Sunday, 20 November 2016


[LAB737]'s new clothing range Inverse, made exclusively for Belleza Isis and Freya mesh bodies, have brand new releases at Enchantment and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The 'Inverse' range is available in noir or snow highly detailed leather textures that are materials enabled.
The 'Juno' pants are a low slung, loose leather combat style with lots of details. The best and gloves come in matching leather textures and can be found as part of the 'Hyperion' gacha at FGC.

Toast have released this incredibly cool new animated backpack with pulsing light and moving fan available in 4 different colours - black, grey, red and white. The speed of the fan can be adjusted faster or slower, and you can also change the colour of the glow light.


Backpack: Toast - Backpack Black *New*
Pants: [LAB737] Inverse - Juno Pants - Noir *Enchantment*
Vest: [LAB737] Inverse - Hyperion Noir Vest *FGC*
Gloves: [LAB737] Inverse - Hyperion Noir Gloves *FGC*
Mask: Bauhaus Movement - Anime Beats Mask
Hair: Besom - Burn Down
Boots: Tonktastic - B52
Tattoo: Prodigy Ink 7P - Cyberpunk

Poses by Grafica - 'cariad' and 'lansio' unisex poses *New@Men Only Monthly*

Belleza Isis mesh body and Catwa Destiny mesh head used

The background in main pic is by frozenstocks on deviantArt. 

The Landmarks:
Toast Mainstore
Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Men Only Monthly

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