Thursday, 20 March 2014

#100!! Corsets & Cabaret For Spring - Taking a look at Serafilms, Saviad Spring Fashion Fair and The Arcade

hello ladies! This is my 100th post \o/
And today's look manifested from a trip to the new Serafilms event, at which I found this beautiful hair by Little Bones and exquisite corset/skirt combo by Tentacio. This round of the event and all the goodies on offer are based on Moulin Rouge. 
Then everything else followed after that!

One thing about the hair... it's beautiful and I love it... but it's very script heavy. You'll need to manually delete the scripts out of it. Sadly this renders the HUD useless so you'll need to make a copy for each colour before you delete them! Hopefully this is something that might be sorted in the future...

If you haven't taken a trip to The Arcade yet, there should be plenty of space to walk around without lag! Enfant Terrible have a really cool collection of 'travel souvenir' hats available and they are all really beautifully detailed and original pieces, each one completely different.

The Skin Fair has been open a few days now and did you know it's more than just skins on offer? Zibska has an amazing make-up collection at the event, with several colours contained in each pack ranging from pastels, darks to vibrants! There is sure to be something to suit you!
Skin - Glam Affair - Elvi Fairy 01
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Ena - Noir *Skin Fair*
Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Couture Liner 01
Hat - .Enfant Terrible. - My Travel Souvenir - Chapeau de Chocolate Paris Vanille (common) *The Arcade*
Corset/Skirt - *Tentacio* - Cabaret Corset - White (HUD for skirt) *Serafilms*
Hair - Little Bones - Big Bang *Serafilms*
Jewellery(necklace&earrings) - Zibska - Berit (colour-changing) *Spring Fashion Fair*
Bracelet - Finesmith - Awake - Silver
Shoes - Death Row Designs - Whore Heel V2 - Off Pink *Big Show*
SLink hands and feet used

Pose 1 by Del May - "Snags 'n' Ladders" - New in store

Pose 2 by Roquai for upcoming pose fair as part of the "les fleurs printanieres" pack - "The Pink Panther".
This is a sneak preview of one of two sets that will only be sold exclusively at this event.

Props by 8f8 at The Arcade - My Fantasy Garden - White & Pink Bubbleblooms

Serafilms >>

SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair >>

The Arcade >>

Underwater shot - Unedited

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