Monday, 19 January 2015

Into The Woods

hey peeps! Some more goodies from The Secret Affair to show you courtesy of May's Soul and .::Pure Poison::. today. The fur vest by May's Soul comes in 10 different colours, which can be purchased individually or part of the two fatpacks on offer - furs and pastels. The fatpacks basically give you 5 colours for the price of 4. All come with a HUD to change the colour of the belt and this top could be used for various fantasy looks, as well as even mixed with more urban stylings.
The skin I'm wearing today is by [PXL] and this special 'winter' tone version of 'Mia' can be found at the January round of We Love Roleplay. It's super pretty and comes with 4 different make up options, various eyebrow options and even optional lip colours too!

Today I'm also using the SLink Physique body. Now I said I wouldn't be getting this, as I absolutely adore my Belleza Venus and as a personal choice was never as fond of the SLink Physique shape anyway. I stand by what I said previously, I still prefer Bellza. 
So what changed my mind on buying the SLink you ask? Well a few things really. One thing is availability of appliers and clothing designs made for SLink, another is alpha layer options. By having both I've found I can use a mesh body with mesh clothing far more, as the alpha layer huds are a little different on each and this gives more options - what will work with one might not work with the other. Hopefully that makes sense. Also, this pretty skin tone had SLink appliers and I so much prefer to show it off with the mesh body ;)
Plus... at 1250L, the SLink body wasn't breaking the bank.
I may do more of a comparison at another time, but many have been done already so we'll see.
Anyway, hope you like the LOTD!

Top - May's Soul - Maochi Vest - White *The Secret Affair*
Skirt - May's Soul - Harvest Moon Fur Skirt - White 
Horns - May's Soul - Maochi Horns *The Secret Affair*
Necklace - .::Pure Poison::. - Gabrielle Warrior Necklace *The Secret Affair*
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Harukaze
Skin - [PXL] MIA Winter *We<3RP*

Body - SLink Physique (with [PXL] applier)
SLink hands used 

Pose by Grafica - ionawr v *Pose Me Amazing*
Arctic Foxes by ISPACHI

The Landmarks:

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