Friday, 11 January 2019


I fell in love with the new 'Metamorphose2077' gacha collection by ANTINATURAL[+] the moment I saw the set. It's an absolute must have for sci-fi and cyber lovers and roleplayers!


There are 2 rare lootboxes - both containing awesome builds from the creators of anxiety. The 1.01 lootbox also contains black droid jaw omega face applier and droid legs. The left and right droid legs are added separately and include a customisation HUD. 
The 2.01 lootbox includes, in addition to the build, a black droid lightsuit (Maitreya & omega appliers) and the 'Power Gloves'. The gloves, like the droid legs, can be worn together or just left or right. There is a customisation HUD included for various sections of the gloves and the option to have the wires section covered or not. 

The collection also includes rigged bodysuits, spinal inputs (with optional cables), as well as unrigged masks, helmets and chokers. There are also decor 'charging stations' to play for. The set includes items in a black, purple, teal and white colour scheme. 
In addition, there is a VIP reward for those who play 1000L$ in the machine - the white versions of the droid lightsuit and jaw appliers.
The rigged items in the girls machine are for Maitreya Lara. Boys, there is also a set for you rigged for Signature Gianni!

From the ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 gacha:
Bodysuit / TEAL 
Watcher Mask / WHITE
Droid Lightsuit Maitreya/Omega applier / VIP (1000L$ spend reward)
Cruz Choker / TEAL
Charging Station / TEAL
Spinal Inputs / WHITE
Power Gloves / RARE (found in Lootbox 1.01)
 Droid Legs / RIGHT /  RARE (found in Lootbox 2.01)
BUILD2.01 / RARE (found in Lootbox 2.01)

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