Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Good Left Hook

Enchantment opened today! Are you ready for a journey to Neverland?
No map needed, just take the TP to experience this wonderful shopping adventure starting at skull rock and moving through the other scenes!
CerberusXing has come up with a very cool take on the Captain's hook. 'Dual's Aftermath' includes a hook hand and a sword hand in either onyx or corroded metal for a very industrial or post-apoc looking pirate!
There is also a hunt including a whole bunch of the stores participating in Enchantment this round. You can grab the HUD from the main event location. Zibska is offering the 'Stelline' collection for their gift, which includes the stars necklace, brows and orbit.

Zibska is also taking part in the upcoming round of The Secret Affair, which opens 12 noon tomorrow. The theme for November's round is 'It's all about the detail' so expect to see lots of intricate and interesting pieces! The 'Ailell' collar satisfies your more delicate side with soft textured petals and flower buds in beautifully detailed patterns but there are lots of thorns too for the part of you that likes to be more on the edge ;) Colour HUD is included to get the right look for you!

BTW have you checked out We Love RP this month? These amazingly cute elf ears are by BentBox and they're animated! They have a bunch of different cycles and can be worn high or low etc. They include a HUD with preset skin textures and are tintable, but there are also options for appliers (c'mon skin designers grab the kits!!) A few appliers are out there already and hopefully lots more will do them! The ears have tattoo options (also tintable) and various piercing options with different metal colours. The different piercings can be clicked individually on the HUD so you can just wear the ones you like.

Have a good weekend - happy shopping & happy hunting peeps!
Bigger pic on my Flickr ;)

Hood & Sword: CerberusXing [CX] - Dual's Aftermath - Onyx *Enchantment*
Pauldrons/Collar: Zibska - Ailell *Coming Soon@TSA*
Star eyebrows, necklace & orbit: Zibska - Stelline *Enchantment Hunt Gift*

Mesh Head: GenesisLab - Tara (mystery rare ghost skin from Oct's Wayward Halloween, now instore)
Tattoo: White Widow - Neverland - White
Ears: BentBox - Sylvan Ears *WLRP*
Eyes: IKON - Sovereign - Storm
Hair: Doe - Quirk - Monotone *TCF*

The Landmarks:

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