Friday, 23 August 2013

Getting Charleston Chic with Collabor88 & DRBC's 'Sweet Tart'!

So first blog that is my very own *huggles it tight* lol. August has been the month to get your razzle-dazzle on with some Charleston chic! I am loving this style and I've been out shopping plenty at collabor88 and checking out DRBC's new release in the 'sweet tart' range.

The skin I'm wearing in both pics I picked up at collabor88 from Glam Affair (Katya Europa 07). The earrings and necklace are a group gift from Pure Poison.

Top Pic
Dress - DRBC "Sweet Tart" - Lily - Sweet
Hair - D!va - Mana - Onyx (comes with 2 styles, bow changes colour or can be worn without!)
Shoes - Liv Glam - Gabrielly Heels
Silver Bracelet - Noodles - Millie Rose Cuff - Silver/Beige *Collarbor88*
Gloves - LouLou&Co - Enignma
Eyeliner - Beauty Killer - Gothic Eyeshadows - Dark Thick Liner
Eyelashes - Izzies - v1.06

Bottom Pic
Dress - Milk Motion - Art Deco Dress - Grey *Collarbor88*
Hair - D!va - Layla - Onyx (non-rigged, 2 styles included and colour changing flower) *Collarbor88*
Stockings - Izzies - Gift from *The Black Fair*
Eyeliner - Corvus - Cat Eyes
Lipgloss - Izzies - Dark Vibrant Lipstick - Dark Red
Tattoo - Endless Pain - Sweet Lily
Black Bracelet & Gloves - LouLou&Co - Enignma

The hairs from D!va are some of the most realistic I've seen in SL and have huge amounts of detail, the pictures really don't do them justice.
The textures that are put into the dress from DRBC are just beautifully crafted.

^v^DRBC^v^ Mini Mart, Terre Des Mortes (117, 226, 28)
""D!va"" Main Store Isle, CalanDiva (130, 154, 23)
Pure Poison FASHION, zenshi south two (213, 67, 26) 

And where am I? I was checking out Rougham (201, 185, 25)

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