Thursday, 27 February 2014

Close Your Eyes... And Wait For The Surprise

Actually lots of surprises in store, with the new round of The Arcade just around the corner, starting March 1st.
.::Pure Poison::. has a 'cute little things' gacha with some adorable original mesh for the event. There are a variety of shoes as prizes, including toe-post sandals, flat pumps and the cutest caterpillar crocs like those Dolly is shown wearing. Each come in a few different colours. There are also 3 cuddly 'Lovelyna' dolls in the gacha (1 rare), with a total of 21 prizes to collect (3 rare).
The shoes are all designed for SLink flat feet but they are adjustable so you could make them fit standard avatar feet or in the case of the caterpillar crocs you can make them fit COCO doll, as I have done!
And yes, that's pink you seen again. Dolly wanted pink and... well she always seems to get her own way ;)

Mesh Doll Avatar & Insect Wings - *COCO*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Snowfall 
Shoes - .::Pure Poison::. - Purple & Pink Caterpillar Crocs RARE - 50L/play *Coming soon@The Arcade*
Plush Doll - .::Pure Poison::. - Pink Lovelyna RARE - 50L/play *Coming soon@The Arcade*
Headpiece - Zibska - Wrona
Parasol Prop - Remarkable Oblivion - Daiquiri RARE (From Jan OMGacha)

Pose by Roquai - "See No Evil" Part of the COCO Doll "No" Series
Includes sphere prop (standard texture gold, can be changed to suit you!)
The poses are also adorable (this is just a post abundantly-filled with adorable :P) are an absolute must for any doll's inventory! 4 static poses included (no see, no speak and no hear x2).

Pics taken at the forever favourite "Annwn Willows"

Roquai >>

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