last post, which can be picked up at the L'accessoires gacha round, 50L per play.

Mesh Doll Avatar - *COCO*
Doll Head - *COCO* - 001V
Legs - *COCO* - Corset Piercing Legs - Black
Dress (mesh bodysuit/seperate skirt piece) - Zibska - Desiree - Noir *Love is in the Air*
Hat - .::Pure Poison::. - Misaki - Valentine Red *Love is in the Air*
Floral accessory - Zibska - Amorette - Noir *L'accessoires*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Resident

 Poses by Grafica

Pics taken at L'Atelier Sads Jewels >>

Love is in the Air >>
Event runs until Feb 28th!


Thursday, 13 February 2014

I can still feel your sweet caress...

Not sure how much of a proper blog post this can be considered to be..but anyway...
Today was supposed to be a busy blogging day for me - I have so many things I really want to show you! But apparently my sensible head disappeared, my planning went out the window and my 'lets get arty and just have fun' head took over. This happened right about the time I unpacked Amorette by Zibska, which inspired my pics today.
Amorette is a pretty little floral piece available for the Timeless Romance gacha round of L'accessoires, open until March 8th. There are 7 common colours available and a rare colour-change version inclusive of 11 petal colours at just 50L per play.
Dolly got all pretty with seablue Amorette and made another little visit to Annwn Willows.
Hope you like the pics =)

Mesh Avatar - *COCO*
Doll Head - *COCO* - 001V
Monster Limbs - *COCO* - Nude
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Campbell

Amorette by Zibska available at L'accessoires gacha

Upper pose by Roquai - Fire series - Flame
Lower pose by Morphine Store

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Do You Have A Style Icon?

The Style Icon Fair has arrived in SL and there are so many awesome outfits and accessories available to turn yourself into a style icon, imitating another or just being fabulous you!
Zibska has some beautiful dresses/ensembles available at the Style Icon Fair and I love the simple elegance and style of this one - Zelda - not to mention the detailed texture! It's available in 2 colour options (gold & smoke) and the ensemble comes complete with cuffs and the 'Zenia' hat in red (not shown). The 'Ruby' eyeshadow set can also be picked up as a gift from Zibska at the fair and the necklace is part of the 'Isola' set which is colour-changeable!

I'm wearing the new Exile 'Perfect Promise' hair again today because it's gorgeous and also I thought it was quite fitting to show off this beautiful floral headpiece by Glam Affair, called bohemian romance, which is available at the Feb round of Collabor88

I hope you like the LOTD!

Dress & cuffs - Zibska - Zelda - Smoke *Style Icon Fair*
Skin - .Birdy. - Imogen - Dusk Scarlet (instore gacha)
Necklace - Zibska - Isola *Style Icon Fair*
Hair - Exile - Perfect Promise - Naturals *New*
Headpiece - Glam Affair - Bohemian Romance - Black *Collabor88*
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Ruby *Style Icon Fair Gift*
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Shattered - Atlantis
Shoes - Diktator - Punk - Fatpack Hud (Avant Garde option)
Hands - SLink AvEnhance - Casual 

Pics taken at Zeppelin Bar

Pose by Del May

Style Icon Fair >>

Collabor88 >>

.Birdy. >>

Sunday, 9 February 2014

What's In A Name Anyway? - New Zibska, DRBC & Little Bones!

hello ladies! 
I couldn't think of a proper name for this post lol. Anyway, so after my last couple of posts being fantasy themed, for today's look of the day I was going for effortlessly stylish and chic. Hope you like!

The pants are brand new by DRBC and you can grab them is a variety of colours/textures at the Thrift Shop for 50% off! The different textures are all fabulous and you'll have a hard time choosing... I know I did for this post!

Zibska has some new goodies for The Mens Department (don't worry it's unisex!) and also at the Style Icon Fair. This beautifully crafted 'Ezra' chestplate could be worn for so many different styles and the colour texture is changeable for both main and accent sections. The funky 'Georgina' headpiece is also colour-changeable and can be picked up at the Style Icon Fair along with a lovely gift from Zibska - the 'Ruby' eyeshadows collection!

Oh and Littlebones has this new cute and carefree 'do' called Black Mirror. You can grab the normal colour packs but for only 25L per play you can pick up the split colour and fade versions in the gacha at store!

