Saturday, 27 January 2018

Where The Rebels Could Hide

Where The Rebels Could Hide

Azoury has a brand new release for the Blush event, opening Jan 28th. 
The 'Caesar' helmet is a quirky combination of rust and pearls, available in 5 colours - white, black, red, rose pink and brown - for L$289 each. It's non-rigged and there are 2 versions included, re-sizer and mod. 
'Slow Dancing' is the name of one of Exile's latest releases, at Collabor88. This long, slightly breeze-swept look includes standard and bento animated versions, as well as optional flowers accessory (not shown). I love how Exile's newest releases have blended, natural look at the hairline, so no hair base is needed!

Mask/Helmet: Azoury - Caesar - White *New@Blush*
Hair: Exile - Slow Dancing *C88*
Parker Set: fame femme : Parka Set - White

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