Thursday, 14 April 2016


The Epiphany is open and [The Forge] has an awesome new post-apoc style set for you to collect! Everything is unisex and resizeable. If you need a reminder of how the epiphany points system works to purchase the Exclusives, you'll find it here.
[The Forge] is also taking part in The 100 Block and this very cool 'Trelis' Top is available in black, brown, gold and red. The top is unrigged and mod, with normal and hourglass shapes included in the pack.

The goggles are part of the set Yummy has to offer at this round of We Love Roleplay. The HUD allows to resize as well as switch between 4 different options for the metal.
The shorts can also be found at WLRP, by =Zenith=, in a selection of colours.
Everything at WLRP is discounted by 25-50%!


Mask: [The Forge] Junker's Arsenal - Junker's Gasmask, Black *TheEpiphany*
Axe: [The Forge] Junker's Arsenal - Salvage Axe, Dark *TheEpiphany*
Mech Hand: [The Forge] - Junker's Arsenal - Cynet Surge Arm Steel RARE *TheEpiphany*
Knee Guard: [The Forge] Junker's Arsenal - Avocet Knee Guard *TheEpiphany*
Goggles: Yummy - Desert Warrior Goggles *WLRP*
Top: [The Forge] Trelis Top - Black *The 100 Block*
Shorts: =Zenith= Tie Up Short - Black *WLRP*
Belt: [The Forge] Saddle Belt - Black *WLRP*
Hair: Besom - Dreadheads Navi

Pose by Diesel Works
Fencing by Remarkable Oblivion (past Arcade item)

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