Saturday, 30 May 2015

Rabbit in the Moon

It's that time again...
A new round of The Arcade opens in Second Life on Monday 1st June and here is a sneak preview of the goodies on offer by *Tentacio* in another collaboration done with Antielle!
I love this "Rabbit in the Moon" set - it's soooo cute! There are 3 rares available - 2 kimono style dresses and the rabbit Okobo sandals (which come with colour change HUD). The texturing of the dresses is divine and I adore the bunnies. The shoes are unrigged so you can make them fit the flat feet of your choice.
The commons include some cute mini-dresses in 5 different colours, matching okobo sandals, 3 bags and some yummy looking goodies!

You still have until 5th June to head to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival too, where you'll find a couple of the prop/decor pieces I've used today.

I'm still wearing the Lelutka mesh head. I'm getting used to it - a bit. I still do miss my own face shape I have to admit, but the quality and smoothness you get with the mesh heads is completely unrivalled by what the standard avatar can offer. Anyone who wishes to tell me "I told you so" feel free to do so now :P

Dress/Kimono - Tentacio - Rabbit in the Moon - Yukata Lolita Gothic RARE *Coming soon@The Arcade*
Shoes - Tentacio - Rabbit in the Moon - Rabbit Okobo RARE *Coming soon@The Arcade*
HairsticksRabbit in the Moon - Hairsticks Common *Coming soon@The Arcade*
SweetsRabbit in the Moon - Odango Common *Coming soon@The Arcade*
BagRabbit in the Moon - White Sac Common *Coming soon@The Arcade*

Lelutka Undivided Stella with Glam Affair Stella Polar applier
Maitreya Lara body, hands and feet

Hair - D!va - Juno - Platinum

Pose by Bauhaus Movement - "Shyla"

Fish shop daughters Lotus by {anc} (common) *FGC*
lantern temari bota by {anc}
gongdeng by =Zenith= (common) *FGC*

Full Gacha Key:

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