Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Red Woman - The Conquest, A Game of Thrones Event

I love Game of Thrones. I watch very little TV but I adore this show and I'm definitely going to be getting some withdrawal symptoms now the season is over!
So, when I found out about The Conquest I was extremely excited to see what some of our most beloved Second Life creators came up with in the Game of Thrones theme. If you love GoT, this is definitely not an event you'll want to miss!
Today, I decided to base my look and pic on Melisandre - The Red Woman - after she had been whispering news of visions and strategies into the ear of Stannis.
This gorgeous superlow v-neck gown is by Peqe. It comes in several different colours and has static/posed arms. The detail of the mesh shape and texture is lovely, creating really nice shadow effects in the ruffles of fabric.
Wasabi Pills has brought 2 variations of the new 'Keira' hairstyle to the event, really helping to recreate looks of fave GoT characters or is just a pretty style for any occasion too!
There is also lots of fabulous roleplay decor and furniture at the event. Getting ready for battle? Plan your strategy and keep track of the other houses' armies on this table by 7mad;Ravens! The set also includes 2 variations of king's chairs and advisor's chairs, all of which include poses.
Cheeky Pea has created some iron throne style fan art as decor - It's resizeable too!
Also, love these sapling trees by {Roawenwood}, which are sure to stand out in any outdoor space with their silver bark and pretty red leaves. There are 3 different cluster versions - one dual branch cluster and two triple branch versions.
The Conquest opens at Midnight tonight (SLT) so hurry on down to satisfy your Game of Thrones cravings, your roleplay needs and shopping addiction ;)

Don't forget about We Love Roleplay still going on too! Today I'm trying out [PUMEC]'s 'Inga' skin in it's palest tone 'Winter'. As with all items at this event, it's discounted for the duration. A ton of appliers included in the awesome HUDs, including appliers for Lelutka, Genesis, TMP and SLink mesh heads, as well as all major mesh bodies!

Dress - Peqe - Arabello - Red *New@The Conquest*
Necklace - Cae - Conquest Necklace *New@The Conquest*

Skin - [PUMEC] - Inga - Winter *WLRP*
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Keira 2 - Rouge  *New@The Conquest*
Lelutka Stella mesh head and Maitreya Lara mesh body used (with PUMEC appliers)

Pose by !bang - Stand 504 *New@The Conquest*
(Arms are locked in position with the gown by Peqe)


Trees by {Roawenwood} - Weirwood Sapling Tree Clusters  *New@The Conquest*
Table with maps, chairs & house flags by 7mad;Ravens - The Kings War (set includes Strategy table w/pose, 2 kings chairs and 2 advisors chairs with 8 animations each, plus 9 Sigil flags)  *New@The Conquest*
Wall decor by Cheeky Pea - :CP: Direwolf Fan Metal Art  *New@The Conquest*
Lace curtains by {anc}

The Landmarks:
The Conquest (doesn't open until Midnight)

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