Wednesday, 15 July 2015

To The Sands

For the glory of the Empire.... we take to the sands!!
You can too, after stopping by at July's round of The Secret Affair which opens tomorrow (15th July)!
OMG I love this round - some very, very cool items on offer from some of my fave creators of Second Life.
Get ready for an epic battle with DRD's Roman Chariot prop/decor/furniture piece. There are clean and battlefield versions, available in PG or adult and inclusive of poses. DRD also has accessories at the event to help you get in character, which include 2 different styles of helmet. The one I'm wearing is mod and the feathers can be tinted to your colour choice. 
I love this armour by [LAB737] and my pic really doesn't do it justice! The set consists of 2 pauldrons and 2 lower arm braces. There are both male and female versions and they can be modded to fit right. There are lots of really cool little details on this armour and could be integrated into lots of different styles.
Another amazing tattoo by Things is available new for the event, which of course comes in standard tattoo layers, as well as with appliers for Omega system, Belleza and TMP.
The outfit by !gO! consists of 2 pieces - the top and the 'belt' - and is available in 6 different versions.

Outfit - !gO! - Antiope 5 *TSA*
Helmet - Death Row Designs - Roman Accessories Helmet 1 *TSA*
Armour - [LAB737] - Berserker *TSA*
Sandals - Death Row Designs - Roman Accessories Sandals Beige *TSA*
Tattoo - Things - Ragnarok *TSA*

Maitreya Lara mesh body and Lelutka Stella mesh head with PUMEC Inga Autumn applier used. 

Spear - May's Soul - Minerva *TSA*
Dagger - Ariskea [ Aka ] Rogue Daggers 

Chariot and battlefield accessoriesDeath Row Designs - Roman Chariot (Battlefield) *TSA*
Paved flooringStormwood - Tuscan Paving Stone Floor 

Pose by Bauhaus Movement

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