Friday, 20 March 2015

Go Fish!

So this slightly unusual mask made by *Cila* gave me a slightly different kind of inspiration for a pic than many of the other items found at the current round of The Secret Affair. One of the things I love about the creators in Second Life is that they really let their imaginations go wild and there is always someone who will come up with something that completely surprises me. This mask did just that and I couldn't resist doing a shot with it. Although it's named 'The End', I went for a slightly lighter picture theme today. The mask gave me my underwater theme and I thought these lashes has a kind of wild underwater feel to them too (for me anyway lol).
The absolutely fabulous lashes are by Zibska and can be found at the Fashion for Life event when it opens on 21 March. 100% of sales of these lashes will be donated to the Fashion for Life fund raiser as part of the Relay for Life in SL. There are 14 colours, changeable via HUD menu and the lashes include full, upper and lower only versions.
The cute corset I'm wearing is by *Tentacio* and comes in 5 different versions. It can be found at the first round of the new IDK event.
Kustom 9 began a new round a couple of days ago and although I'm not usually one to choose pigtails, these long flowing ones by [taketomi] had me hurrying on over there.
And it really is events galore, because a new round of Shiny Shabby is about to commence to. {anc} has made some new decor items and the halo's come with poses included too, although I haven't actually used those poses today.

Mask - *Cila* - The End Mask - Pure *TSA*
Corset - *Tentacio* - Kaorinette - Blue *IDK*
Hair - [taketomi] - Junko - Platinums *Kustom9*
Eyelashes - Zibska - Flashes Lashes 02 *Fashion for Life*
Eyes - IKON - Deadshine - Denim

Scenery by {anc}
Triangle Tiles Exotic Blues and Iron Halo’s *Shiny Shabby*

Unedited Shot
The Landmarks:
Fashion For Life (opens March 21st)
Shiny Shabby (opens March 20th 12pm)

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