Friday, 20 February 2015

Valeria, Avena & Justine

omgosh where to start today?

Gorgeous new hair by Truth - 2 new styles out in the mainstore and 'Avena' is one of them. Long, sexy and messed up - It's absolutely stunning!
Kustom 9 started a few days ago and with it Glam Affair introduced the beautiful new 'Alice' skin. I'm not usually a lover of freckles but love the very minimal amount on this skin! There are several makeup options available and 3 skin tones to choose from at this event. However, you can hop over to Shiny Shabby as of tomorrow to find a different makeup range and a couple more tones so there is bound to be something that suits you if you are a lover of Glam Affair skins (or maybe even if it's your first time trying?)
Further to this, there are some new lip appliers for 'Alice' at Shiny Shabby. These are for the new mesh 'Sweet Lips' by [PXL]. These are the first mesh lips I've bought and I liked them straight away - I think they've got a super sexy look about them and don't think they look too cute and babyish like some other mesh mouths do. The fact Glam Affair made the appliers already was bonus for me too! The teeth and piercings are included with a HUD to hide options as you like.
In addition to the main pic I've done (which is edited, yes) I've added pics below which are totally raw. I've used shadows and yes, this does have an effect on the way the mouth blends in with skin (we all know shadows can make meshy things unpretty!) So I've included the extra pics to show you how the mouth looks with a non-shadowed windlight. The top one is with graphics up high (advanced lighting on) and the lower pic is with much lower graphic settings (basic shaders and astmospheric off) so you can get a good idea how you would look with 'normal' looking windlights regardless of your computer capabilities.

~Libertine~ recently released a new couch or should I say "divan" which seats up to 12 people. 'Justine' has both mature and adult versions, with accessories such as hanging chains, table, candleholders and floor chandeliers. Read more about the details of this beautiful set here.

Also, don't forget to check out the February round of We Love Roleplay whilst there is still time, new eyes by IKON and the Cosmetics Fair!!

Necklace - Pure Poison - Valeria *We<3RP*
Lingerie - Pure Poison - Lovelyne - Black (Maitreya version) *From Fresh/Romp*
Hair - Truth - Avena *NEW*
Skin - Glam Affair - Alice - Asia 4 *Kustom 9*
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Valli 12 *Cosmetics Fair*
Eyes - IKON - Charm - Dew *NEW*
Mouth/Teeth/Piercing - PXL - Sweet Lips *NEW*
Lips Applier for PXL Sweet Lips - Glam Affair - Alice 01  *Shiny Shabby*

Maitreya Lara mesh body used

Couch, Chains, Candles (all furniture and props) by ~Libertine~
"Justine" *Recent Release*
Thank you Alia =)

Pose by Grafica - "hanako" *NEW*

Unedited - [NB] Alpine Skinlight - Ultra

Unedited - [NB] Alpine Skinlight - Lower Graphics (Basic Shaders switched off)

The Landmarks:

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