Thursday, 12 February 2015

What big eyes you have!!

hey peeps, got this pick done finished and posted to Flickr yesterday but was so tired (and wanted to catch up with The Walking Dead), so finally here is the credits today!
Loving the 'Into Dark Woods' prop/sim-landscaping set by ~*Sweet Revolutions*~, which is continued at this round of We Love Roleplay. This wolf has sounds you can switch on/off and comes in his own dark hollowed out tree! The grass is only 1 prim and covers a really good sized area, perfect ground covering for dark-themed places!

Dress - !gO! - Jasmine - White *We<3RP*
Hair - Truth - Ivana *Recent Release*

Wolf - ~*SR*~ - Into Dark Woods - Wolf With Sounds *We<3RP*
Grass~*SR*~ - Into Dark Woods - Grass *We<3RP*
Trees -~*SR*~ - Into Dark Woods - Forest Way 

Pose by Bauhaus Movement

The Landmarks:
We Love Roleplay
Bauhaus Movement

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