Tuesday, 12 November 2019


Enchantment is open with a new round - The Snow Queen! Check it out for lots of wintry creations!


Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Sapphire
 Lips: Glam Affair
Eyes Applier: unstable. - Frostbite Eyes *Enchantment*
Hair: tram - F1120

Frostbite Tattoo: unstable. - Frost Bite Shine Tattoo White *Enchantment*
Body Gems: ::Static:: - Frostbitten Body Gems - Mirror *Enchantment*
Background: ~ASW~ Adorably Strange Wares - Eira Backdrop  *Enchantment*

Sunday, 3 November 2019

By the Light of the Moon

By the Light of the Moon

[The Forge] releases a sexy new bodysuit called 'Naomi' at this month's round of FaMESHed! The bodysuit is available as a HUDpack, which allows you to change the colour of 4 separate sections. There are 15 colour options and 3 metal choices too! 'Naomi' is rigged to fit Maitreya Lara and Legacy mesh bodies. 
These demonic horns are also by [The Forge], currently available at Uber! There are 9 colour options.

The fishnet top is by .miss chelsea. It's a 2-part top, currently available at N21 event, with a HUD that allows you to show/hide parts (I've hidden the boobtube part for this look!). There are different colour options to choose from and it's rigged for 4 mesh bodies. 

A new round of Anthem is here and this little floaty moon by STOIC is available at the event. The hold animation occurs on attachment and the moon itself is animated in your hand. 

Azoury has some kinky new boots at, well, Kinky! 'La Consolante' are available in 4 colours, each including sizes for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, SLink HG and Legacy mesh bodies. The right boot comes as 2 versions, with or without an attached whip.

Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Ariel
Eye Makeup: Zibska
Lipgloss: Mudskin - Palvin lips
Hair: DOUX - Summer Day Rare

Horns: [The Forge] - Empusa Horns *Uber*
Bodysuit: [The Forge] Noami HUDPACK *FaMESHed*
Top: .miss chelsea. Popi Top Black *N21*
Boots: AZOURY - La Consolante *Kinky*
Handheld Moon: .STOIC. SEMI LUNA *Anthem*

Thursday, 31 October 2019

My Still Dead Heart

My Still Dead Heart

Halloween is the last day of the October pop up round of The Arcade, so there is still time to head on over and play for some spooky gacha treats! *Tentacio* has released the beautifully creepy 'Sebaciel' collection at the event, which includes this fabulous Dagger Heart.
The Halloween makeup shown is by Glam Affair. It comes as tattoo applier layers and system layers (BOM) for Lelutka mesh heads. 
The 'Rapace' gloves by Azoury, previously released at The Black Fair and now available in Azoury Mainstore, are designed to fit Maitreya Lara mesh body but may also work with others (demo!). They include left and right gloves with either Gold or Silver claw options. The beautifully intricate 'Coup du Sort' crown is also by Azoury. It include resizer options!

Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skull Makeup: Glam Affair - Lelutka Makeup - Halloween 02 
Eyes Applier: Euphoric - Unique Eyes
Crown: AZOURY - Coup du Sort Crown *Dark Style Fair*
Gloves: AZOURY - Rapace Hand
Daggered Heart: *Tentacio* - Sebaciel - Dagger Heart *TheArcade*
Gem Collar: FAKEICON / mary gems collar / black

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Noises in the Night

Noises in the Night

Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Lena

Eyes Applier: Mudskin - Etc Lens #4 *Anthem*
Hair: tram - I0922 *Anthem*

Lashes: Glam Affair - Mascara 007
Lip Gloss: Mudskin - Palvin Lips
Scar: Duckie

Jewellery: .Inkhole. Barbed Set ( Choker + Septum ) *Anthem*
Top: VINYL - Fike Cage & Top *Anthem*

Sunday, 13 October 2019

When the Demons Come Out

When the Demons Come Out

Aii & Ego have an awesome new demon tail at Okinawa event! The pack includes 3 versions - Animesh Omega, Bento Omega and Bento Baked on Mesh (with built in AO)! There are 4 sizes included too. The baked on mesh version automatically applies worn system skins and layers. There is armour and tail rings too that can be customised via the HUD, plus its mod! See Aii's Flickr ad and links to animation previews here
I had fun putting together this look with some older items too 😜

