Sunday, 11 November 2018


Grimm's Fairy Tales is the theme for the new round of the Enchantment event!! It's an open choice round for Second Life's designers to inspire with the various characters found in our favourite fairy tales. 

Les Sucreries de Fairy has created the 'Gretel's Delight' gacha set, with cute outfits full of sweet treats to play for! The rare is a fatpack of the items in red, including 2 dress versions, skirt and top combo, and a matching collar. The common prizes are each of the outfit versions in 4 more colours. 
Bee designs have also gone with the Hansel & Gretel theme to create this wonderful house and lots of Christmas-themed sweet treats for decor. 


Le Poppycock have created a beautiful pose collection, including tree and dove props. The set is available to play for as gacha and each prize includes wearable pose props (awesome for use on no-rez sims!!) and standard animations. 
Eudora3D have a cute socks and heel combo available at this round of Enchantment, with HUDs for both socks and shoes giving lots of colour combo's!!

Also, still in love with the cute plaits by Lamb at Collabor88 XD

Dress & Collar: Les Sucreries de Fairy - Gretel's Delight *Enchantment*
House: Bee designs Hansel & Gretel's Christmas Gacha 2 RARE *Enchantment*
Pose (including tree and dove): Le Poppycock *Juniper Tree* Whispered Song *Enchantment*
Socks: Eudora3D Belle Heels&Socks *Enchantment*
Hair: Lamb - Bliss *C88*
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara

Gretel's delight :)) Gretel's delight :))


Lovin' the new outfit by R2 at Collabor88!
Also, cute hair by Lamb at same event XD


Dress & Boots: R2 A/D/E - Azumi *C88*
Hair: Lamb - Bliss *C88*
Mesh Head: Genus
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Milly 002
Robotic Hand: omnis - BlackWidow

Wednesday, 7 November 2018



Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Morgana *TheEpiphany*
Mesh Head: Lelutka Simone
Pink Stripe: Zibska - Tero (appliers include multiple colours!) *WLRP*
Hair: Magika - Chapters
Harness: [The Forge] - Shiva
Arm: [omnis] - BlackWidow 
Sword: [The Forge] - Annihilate Sword, Steel *FaMESHed*

More info the 'Tero' applier and 'Annihilate Sword', plus another pic here

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Ready & Waiting

Two looks - One pair of boots! 
The 'Domina' boots by Eudora3D are available in 3 packs, each with 12 colours, and a 36 colour Fatpack, which give the option of colouring the side laces separate from the main boot. They also include 3 sole colours and a choice of metal options. 

[The Forge] has released a couple of new katana swords at the new round of FaMESHed. Each includes both steel and black versions, along with a tint HUD for colour sections.
Zibska has a few new releases for We Love Roleplay. I love this warpaint style tattoo applier, called 'Tero'. There are 2 versions, one that goes onto the lip and another that finishes below the lip. There are 10 colours included with with Lelutka, LAQ, Catwa & Omega head appliers and Maitreya, Belleza & Omega body appliers. 


Boots: Eudora3D - Domina
Lingerie: Belle Epoque - Charlotte *Kinky*


Boots: Eudora3D - Domina
Bodysuit: [The Forge] - Elle Bodice
Mask: [The Forge] - Psy Queen - Headset Rare
Warpaint Applier: Zibska - Tero *WLRP*
Hair: Stealthic - Ivy *Kustom9*
Katana Sword: [The Forge] - Annihilate Sword, Steel *FaMESHed*

Both pictures feature poses by FoxCity and backgrounds by Minimal. 

Saturday, 27 October 2018


[The Forge] have some fab new headphones at Uber! Available in 6 colours - White, Black, Blue, Red, Pink & Worn - each with tint hud for the glowy bits! They are resizeable too. 
The collar is also by [The Forge], called 'Xane, one of a new collar collection available at FaMESHed X. It's available in 5 colours and includes rigged versions for Maitreya and Hourglass, plus an unrigged version.


The gorgeous skin applier is by Glam Affair, called 'Aradia', and she is available at Access now until Nov 7th. She has been created especially for Lelutka Simone, so do be sure to demo if you plan to use with other Lelutka mesh heads.
Aradia is available for purchase is Glam Affairs 12 new skin tones, each including 4 brow colours and no brow version.

Mesh Head: Lelutka Simone
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Aradia 002 *Access*
Lashes: Lelutka Lash Set 1
Eye Makeup: Zibska - Bliss Eye Makeup *The Season's Story*
Lipstick: Zibska - Akane 
Eyes Applier: Euphoric - Unique Eyes Pack 03
Collar: [The Forge] - Xane Collar - White *FaMESHed X*
Headphones: [The Forge] - Techtronic Headphones - White *Uber*
Hair: Stealthic - Ivy *Kustom9*

Friday, 26 October 2018


[The Forge] has released a new set of collars at FaMESHed X
The 'Rayne' collar is available in black, oil, red, pink and white, with each colour including rigged size for Maitreya Lara and SLink HG, plus an urigged version. Also look out for the 'Xane' collar (includes rigged and non-rigged versions) and 'Buckle' collar (unrigged).
The skin I'm wearing is from the very awesome 'Morgana' gacha collection by Glam Affair at the current round of The Epiphany. This fabulous skin set is for Lelutka mesh heads and you can check out pics of the full set plus more info in my previous post here


Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Morgana 08 *The Epiphany*
Mesh Head: Lelutka Simone
Eye Appliers: Suicidal Unborn - Darcey
Hair: Stealthic - Fleeting
Collar: [The Forge] - Rayne Collar *FaMESHed X*

Saturday, 13 October 2018

When Clowns Cry

Glam Affair have created the very gorgeous 'Morgana' skin applier for Lelutka mesh heads, soon available at The Epiphany. This gacha collection includes multiple skin tones and some very fabulous make-ups, from clown and doll designs, to bloody noses, freckled faces and bewitching styles!
Each prize includes 4 eyebrow colours and no brow version.

When Clowns Cry

Above Credits:

Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Morgana 06 (tone 002) *ComingSoon@TheEpiphany*
Mesh Head: Lelutka Simone
Eyes Applier: .euphoric ~Unique Eyes  Applier ~Pack#03 *Access*
Hair: tram - G0718 
Flower: *LODE* Head Accessory - Phebe [red]
Choker: nani - kunoichi - rose choker 2 
Collar: *katat0nik* - Ruffle Collar

Shape is my own. 


Prizes 01 and 02 are skin tone 001.
Prizes 03 to 06 are skin tone 002.
Prizes 07 and 08 are skin tone 004.
Prize 09 is skin tone 005.
Prizes 10 to 12 are skin tone 006.
Prizes 13 to 15 are skin tone 007.
Prizes 16 and 17 are skin tone 008.
Prize 18 is skin tone 009.
Prizes 19 to 22 are RARE items and are 'clean' skin versions of Morgana in tones 002, 006, 007 and 008. 
Also, look out for The Epiphany very seasonal Exclusives!!

Below images are unedited, with advanced lighting switched on and shadows switched off.