Monday, 16 March 2015

The End Times

Prepare yourself - this is a bumper post!
I absolutely love post-apoc stuff, so when I saw that the theme for the new round of The Secret Affair was going to be 'The End Times' I was very excited. And I have not been disappointed, the creators and designers involved really have outdone themselves.
I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with some lovely ladies today, thank you very much Duchess, Sorchie & Kynne - be sure to check out there versions too!

The mask grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it, how could it not?! It's made by [SWaGGa] and it can be found at The Secret Affair along with this awesome collar by CerberusXing, which comes in 4 different colour options. Both are resizeable and unisex.

The outfit is by !gO! and the textures on this are of absolutely amazing quality. You can pick it up in 5 different colours. Guys don't worry, you'll find a male outfit by !gO! with very similar texturing!!

It's not just clothes and accessories available at the event either, there are many prop/decor creators involved and you can really put together an awesome desolate looking hangout or living space.

If you haven't checked out Remarkable Oblivion's offering at the March round of the Arcade, it also fits right in with this theme!! Love these boots and all the little details in them.

Hope you peeps like the looks we've put together, I had so much fun with this :D

On Me (solo shot and left):
Jumpsuit - !gO! - Army - Brown *TSA*
Scarf - CerberusXing [CX] -The Wanderer Scarf - Dirt *TSA*
Boots - Remarkable Oblivion - Last Stand Gacha - Boots Mod1 RARE *The Arcade*
Mask - [SWaGGa] - RoadWarrior Mask *TSA*
Headset - [ContraptioN] - Radio Gacha: Technician's Headphones *default* (old Arcade item)
GlovesRemarkable Oblivion - Azrael Gauntlets
Piercing - .ARISE. - Line Piercing *TSA*

Skin - Glam Affair - Alice Jamaica
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Barbarian Dreads
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Macey 11 *Skin Fair*
Undereye bruises - Clemme - At Deaths Door - transparent *Skin Fair*
Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Phantom Snow & Striking Rain
Tattoo - .Reckless. - Sago

Maitreya mesh body used

On Duchess (next to me):
Pants: Abandon Pants {brown} by Dead Dollz. *TSA*
Scarf: Abandon Scarf {brown} by Dead Dollz. *TSA*
Collar: Fringe leather collar by Tableau Vivant. *TSA*
Piercings: Line Piercing by ARISE. *TSA*
Bracelet: Apocalyspe bracer {coper} by Kibitz. *TSA*
Cuff: Badlands Wrist Cuff by Cellar Door. *TSA*
Mask: Ent Times Mask {black} by Meshed Up. *TSA*
Tattoo: Henna Body Tattoo {rare} by Demonic. (from FGC)
Knives: Rogue Dagger by Ariskea. (from FGC)
Skin: Aeryn {pale} by PXL *Skin Fair*
Hair: Sudden by Magika

On Sorchiee:
Hair-+elua+-Hollis 1&2-Blacks *Chapter4*
Hair Piece -Cellar Door-Badlands-Raven Hair Ornament *TSA*
Piercing -Cellar Door-The Badlands-Septum Piercing *TSA*
Cuff -Cellar Door-The Badlands-Wrist Cuff *TSA*
Belt -!gO!-army-12 *TSA*
Jumper -!gO!-army-12 Female *TSA*
Necklace -Azoury-Hibou Necklace *TSA*
Mask -[SWaGGa]-Captured Mask *TSA*
Pauldrons -The Forge-Tyre Pauldrons *TSA*
Harness -The Forge-Apocalypse Harness *TSA*
Boots -[Decoy]-Neve Boots-Black

On Kynne (right):
Horns : Pure Poison – Na-imah Horns.  *TSA*
Gas Mask and Armour : RO Remarkable Oblivion – Last Stand. *The Arcade*
Belt : !Go – from female overall outfit. *TSA*
Skirt : Pure Poison – Karis Skirt. *TSA*
Leggings : Tableau Vivant – leather skinnies.  *TSA*
Boots : Pure Poison – Alya Boots. 
Hair : MINA - Ashton, and hairbase MINA Bas. 
Arm Shield and Axe : 22769 – Outlander Gacha.  *TSA* 

{Reverie} Gimme Shelter Backpack - Moss *TSA* 
Ravenghost Incendiary Tree *TSA* 
Shelter with sandbags : 22769 – The Shelter *TSA* 
{RW} Bombed out scene *TSA* 
DRD post apoc hang-out *TSA* 
{vespertine}road signs

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