Saturday, 5 August 2017

Changing Faces - May

Lelutka has lots of newness heading your way very, very soon!!
There are 4, yes I said FOUR, brand new bento mesh heads soon to be released. In addition, there is an update by Lelutka to 3.0 on the new and existing bento heads. More info below!

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to 'May'...


How cute is she?!

May, along with the 3 other new heads to be released by Lelutka, come with all the features you are used to with your Lelutka Bento heads. Plus lots of updates. 
There are lots more mood options now available, which also come with head movement and blinking baked into the individual moods for added realism. Of course, if you prefer not to have the head movement, you do have the option to switch this off, and you can also have the standard blinking animation as in previous versions. 
You can choose to have multiple moods selected and this will cause the head to cycle through those that are activated. 

There are 5 new talk animations, including a singing animation. 
There are also 4 mouth poses now, separate from the facial expressions - 3 x parted lips, open mouth and chew animation. 
The HUD includes choices of texture for inside the mouth and an option to show/hide the tongue.

The Omega plug-in has been updated too. It will now accept new Omega eyelash appliers and any older appliers targeting the 'HTatt' layer will now pop up with a dialog box asking which layer you would prefer to apply to. Also, Omega eye appliers will now offer the options of adding to the left or right eye individually, or both eyes, providing much more flexibility with makeups!

The 3.0 updates will also be applied to Simone, Chloe and Cate bento heads.

The video below just shows some examples of moods, in addition to the mouth pose options and updated HUD menu. 
Video shot with Nams Optimal Skin 2 WL, without advanced lighting/shadows. 

Full Credits for Pic:

Mesh Head (skin included): Lelutka May 3.0 Bento *ComingSoon*
Eye Makeup: Zibska - Galia *ShinyShabby*
Hair: tram - G0718 *Uber*
Outfit: CUREMORE - 90's Splash! - Patched Salopette RARE

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