Friday, 24 April 2015

The Fairelands Are Open!! (& the dreams really begin)

Just once per year, something very very special happens. The mists lift and reveal The Fairelands to us. These very special regions take you on a journey through mystical towns, enchanting woods and lands that seem to belong to the Gods themselves.Take a ride to the Fairelands Junction and you will find you are below water, but do not fear as breathing is of no problem in this magical place. From here you can begin the climb to the surface up one of the winding footpaths until you reach the sea of lanterns that signals you have arrived above water (or you can teleport directly to the region of choice from the Junction too!)
10 beautifully crafted shopping regions await you filled with delightful creations formed by some of the best imaginations on the grid. And this is all for a very good cause - Relay For Life. Each store has items that will benefit this wonderful cause each time they are purchased.

So many things have captured my imagination from this year's Fantasy Faire, but I have to say I was quite taken with this "I love books!" furniture set by Wishbringer. I do love books and they often provide an escape to another world for me when I most need one (usually my lunch break at work!). The set consists of the chair and tool box shown, but also includes a bed, sofa and ottoman. Both the book covers and inside pages are beautifully decorated and really make the items stand out.
I was ready to make my little scene for a pic when I came across something else that fuelled my book lovin' - the 'Flying Book Moths' by ~*Sweet Revoloutions*~. There are 5 different versions of these animated decor pieces, each with different colours and decorations on the covers.
For all the book lovers out there, you may wish to check out the Literary Festival events Schedule, which is ongoing throughout the duration of the Fantasy Faire.

Each year the Faire sets some blogger challenges and I'd like to dive straight in with my first post with the challenge of 'My New Shiny'. Anyone can take part in these challengers and you can find more info here. Well my new shiny is these beautiful wings by Faeline Fairy. The movement on these is really beautiful and they go to show how lovely flex can still be when worked right! There are so many different options on the movement and look of these wings a still picture really doesn't do them justice, so I've taken a short animated shot here too (apologies for the quality). They have one of the most realistic wing movements I think I've ever seen in SL and I'm so glad to have discovered this store!

The parasol and the hair flower Dolly is wearing are by Poet's Heart. Each come's with a colour HUD and the central, inner petals and outer petals sections can be changed independently of each other. 

And on that note, I'm going to let Dolly get lost in her books and dream of the Fairelands - so happy shopping to you all!

Wings - Faeline Fairy Wings - Sayuri - Apple *FF*
Parasol & Hair Flower - Poet's Heart - Fantasmic *FF*
Hair - [taketomi] - Porsha *The Season's Story*

Storytime Chair & Toolbox by Wishbringer {WB} - I love books! set *FF*
Tree by ~*SR*~ - Elemantal Tree - Earth *FF*
Flying Book Moths by ~*SR*~ *FF*

Flowers by Heart - Hollyhocks
Grass by Studio Skye - Wild Grass

Pose/Sitting animation included in Storytime Chair (along with several other sit animations)

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Odyssey (Raw Shot)
Fantasy Faire 2015 - YoZakura (Raw Shot)

Fantasy Faire 2015 - ICHI-GO ICHI-E (Raw Shot)

The Landmarks:
(please see FF tab at top of page for full list of landmarks for the Fairelands)

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