Monday, 29 May 2017

The Last Stop

The June round of The Arcade is nearly here!
Milk Motion have created an awesome decor/landscaping collection called 'road to nowhere' for the event. It's stunning, with a huge desert landscape platform complete with rocks, road and background scene, as well as motel build, desert plant life and neon signs. 

The Last Stop

There are 2 rares - the desert land and milk motel - and a whole bunch of common items. After 25 plays of the machine you're guaranteed to win the motel office reward prize too! 
The milk motel and office include animated doors and windows, plus working lights that you can change both in colour and strength. 
A bit of guidance on land impact - the desert land platform is 114Li & the milk motel is 66Li. 
This set is 75L per play. 

The truck in this scene is part of hive's new 'summer camp' collection. It's one of the 3 rares in the set and it includes lots of poses for both singles and couples, plus I thought really complimented the 'road to nowhere' theme from milk motion! You can play the hive machine for 50L per try!

JIAN are back with some more loveable pups. The adults are rares whilst the pupplies come in companion, wandering, worn/held and static decor versions. There are 3 rares and 19 commons to collect at 50L per play. 

Coming Soon @ The Arcade

(Milk Motion) road to nowhere:
Desert Land RARE
 Milk Motel RARE
Vacancy Sign
Wild Cactus
Cactus w/pots
Plants w/fireflies

hive // summer camp:
ranger rick's truck RARE

JIAN Playful Pibbles:
 3. Adult Wanderer

Remarkable Oblivion/RO  - The Salty Sailor:
Traffic Lamp
Marquis RARE

[Con.] Storage Finds:
Gum Vending - Red

Other Items:
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 brown

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