Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Meanwhile....In Toy Town

Meanwhile... in Toy Town, the elves are enjoying a few days of play and rest before getting down to the business of toys for next Christmas. Dolly is also enjoying play and can't resist the cuteness of the new kittens.

OK so when I did the pic for this post I actually had much more story in mind, but as I finished it at 5am in the morning and preferred bed to blogging at that time I didn't get anything down. So, as you can guess it kinda went out of my head lol. I'll let you finish it off yourselves ;)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I'd planned to do a festive post before the big day (so many awesome seasonal goodies out there at current events) but it never happened due to holidays being amazingly busy so far!

Anyway the items in this post work well for the rest of winter too! Starting with the enchanting paper trees and gingerbread house by Artisan Fantasy, which are available at We Love Roleplay. The gingerbread house is actually much smaller as standard size and would look awesome inside a cosy kitchen etc. with other pieces available as part of the set. But for Toy Town of course, I made it a lil' bigger. WLRP ends last day of the Dec and until then, all the items at the event are discounted 25-50%. There is no WLRP in Jan so make sure you get your fill of fantasy and RP goodies there in Dec!

The adorable kittens are by Jian and can be found at the Winter Gacha Event. The commons are wearable and come in lots of different versions, including the ginger tabby, brown tabby and black kittens shown. They are animated too, making them extra cute. There are 3 rare decor pieces, which include the kitten in the gift box shown below.

Also, for more gacha goodness, check out May's Soul at the Midwinter Fair until 31st Dec, which is where you'll find these cheeky little elves for 40L per play.

Meanwhile.... In Toy Town

Doll avatar: *COCO* FashionDoll with Mia head - Peach
Dress: *COCO* - FashionDoll Lace Dress - White
Hair: Truth - Jinx

Paper Trees, Gingerbread house & log pile: Artisan Fantasy *WLRP*
Elves: May's Soul - Elf Story (commons) *Midwinter Fair*
Kittens: Jian - A Very Kitten Christmas *Winter Gacha Festival*

Pose by Del May - Pit Stop

The Landmarks:

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