Thursday, 13 February 2014

I can still feel your sweet caress...

Not sure how much of a proper blog post this can be considered to be..but anyway...
Today was supposed to be a busy blogging day for me - I have so many things I really want to show you! But apparently my sensible head disappeared, my planning went out the window and my 'lets get arty and just have fun' head took over. This happened right about the time I unpacked Amorette by Zibska, which inspired my pics today.
Amorette is a pretty little floral piece available for the Timeless Romance gacha round of L'accessoires, open until March 8th. There are 7 common colours available and a rare colour-change version inclusive of 11 petal colours at just 50L per play.
Dolly got all pretty with seablue Amorette and made another little visit to Annwn Willows.
Hope you like the pics =)

Mesh Avatar - *COCO*
Doll Head - *COCO* - 001V
Monster Limbs - *COCO* - Nude
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Campbell

Amorette by Zibska available at L'accessoires gacha

Upper pose by Roquai - Fire series - Flame
Lower pose by Morphine Store

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