Thursday, 14 May 2015

Catch of The Day

Second Life fantasy lovers will be in heaven this week, with the opening of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival a couple of days ago and the new round of The Secret Affair beginning tomorrow at noon!
If things seem a little fishy with little dolly being the 'catch of the day', that's down to the new "Fish Shop Daughters" set by {anc} at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and the "Fisherman's Place" set by [ zerkalo ] at The Secret Affair. Our fishermen have not only caught these stunningly detailed wearable fish by {anc} but also dolly who is desperately clutching her precious gold pendant by lassitude & ennui! I'm sure they are in for a surprise ;)
Both the exquisite Ultra Rare Antique Aquarium and the realistic fisherman's place set include animations as well, so perfect for role play scenes or just somewhere to hang out!

Antique Aquarium (Ultra Rare), Lotus flowers (commons) & wear fish (commons) by {anc} at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival - "Fish Shop Daughters"

Crates & Sacks by [ zerkalo ] coming soon to The Secret Affair - "Fisherman's Place"

Hair by Argrace - Tsumugi

Necklace by lassitude & ennui coming soon to The Secret Affair - "Foreboding Pendant" in gold

Pose by Roquai - Sink (part of the elements series)
(check out the new Roquai pose store location on the picturesque Pegasoi sim, where all previous group gifts are out for a limited time only!)

Full Gacha Key for {anc} at FGC 

fish shop daughters

Landmark to The Secret Affair will be posted after opening! (Friday 12pm SLT)

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