Saturday, 26 November 2016

Brrrr... It's Cold!

TGIF!! And yes, it is definitely a bit chilly!
But it's OK, I'm getting all snug with the new 'Winter Gacha' collection by Astralia & Beusy, who have collaborated for the current round of Kustom 9!
There are 2 rare items - a hair with beanie and a hair with earmuffs. Each includes a HUD that will allow for colour change of the accessory and gems. Both hairs are unrigged. 
The common items include scarves, gloves and holdable yummy hot chocolate mugs - there are 4 versions of each.

Brrrr...It's Cold!

Glam Affair has a new Catwa Applier release - meet 'Barbara'. 
This winter collection of 'Barbara' in polar skin tone can be found at the current round of Whimsical. There are 6 versions priced at 599L$ each. 
You can also find a 'Barbara' gacha at Kustom 9, which includes 3 rare and 12 commons, for skin tones ranging from Artic to Africa with various makeups for 99L per play. 

Main Pic:

Hat/Hair: Beusy x Astralia - Winter Gacha - Estelle Hair & Beanie Rare  *Kustom9*
Scarf/Gloves/Hot Chocolate Mug: Beusy x Astralia  - Winter Gacha commons *Kustom9*
Sweater: =Zenith= - Autumn Dressing Gacha
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Barbara Polar 4 *Whimsical*
(Shown on Catwa Destiny)


Skin Affair Barbara Polar 1-6 @ *Whimsical*
Hair/Earmuffs: Beusy x Astralia - Winter Gacha - Aza Hair & Earmuffs Rare *Kustom9*

The Landmarks:
Kustom 9

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