Sunday, 3 June 2018

The Out-Of-Towner

A new round of The Arcade is here!

The Out-Of-Towner

I'm lovin' the sexy chic rare outfit by Dami in their 'Text Me' gacha collection. This mini-dress with off the shoulder jacket (posed arms) includes a HUD for the jacket pattern, dress colour and skin tone. 
Consignment have created a beautiful new convertible car collection, with many colours to play for!
Kite have released an adorable Chihuahua collection for the June round of the event. 
And anxiety are taking part in the Arcade for the first time with this fab 'New moon on Monday' set, which includes a mix of builds, decor items and wearables/clothing. Check out the full gacha key here

New@The Arcade:


#Besom~ Kimmie *Blondes* #13

KITE - Chihuahua Time - Goofy

anxiety %NMO_MONDAY [lebon drivethru] RARE
anxiety %NMO_MONDAY [map]
anxiety %NMO_MONDAY [takeout box]
anxiety %NMO_MONDAY [instacam]
anxiety %NMO_MONDAY [glasses] SILVER

[Con.] The Convertible - Yellow

anhelo G06 - 06 vending machine

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