Friday, 21 February 2014

At the Bottom of the Garden...

At the Bottom of the Garden... where the fairies dwell.
I'm taking a little break from Sci-Fi and futuristic stuffs after a little trip to this round of Genre - and if you didn't guess yet, the theme is fae!

AZE has the cutest necklace available at the event called 'Forest Treasures' and its the perfect accessory for any fairy or elven look.
I also picked up these pretty flower chairs/props by Roawenwood. They come in 4 colour options and both scripted and unscripted versions are included. The scripted version has 19 animated sits included, both male and female!

The Fantasy Collective opened for a new round today and I can't begin to tell you how much I love the new Tableau Vivant hair. And.. believe it or not... Dolly here is wearing it in pink! This hair looks amazing in every colour, you'll have a hard time deciding! And I'm thinking of it as part of playing around with colours more...

Speaking of things that look pretty in all colours, the headpiece Dolly is wearing is by LODE and can be picked up in their gacha at L'Accessoires which is still running. Seriously, there is no bad colour in this gacha, it doesnt matter whether it's common or rare - all so pretty!

And if that isn't enough events for you, the Final Fantasy thingy is still going on too and you can grab these lovely steampunk wings by Tentacio while you are there. There are 5 different versions and these are the 'Map' ones.

Mesh Doll Avatar - *COCO*
Doll Head - *COCO* - 001V
Bodysuit - *COCO* 
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Sabra *New@Fantasy Collective*
Necklace - AZE - Forest Treasures - 100L *Genre*
Headpiece - LODE - Mone - Pale Spring - 75L/play *L'Accessoires*
Wings*Tentacio* - Steampunk Wings - Map *Final Fantasy Fair*
Skirt - Zibska (Part of Desiree dress featured in a previous post!)
Eyelashes - Glam Affair - Shironuri lashes 01

Chair - Roawenwood - Laid Back Lily - Black *Genre*
Poses by Del May

Genre >>

Fantasy Collective >>

Pics taken at the beautiful Annwn Willows

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