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Sapphire
Makeup: YS&YS - Immortal
Brows: {aii} + Fantasy Brows Pack III Blk & Wht 
Hair: Sintiklia - Titania 
Bodysuit: \// VoluptasVirtualis - Fortuna - Black
Chains: [CX] Mucronate Chains - Onyx
Collar: [CX] XenoCircuit - Night
Arms: ANTINATURAL [+] Mad Malice / Nightmare Lootbox Unlost Arms 
Tail: {egosumaii} + Daemonium Tail *OKINAWA*
Latex Applier: The Red Maid - Latex Symbiote
Orb: {egosumaii} + Shadow Orb Censor + 
Backdrop: [CX] Crucifix Corridor

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

I Want Candy

I Want Candy

Candy Thong & Lolipop Nipple: *Tentacio* - Sweet Girl (unrigged) *Kinky*
Hair: Stealthic - Porcelain

Body: Belleza Freya
Imperfections: Izzie's - Body Veins & Blemishes
Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina

Pose by Le Poppycock - Summer Meltdown A - Flow

Friday, 27 September 2019

Summer's End

Summer's End

I don't often take photo's of just decor items in Second Life. In truth, it really takes me out of my comfort zone. However, I felt compelled to capture a close up of the beautiful 'Summer's End' collection by Nutmeg, out now at Anthem event, as well as using for my main pic.
The items in the 'Summer's End' set can be purchased as a fatpack or individually. Of course, the fatpack comes with a discount compared to the individual prices. A couple of the items include animations, with the options of PG or Adult versions available. 
The details in this collection are absolutely stunning!!

The corset set by =Zenith= includes 2 different versions - with the shirt & tie, and without. The fatpack allows lots of mix 'n' match options! It can be found at Anthem until the end of the month!

Eudora3D has released the Rosemary Boots at the new round of Uber. These boots are rigged for Maitreya and are available in 3 colour packs (each with 12 colours) plus a fatpack option. All packs also include 4 metal options. 

Table, Chairs, Ladder, Chandelier and all items on table: Nutmeg - Summer's End *Anthem*
Building: Ayla. Old Garden Shed (light shingles) *Anthem*
Puppy: JIAN Splendid Spaniels 19. Floor Snoozer
Cello Case: =Zenith=vintage cello case (all colors)(rez)

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Hair: Truth - Labyrinth *Anthem*
Corset(+Shirt): =Zenith=BLACKPINK Corset A (FATPACK) *Anthem*
Boots: Eudora3D - Rosemary Boots *Uber*

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Lisbon City Break

Lisbon City Break

Truth's 'Labyrinth' updo includes versions with and without built-in hairbase, as well as 4 style options via the HUD. It can be found at the September round of Anthem!
The 'NightOut' bodysuit by Clef de Peau can be found at the same event in various colour options to fit a variety of mesh bodies. The top and thong are attached separately, allowing you to wear with your fave pants if you prefer!

Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Mesh Body: Belleza Freya
Hair: Truth - Labyrinth *Anthem*

Outfit: Clef de Peau - NightOut Bodysuit - Pistacio *Anthem*
Tram/Building Background: MINIMAL - Lisbon Tram Scene *Kustom9*

Skin: Glam Affair - Ariel
Lips: Mudskin - Palvin lips

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

A Day Off

Day Off

Miss Chelsea have released the 'Gala' Jumpsuit and Bomber set at September's Anthem. There are multiple colours/textures available for each, with fittings for Belleza Freya & Isis, SLink Hourglass, Maitreya Lara & Legacy. The HUD allows you to change the metal colour. 

AZOURY's L'Ingenieuse casual but stylish shoes are available in 5 colour options - Black, Red, Brown, Grey and Blue - to fit SLink, Maitreya & Legacy mesh bodies. I'm wearing Belleza Freya mesh body here and the SLink fit versions also work fine when using the 'SlinkFit' leg option in the Belleza body HUD (you don't need to use the feet!). There is also a male version available called L'Ingénieux.

Tentacio's 'Donut Day' set includes 3 donut boxes and a drink, which can be worn or rezzed as decor. It's available now at Equal 10

Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Mesh Body: Belleza Freya
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Ariel
Lipgloss: Mudskin - Palvin Lips
Hair: tram - I0522
Ears: Swallow - Pop Pixie

Jumpsuit: .miss chelsea. Gala Jumpsuit *Anthem*
Jacket: .miss chelsea. Gala Bomber *Anthem*
Shoes: AZOURY - L'Ingenieuse

Donuts & Drink: *Tentacio* - Donut Day *Equal10*
Roller Skates: *Tentacio* - Unicorn Day - Unicorn Skates *Kustom9*

Background: MINIMAL - Soho Build 
Pose (above): Le Poppycock - Breathing Space A - Space out 

Saturday, 21 September 2019



Glam Affair's 'Gabbi' skin applier for Lelutka Korina can be found at September's Collabor88. She is available in 12 skin tones, each with 4 brow colours and no brow version. There are system skin layers included for Baked on Mesh (BOM) application. 

