Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Creatures Of This World And The Next

hey ladies!
Another fantasy-type post today!
And have you seen the stunning items available from Pure Poison for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival?? The 'die Hornen' collection contains 5 gorgeous pieces (4 headpieces/horns & 1 mask) and all of the commons are just as beautiful as the rare!!
Pure Poison also has a second gacha with pretty foot jewellery for SLink feet.

The earrings and nip covers you see me wearing are part of the Nyx set by SSD at the Fantasy Faire. The set also includes necklace, belt and bindi, as well as a HUD to change the colour of the stones (choice of 12 different precious gems!).
And that's not the only thing you can find on me from the Fantasy Faire - this cute new hair do by Wasabi Pills is perfect for fantasy and roleplay, but for many other looks too!

And the events don't end there! A new round of We <3 Role Play bring goodies from May's Souls and also these badass unisex claws by Death Row Designs.

Menswear Fashion Week has come to an end, which means you may have missed out on the fabulous Taras set by Zibska - for now (i'm sure it will be available in store at some point!) The set is resizeable so ladies can shrink it down to wear too and it is HUD enable to change the colours of both the main parts and the accent separately. 

Mask - .::Pure Poison::. - Faunia Mask (common) *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Sanna - Whites Pack *Fantasy Faire*
Pauldrons & Necklace - Zibska - Taras (New from MWFW)
Armour - May's Soul - Muse Armour - Silver
Tattoo - Letis - Luxure
Earrings & Nip Covers - SSD - Nyx Jewellery - Gunmetal *Fantasy Faire*
Claw - DRD - Dark Iron Fingerclaws *We<3RP*
Belt & Leg Jewellery - May's Soul - Zinga Jewellery - Black/Silver *We<3RP* 
Foot Jewellery - .::Pure Poison::. - Black Oriental (common) *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Skin - Glam Affair - Elvi Fairy 01

SLink Hands and Mid Feet used
Pose 1 by Del May "Demons - Dragon"
Pose 2 by Grafica - "Emer Mirror"

Props by {anc} - Ephemera Clear *Fantasy Faire*
(available as trans or copy)


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