Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Battle Fairy

I'm just going to jump straight in and say this - I totally adore the new wings by MiaMai at We Love Role Play. These are some of the best wings I have come across in a long while. There is so much detail in them and they are crafted so well. Two metal colours are available to purchase and each has a couple of options for changing certain textures. The main texture can either be switched between the colour shown here and a steel blue colour. The gems also have a few options. And yes, I love them. lol
Moving on, MiaMai also brings the BattleFairy breast plate to the event to match the wings.

Also, Thrift Shop 7.0 is here and there is newness from Adoness. This funky hair includes hairbase (not shown), is long with plenty of volume up top and shaved one side. Lots of colours available and all are 50% off for the event. Colour packs are just 90L, Natural pack 125L and the fatpack just 425L!!! 

Wings - MiaMai - BattleFairy Wings - Silver *We<3RP*
Breastplate - MiaMai - BattleFairy Breastplate - Silver *We<3RP*
Flower Accessories - Zibska - Manna
Hair - Adoness - Freya *Thrift Shop*
Eyes - [ MUDSKIN ] - Butterfly eyes - Violet 3 *We<3RP*

Trees - Sweet Revolutions ~*SR*~ Tree Gate of Lolth - Purple *We<3RP*
Grass - {anc} raw cotton : melancholy 
Pose by Del May - "Tormented"

The Landmarks:

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