Stealthic's latest release, 'Sultry', can also be found at this month's C88. There are 4 style options included (each side can be tucked behind the ears separately or both behind) and the hair includes small and large breast sizes. 

This gorgeously whimsical lip piercing by Yummy is at C88 too! It comes with a HUD to allow you to change the metal and the gemstone colours.

Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Gabbi *C88*
Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Lipgloss: Mudskin - Palvin Gloss
Eyes Applier: Euphoric - Estelle Eyes
Lashes: Glam Affair - Mascara 007

Hair: Stealthic - Sultry *C88*
Lip Piercing: (Yummy) Dahlia Lip Ring *C88*

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Vania Cyborg

Vania Cyborg

Vania Cyborg is the new sci-fi collection by Tentacio, available now at The Arcade!
The collection includes 16 commons and 1 rare item. The rare is the Cryogenic Chamber (which includes a pose). The common bodysuit is available to play for in 5 colours - black, white, blue, silver and pink. The cyborg legs, bras, arm terminals, visors and leg bands all come in black or white versions, and there is also a spine connection accessory to complete the set! The bodysuit, bra and cyborg legs are all rigged for Maitreya Lara mesh body, with the arm terminals, visors and leg bands being resizeable. 

Outfit & Accessories: Tentacio - Vania Cyborg *The Arcade*
Crogenic Chamber: Tentacio - Vania Cyborg RARE *The Arcade*
Hair: DOUX - Pink
Sky Box: anxiety %J-F01S

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Oni Ninja

Find the 'Oni Ninja' set by [The Forge] at The Arcade for September!
The collection includes 3 rares - mask, hudpack bodysuit and glaive staff - as well as 20 common single-colour jackets and bodysuits. The rares all contain huds allowing your to change the colour of different surfaces of the item. 

Oni Ninja

Bodysuit, Jacket, Mask & Glaive Staff: [The Forge] - Oni Ninja Gacha Collection *TheArcade*
Boots: [The Forge] - Nicole Boots *FaMESHed*

Body: Maitreya Lara
Hair: Pink Hustler - Disordered Hair 3

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Warm September Days

So, I've been kind of quiet for the last couple of weeks due to RL stuff but I'm back and enjoying some of the last days of Summer with these sweet drink treats by Tentacio! 😉

Warm September Days

The 'Summer Drinks' collection by Tentacio is at Kustom 9 until 10th September. The collection includes 5 sweet treats, including the pink lemonade, vintage milkshake and coco fruit shown. These can be worn or rezzed as decor. 

Glam Affair's 'Jean' skin applier for Lelutka Korina is also currently at Kustom 9. She is available in 12 skin tones, each with 4 brow colours and a no-brow option. In addition, there are also 3 optional freckle layers included. 

Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skin Applier (with optional freckles): Glam Affair - Jean *Kustom9*
Eyes Applier: Euphoric - Estelle *Kinky*
Lipgloss: Mudskin - Palvin Lips 
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Hair: DOUX - Mecca

Drinks/Treats: Tentacio - Summer Drinks *Kustom9*
Dress: =Zenith= - Summer Lace Dress 

Scenery: 8f8 - Empty Spaces Collection

Below pictures are unedited, taken with Black Dragon viewer
Glam Affair 'Jean' in tone 005 
Left with options as above, Right clean skin

Wednesday, 14 August 2019



Glam Affair has released 'Rylee', a new skin applier created for Lelutka's Korina mesh head, at the August round of Anthem
Rylee is available in 12 skin tones, each of which include 4 brow colours and a no-brow version in the HUD. 

LaGyo has released a new 'Safari' jewellery set at Anthem. There are 4 metals to choose from and each includes a HUD for the colour of the stone. 

Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Rylee *Anthem*
Lashes: Glam Affair - Eyelash Mascara [ Lelutka ] 007
Eyes Applier: Euphoric - Unique Eyes Applier ~[Lelutka]Pack#03
Hair: Stealthic - Porcelain (Misc.) *C88*
Necklace: LaGyo - Safari Set *Anthem*
Top: SAVIN - Meredit Bra - White *Anthem*

Below pics are unedited, Taken in Black Dragon (apologies for jagged shadows, still getting used to BD settings!)
Showing Glam Affair Rylee in tones 002, 005, 007 & 009

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Pool Play

Pool Play

Inkhole's 'Gigi' bikini can be found at the August round of Anthem in 3 sizes (Belleza Freya, SLink Hourglass and Maitreya Lara) and lots of colours from Hot Pink and Bright Green to Black, Nude and White. There is also a fatpack available in case you can't make your mind up!
The water pistol by Spoiled can also be found at Anthem. There are different poses for holding the pistol and a HUD to allow to change colour (45 colours for mix n match combos!).

