Sunday, 25 September 2016

Like a Snake in the Grass

So, it totally feels like forever since I've been able to do a pic.. well 2 weeks in SL is a long time! Apologies to followers and sponsors for being absent, I had some internet connectivity issues which now appear to be sorted and I can get back on track. 
I've been dying to show off the new makeup by Zibska that is available at the current round of We Love Roleplay! It's called 'Sammi' and includes 12 colours for Omega compatible mesh heads and System avatars. 
Zibska also released the 'Karval' set at September's WLRP, which includes colour HUD to change the main and accent sections. 
All WLRP items are 25-50% discounted for the duration of the event!

Like a Snake in the Grass

The 'Aika' lipstick by Zibska is available now at the Cosmetic Fair until 30th Sept! The pack includes 28 vivid colours (each with black stripe) for system avatars, as well as Catwa, Omega, TMP & Lelutka mesh heads.

[Entwined] has 2 new hair releases available at the new round of Shiny Shabby. Both are unrigged bun styles - Lily shown below is messy, whereas Lila (not shown) is nice 'n neat!

Head Adornments&Collar: Zibska - Karval  *WLRP*
Eye/Face Make-up: Zibska - Sammi *WLRP*
Lips: Zibska - Aika *Cosmetic Fair*
Hair: [Entwined] - Lily *Shiny Shabby*
Tongue: CURELESS [+] Mechanical Krampus Tongue 
Roses Tiara: *katat0nik* - Gilded Roses
Gloves: Violet Seduction - Lilith Gacha *Kustom9*
Top: Cellar Door - Reborn *WLRP*
Butterflies: {anc} - Picnic - Swallow Tailed Butterflies

The Landmarks:
We Love Roleplay
Cosmetic Fair
Kustom 9
Shiny Shabby

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