Pants - DRBC - Chickie Dickies - Skully *New for Thrift Shop*
Necklace/Breastplate - Zibska - Ezra *The Mens Department*
Hair - Little Bones - Black Mirror - Cruella *25L/play Gacha*
Headpiece - Zibska - Georgina *Style Icon fair*
Skin - .Birdy. - Delilah - Beige
Eyeshadow - Zibska - Ruby - Pansy *Gift @ Style Icon fair*
Eyeliner - Glam Affair - Couture liner 01
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom - Snow
Arm Wraps - DPD - Dark *FGC*
Piercing - Hebenon Vial - Against the Stream - Metal
Shoes - Diktator - Punk - Fatpack Hud (Avant Garde)

Poses by Del May

Pics taken at The Station >>

The Mens Department >>

Thrift Shop >>

Style Icon Fair >>

Friday, 7 February 2014

Who's Afraid of the Wolf? - Enchantment and FGC Goodies!!

More Fantasy Gacha Carnival Goodies for the look of the day! This stunning outfit is by !gO! and comes in various colours with 5 sizes included. The boots are by Yasum Designs and as with pretty much everything by Yasum, totally adore them. Perfect for all types of look!
This exquisite mask is by AZE at the Enchantment event, which is running through till the end of Feb with a Red Riding Hood theme. It's available in gold and silver.
Oh ... and new hair by Exile! yay!

Mask - AZE - Silvered Wolf Mask (Unisex) *Enchantment*
Clothing - !gO! - Gore Carnival - Red *FGC*
Hair - Exile - Perfect Promise *NEW*
Panties - [R3] - Daria Panties V1
Skin - .Birdy. - Delilah - Beige
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Broken Glass - Forest
Boots - Yasum - Combat Trash Boots - Metall Chess (common) *FGC*
Arm Wraps - DPD - Dark *FGC*
Quiver - PFC - Ottoman Quiver - Black *FGC*
Necklace - Glam Affair - Chained Necklace - Black/Silver

Top pose by Roquai - The Sand - Part of the New Elements Earth Collection
Lower pose by Morphine Store
Pictures taken at Enchantment

Fantasy Gacha Carnival >>

Roquai >>

Enchantment >>

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Yin & Yang - Dolly is sleepy after her Fantasy Gacha Carnival escapades

So i'm sure everyone has been excited about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and it's finally here! If you haven't got in yet or the lag is making things difficult I can assure you it is worth persevering! 
Today's look has Dolly wearing lots of accessories and that I picked up at the FGC along with new armour pretties by Enfant Terrible for 'We <3 Roleplay' and it seemed a perfect way to show you one of the beautiful new poses from the elements series by Roquai.

The Enfant Terrible 'Decor Armor' is new for 'We Love Roleplay' and during the event you can save 25% off what the store price will be. It's available in 4 metal colours - Black, Bronze, Silver and Gold - and it's beautiful!!

I also need to give a shout out to Corvus Ater today too for being my gacha-roaming buddy and helping out with some gifts/swaps! <3

Left Dolly (above):
Mesh Avatar - *COCO*
Doll head - *COCO* - 001V
Doll Legs - *COCO* - Corset Piercing legs - Black
Bodysuit - *COCO* - Black
Wings - DRD - Mechanical Fairy Wings -  Poison (Common) *FGC*
Hair -  Truth - Hollana
Crown - Remarkable Oblivion - Sylver (Common) *FGC*
Necklace & Armour - .Enfant Terrible. - Decor Armor - Black *We<3RP*
Cuffs - May Soul - Ferala Jewellery - Black Leather Bracelet (Common) *FGC*

Right Dolly (below):
(Avatar parts same as above)
Wings - DRD - Mechanical Fairy Wings - Engine (Common) and Copper Flutter (Rare)  *FGC*
Hair - Truth - Hollana
Crown - ieQED - Dragon - Copper *FGC*
Necklace & Armour - .Enfant Terrible. - Decor Armor - Bronze *We<3RP*
Cuffs - May Soul - Ferala Jewellery - Bronze Metal Bracelet (Common) *FGC*

Yin & Yang pose by Roquai - Gift pose!!
Part of the *New* Elements Earth Collection

This pose is a couples pose and includes poseballs but also includes the single animations for individual use!
Other Poses are from the Elements Air Collection by Roquai

Pictures taken at Annwn Willows. 

Roquai >>

Fantasy Gacha Carnival >>

 *COCO* >>