DOUX's new 'wet hair' style can be found at their mainstore. You'll need the deluxe HUD to add the water droplets and it also allows four style options. 

Mesh Body: Belleza Freya
Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Rylee *Anthem*
Hair: DOUX - Mishi *New@Mainstore*

Water Drops Body Applier: MdlM - When You're Hot
Body Veins: Izzie's - Body Veins & Blemishes

Bikini: .Inkhole. Gigi Bikini *Anthem*
Water Pistol: Spoiled - Super Soaker Interactive Water Gun Fatpack *Anthem*

Backdrop: #selfie_RAMA - 'Hello Gorgeous' Neon Wall Panel 

Inworld Gyazo Here

Monday, 5 August 2019

Hitchin' a Ride

Anthem is back with a new round of awesome creations!!

Hitchin' a Ride

RKKN. have released 'Thea's Jeans Jacket' at the event. This sexy shirt is available in various denim colour options, each one including optional undershirt with colour HUD and the choice of 4 graphics for the back of the shirt (which can be added as either colour or B&W). There are 4 sizes included - Belleza Freya, SLink HG, Maitreya Lara and TMP Legacy.

The fun and colourful watch and bracelets set is by [ kunst ]. There are colour HUDs for each of the separate bracelets, allowing mix n' match with lots of customisation!


Mesh Body: Belleza Freya
Denim Shirt: RKKN. Thea's Jeans Jacket Black
Bracelets & Watch: [ kunst ] - Hawaii Set  *Anthem*
Hair: DOUX - Summertime Gacha - Summer Day Hairstyle #1 RARE *TheEpiphany*
Sunglasses: Sorgo - Atom Shades Dark

Landscape: Milk Motion - Road to Nowhere

Below, as above except:

Hair: DOUX - Mecca
Sunglasses: not so bad . mesh . DINA sunglasses *Anthem*

Inworld gyazo of the look!

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Garden Fairy

Garden Fairy

Mesh Head: Lelutka Aida
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Toshia
Blush: Zibska - Hadria Blush
Hair: tram - I0624 hair(B) *C88*
Flower Headpiece: *LODE* Head Accessory - Anna Wreath [pink] RARE *ShinyShabby*
Dress: :Moon Amore: Rosaline Dress / Pure

Saturday, 3 August 2019

I Am Mother

I Am Mother

Pregnancy Corset: Azoury - The Eyes of the Truth *Cosmopolitan*
Helmet: Azoury - Whisper
Robotic Arms: Azoury - Human Revolution 

Collar: CerberusXing - XenoCircuit 
Chestpiece: CerberusXing - Skin Deep 
Skinsuit: Antinatual[+] - Deathracer Secondskin Suit (VIP Reward)

Backdrop: #Cranked# Backdrop Cyberpunk 2077

Thursday, 1 August 2019



Cassy is a new Lelutka mesh head applier by Glam Affair and can be found at the current round of Uber! Cassy has been created for Lelutka Korina and is available in 12 skin tones, each with 4 brow colours and a no-brow version included. The HUD also contains 3 optional freckle/mole layers. 

Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Cassy tone 005 with optional freckles *Uber*
Hair: tram - H1028
Eyes: Euphoric - Unique
Lashes: Glam Affair -  Eyelash Mascara [ Lelutka ] 007

Below pictures are unedited, taken with Black Dragon viewer 
using Shadow windlight, no additional lighting
Left to Right: Tone002, Tone005 (incl. optional freckles at 50% opacity), Tone005, Tone007

Saturday, 27 July 2019


Black Roses 


Lingerie: [The Forge] - Rose *FaMESHedX*
Hair: tram - I0522
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Pose: Le Poppycock - Sitting Pretty


Lingerie: [The Forge] - Rose *FaMESHedX*
Hair: DOUX - Summer Day RARE *The Epiphany*
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Pose: an lar [poses] - Arwen Series

Forge Rose @ Fameshed X

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Sea Breeze

Get ready for some days at sea with this month's nautical-themed Anthem!

Sea Breeze

The overalls and shirt (sold separately) by RKKN are available in various colours/patterns and include fits for Maitreya Lara, SLink HG and Belleza Freya. 
The moccasins by EQUAL are unisex and include sizes for various mesh bodies, along with colour HUD. 

