Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sirens - Sneak peak for Enchantment!

A brand new version of the Enchantment event is just around the corner! 
Opening August 14th, the focus of this round is all things The Little Mermaid (& not just the Disney version!). As a little teaser, I got together with Duchess & Sorchiee yesterday to show off some of the enchanting new goodies available. We're all wearing the new Dafne dress by !gO!, which you'll be able to get your hands on once the event has opened. 
And... after taking the pic we went to show them off at the Feel Good bar over on Nymphai for some trivia to really get everyone in the mood for the event! I had a blast meeting a bunch of you guys there (is nice to put actual people to some of the names you see across Flickr lol). I was also blown away by Sorchiee serenading us all with her best Ariel impressions! There are going to be some other mini-events going on during Enchantment too, so keep an eye out for them and come meet everyone!
We're also all wearing one of the gorgeous new updo's by [Entwined], which you'll find at this month's We Love Roleplay - remember get it there with a discount before it goes to store!!

See Duchess's version of the pic here or check her blog post ;)

Sorchiee on the left:
Dress - !gO! - Dafne dress - rainbow blue *Coming soon@Enchantment*
Necklace - Charm (formerly Keystone) - Sorcha Collar *Coming soon@Enchantment*
Jewellery - Charm {formerly Keystone} - Beulah *Coming soon@Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Hair AccessoryNSP - Hibiscus Hair Flower *Coming soon@Enchantment*
Hair - [Entwined] - Adela *WLRP*

Duchess - centre:
Dress - !gO! - Dafne dress - rainbow purple *Coming soon@Enchantment*
Headdress - deviousMind - OceanHairdress - Mint Breeze
Necklace - Charm (formerly Keystone) - Sorcha Collar *Coming soon@Enchantment*
ArmletKibitz - Sisanie Armlet *Coming soon@Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Hair - [Entwined] - Adela *WLRP*
Head - Genesis - Julia Relaxed/Milk (gacha) *Kustom9* 
StaffSiren’s Call - Moonlight Starr *WLRP*

Alisa (meeee!) on the right:
Dress - !gO! - Dafne dress - rainbow blue *Coming soon@Enchantment*
Jewellery - *GA* - Jewels Celeste *Coming soon@Enchantment*
Hair - [Entwined] - Adela *WLRP*
Skin - [PUMEC] Yasmin #2 Summer (on Lelukta Stella & Maitreya Lara)

Sea Horse - Mermaid’s Delight by Fawny *Gacha Garden* 
Bubbles - {anc}

The Landmarks:

& You'll have to wait for the FGC & Enchantment!!

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