Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Midsummer Night Valentine - It's A Secret Affair

One thing I do love in particular about virtual worlds is the ability they give us to be anything we want. I do enjoy changing my second life avatar around and  this was one of the reason's I started this second life fashion blog. Many of my regular readers will have noticed how I love to make pictures with Dolly, using the ball jointed doll avatar by *COCO*, and today is no exception!
Another thing I love is the shear number of wonderful and imaginative creators that allow us to make our avatars what we want in Second Life and the number of wonderful events that showcase their creations... Next up? The Secret Affair opened today and here is a peak at what you can find there ;)
This event is themed on medieval masquerade and Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream, with various role play and fantasy styled items available. I adore this dress by Aisling, which is available in 2 colour styles that are exclusive for the event. The corset section can also be worn alone without the skirt and the sleeves are separate allowing various mix n' match combinations with other things as well. There is also a HUD which allowed the texture to be changed on some of the skirt panels, the sleeves, corset laces and the metals.
I'm also loving some of the new hairs by Moon, including this lovely long style (the new texture range is fab too - just getting that out there!)
The Secret Affair also gives gacha addicts the fix they need, with many of the creators having a gacha machine at their stands in addition to their vendor item. May's Soul has a 'Princess Day' gacha offering various crowns and headpieces and they are all lovely!

Dress (including accessories) - Aisling - Valentine - Lace *The Secret Affair* 
Hair - Moon - Wight Birth *The Secret Affair* 
Headpiece - May's Soul - Princess Day - Eternum Headpiece Silver (common)  *The Secret Affair* 
Doll avatar by *COCO*

Poses by Grafica - "duwiau" series *NEW* 
Chandelier by Ravenghost "Midsummer Nights Chandelier" *The Secret Affair* 
Lace Curtain by Scarlet Creative from June's Arcade
Poppies by Boudoir

Raw & Cropped Image
Landmark to The Secret Affair
Landmark to Grafica Poses
Pics taken at The Trace

Raw & Cropped Image

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