Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Neighbourhead Ain't Safe

So, today I decided to go for the 'unpretty' lotd and guys - lots of unisex stuff in here for you too!
How awesomely cool is the newness from Death Row Designs at District 5? This contraption comes with HUD to change the colour of the skin, as well as all kinds of things inside the jaw. 
The pauldrons and cuffs are by May's Soul for their gacha at this month's Tales of Fantasy event - I'm sorry to tease, both are rares! The cuffs come with colour change HUD.
Love this bodysuit by .::Pure Poison::. and how the brand has really gotten into the fantasy/RP stuff lately. This bodysuit includes a colour change HUD too and you can switch between several colours for the main leather sections as well as the colour of the metal parts. It's really a great fit and no need for alpha layers!
And while I'm on the subject of great fits - I need to talk about this miniskirt by Happy Undead. I have blogged it before but it's well worth a mention, even though its not new. I just love how many different size variations this comes in, making it so easy to fit any shape avi and also making it easy to wear with other mesh items with minimal clashing. As well as the standard size options, each of these come with different belly and butt sizes. Its a necessity for any inventory! 

Vamp Teeth/face - DRD - Vampire Borg Face *District 5*
Hair - Yasum - Cyber Dreads - Epic RARE *FGC*
Bodysuit/Collar - .::Pure Poison::. - Helen *Totally Top Shelf*
Skirt - Happy Undead - Dark Red Vinyl
Arms/hands - DRD - Demonhands
Belt - DRD - Steampunk Belt - Dark
Legs - COCO - Corset Piercing Legs
Skin - Birdy - Blair - Porcelain Goth (old arcade item)
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Eione Noir
Ears - [MANDALA] - Fantasy Elf Ears
Tattoo - Letis - Essence *District 5*
Pauldrons - May's Soul - Born to War - War Shoulder RARE *Tales of Fantasy*
Cuffs - May's Soul - Born to War - RARE *Tales of Fantasy*

District 5 - Open Until Sept 4th
Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Open Until Aug 31st
Totally Top Shelf
Tales of Fantasy
Death Row Designs
Happy Undead

Pose by Bauhaus Movement - "Dark Wall"

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