Thursday, 14 July 2016


There's a new mesh head on the SL market!
LAQ has released their first mesh head - 'Trinity'. 
This beautiful head comes with a gorgeous, realistically detailed skin in 7 tones as standard. It's completely Omega compatible, for skin and makeup layers, with no need for a relay HUD. 


The Trinity HUD includes eyebrow options in several colours, slider adjustment for eyelash length and the option to tint lashes. There is also shine/materials slider controls.

Trinity is animated too, with blink, open mouth, closed smile and open smile expressions. Each can be played completely or you can use the 'skip forward' option to pause on each step e.g. there are 3 steps to the open smile, depending how far you would like the animation to go, to offer more variety to the expressions. 
The third section of the HUD allows you to save and view your 'looks' to quickly choose from later. It saves the skin/makeup combo ready to use. 

The video was shot without high graphics enabled, sorry! So, I couldn't show the materials/shine functions properly. I took the video using Nams Optimal Skin 2 windlight setting.

You can also see this head in my previous post!

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