Friday, 2 May 2014

Here Begins A Story (Fantasy Faire 2014 Is Open!!!)

The Fantasy Faire is open... and so begins a story. A story of elves, fairies, mer-folk, princesses, warriors, forest creatures great and small... everything that can fill your dreams and nightmares... a story for life and most importantly, a story for 'Relay for Life'. 
Every vendor at the Fantasy Faire has items that will help benefit this amazing cause, but only with your help, your imagination and your stories (after you've been shopping of course!)
And so begins a story....

This story begins as a classic tale retold. A story of a beauty who was left sleeping in a garden under an enchantment. 
As with all fairy tales... our beauty was a princess and as she was awakened by her rescuer (looking gorgeous in her Aisling headdress and jewellery), of course she expected to find prince charming (she was asleep a long time - a girl's gotta have a dream!)
In this story though, the hero is no ordinary knight in shining armour on a gallant steed... actually no shining armour in sight at all. Her prince charming was a brave little man from the far off lands of the dwarfins... riding a tiny but fierce dragon!

So as our princess looked up to see the sun shining through the trees, signalling the start of a new day, she prepared to join her noble rescuer on a a quest, a voyage to new lands, to find the witch who put the spell on her and to discover the havoc that same witch had wreaked on the kingdom during the princesses slumber.

Together they reached the great Sanctum... only to find no one there. Nothing but the sheep left grazing peacefully in the meadow. 
There was not one sign of the witch... and as our princess looked around, she wondered if the Gods themselves had come down to take their vengeance.
To be continued..... (maybe :P lol)

Everything that you see here from the Fantasy Faire in these pics are 'Relay for Life' items. Shop and benefit an awesome cause!!
The items by Aisling come with a colour changing HUD for chains and jewels.
The animated Dwarfin Dragon available as light or dark and with male or female rider. 

Dress - TWA The White Armoury - Sleeping Beauty Gown *Fantasy Faire*
Headdress - Aisling - Sumiana - Spring *Fantasy Faire*
Collar - Aisling - Sumiana Collar - Spring *Fantasy Faire*
Dwarfin Dragon Shoulder Pet *Fantasy Faire*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Snow Queen
Skin - Glam Affair - Brandi Drama Queen America (FLF last week)
SLink hands and feet used

Prop (first 2 pics): OAL/Sweet Poison Remembrance Fountain V1 *Fantasy Faire*
Pose 1 - Del May - Did I Oversleep?
Pose 2 & 3 - Manifeste - Model Pose 675 and 687 *Pose Fair 2014*
First two pics taken at private sim, other pics taken at the Sanctum sim of the Fantasy Faire!

Landmarks for Fantasy Faire:

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