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Ariel
Hair: DOUX - Summer Day Hairstyle #1 RARE *The Epiphany*
T-Shirt: RKKN. Carly's Top Pattern4 *Anthem*
Overalls: RKKN. Carly's Overall Navy *Anthem*
Shoes: EQUAL - Max Mocassins *Anthem*

Scene Decor: ::no13::Sea tin house gacha *Anthem*
Seagulls: !Ohmai - Herring Gull 
Pose by Le Poppycock - *Dear Autumn* Who Has Seen the Wind? (leg and feet adjusted slightly with Animare)

Saturday, 20 July 2019



Outfit/Lingerie: [The Forge] - Aimee *Crystal Heart*
Hair: DOUX - Mecca

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Ariel
Eye Makeup: Zibska (one of the noir packs! I forgot which)
Lipstick: Glam Affair

Below screenshot shows Aimee Fatpack HUD

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Welcome to the Neon Age

Glam Affair has released a new skin applier for Lelutka Korina mesh head at Uber!
'Kim' is available in 12 skin tones, each with 4 brow colours and a no brow option.

Welcome to the Neon Age

Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Kim *Uber*
Eye Makeup: Zibska - Tomi Eyemakeup *The Season's Story*
Hair: tram - I0618 hair(A) (fatpack exclusive hud) *Uber*
Moles: Glam Affair - Lelutka Moles Set
Clothing: toksik - Outsider Parka

Backdrop: The Bearded Guy - Natsukashii Backdrops /New Memories 

Facial expression, head position and eye position in above pic controlled by Lelutka Face Axis HUD

Below pics unedited, showing Glam Affair Kim
Left to Right: Tone 002 - Tone 005 (with makeup) - Tone 005 (clean skin) - Tone 007
Advanced Lighting and Shadows On
Daytime Shadows Windlight with additional lighting from Lumipro

Zibska Tomi includes various mesh head appliers with 12 colours in HUD

Tomi Eyemakeup display

Saturday, 13 July 2019

The Alliance of the Foreigner

The Alliance of the Foreigner

Skull Head: Azoury - The alliance of the foreigner *FaMESHed*
Flowers Headpiece: *LODE* Head Accessorry - Vanilla around Face [original] RARE
Halo: ANTINATURAL[+] Lost Saints / Marian Halo / GOLD *Lootbox*
Gloves: ANTINATURAL[+] Lost Saints / Hands of God / LOOTBOX *Lootbox*
Suit: Hotdog - Tailored Suit

Sunday, 7 July 2019



'Saulo' is the new skin applier by Stray Dog for Lelutka male mesh heads. It's available at Anthem event in 3 skin tones (4, 5 and 6) and there are natural, freckled and sun-cream versions includes with each.

Below pic shows unedited 'Saulo'
Left to Right: Tone04 sunscreen - Tone05 freckles - Tone06 natural
Advanced Lighting and Shadows on, Daytime Shadows windlight
All shown with 'Shadow' facial hair included in Lelutka HUD

The hair is by Dura and also available at this month's round of Anthem. The style HUD includes 4 style versions, there are 2 lengths to choose from and the option of the hair falling in the face on each length.  

Mesh Head: Lelutka Guy
Skin Applier: Stray Dog - Saulo *Anthem*
Hair: Dura - Game4 *Anthem*

Sunday, 30 June 2019



'Dorota' by Glam Affair is for GENUS classic mesh head and is available in 12 skin tones, each with 4 brow options and no brow version included. There are also 3 optional freckle layers in the HUD!

Cute new bob by tram is available at Uber event. There are 2 style versions included and the fatpack includes bonus HUD!

Mesh Head: Genus Classic
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Dorota (+optional freckles)
Hair: tram - I0618 hair(A) *Uber*
Wreath: *LODE* Head Accesory - Camilla Wreath Wild Tulips [white]
Eyes: Ikon
Septum: [ kunst ]

Below images are unedited - Daylight Shadows windlight
Advanced Lighting and Shadows on
Left to Right: Tone 002 - 005 - 007

Saturday, 29 June 2019



Get the fabulous 'Maea' set by Zibska discounted at We Love Roleplay only until 30th June!
The eye makeup includes 12 bold colours and appliers for various mesh heads. The accessory set also includes a colour HUD allowing you change the colours of 2 sections. 

Find more info about the beautiful 'Lake' skin applier by Glam Affair in my previous post here!

Mesh Head: Lelutka Korina
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Lake *Summerfest*
Eye Makeup: Zibska - Maea Eye Makeup *We<3RP*
Accessory Set: Zibska - Maea *We<3RP*
Eyes Applier: Euphoric - Unique