Monday, 13 January 2020



Glam Affair have released another new skin applier for the new Lelutka Evolution mesh heads. 'Leilani' can be found at ACCESS event and includes appliers plus BOM/System Tattoo layers. There are 12 skin tones to choose from, each with 4 brow colours and no brow version.

I've noticed there is still a lot of confusion about Bakes on Mesh (BOM) and I see the question "Why go BOM?" quite a bit. 
Well, for one, BOM provides you with the option to wear a lot more layers for optimal customisation and, two, you can choose the order in which they are applied. So you can be sure that your makeup goes on over your scars, brows etc. and not brows on top of makeup. 
It also means you don't have to wear layer upon layer on your mesh head and mesh body, reducing the lag caused by wearing all those layers. This has to be a huge benefit to everyone!
BOM also means you can change your mesh head and body but keep your skin/tattoo layers the same without having to reapply. 
BOM blogger bonus, you can actually see what layers you are wearing instead of remembering what appliers you put on! 😛

Whilst BOM does allow you to wear your old system layers, that is not the primary purpose of it. New layers created for BOM will give the high quality finish that you are more used to with your mesh head appliers. 

The Lelutka Evolution mesh heads are BOM ready. You can toggle between the BOM and applier version in the HUD. Be sure to use the correct alpha when using BOM. If you have a BOM ready head and body you won't need to alpha them when utilising BOM.
There are a selection of alpha's included with the new Lelutka Evolution mesh heads, depending what BOM body parts you are using. I'm using the 'LeLUTKA.Alpha.Head&Body.BOM' - my eyes are still mesh with appliers!
If you are using Belleza/Maitreya mesh bodies, you'll need to grab the free BOM relay HUDs from Marketplace to allow you to utilise Bakes on Mesh with them.

You can find lots more info on the Lelutka Evolution mesh heads on their website here and here, and also my previous post here

Mesh Head (incl. eyes & lashes): Lelutka Nova 1.0
Skin (BOM): [Glam Affair] - Leilani (Layer 002 B) *ACCESS*
Scars (BOM): . MILA . Scars Of Battle
Blush (BOM): LeLUTKA.Blush.002
Hair: TRUTH - Eternity - Fatpack *VIP Gift (350L group join)*
Flower: *LODE* Accessory - Marigold in Mouth [yellow]
Piercing: (Yummy) Gold Septum Rings  - Hearts

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